Wicked Wednesday: Fall Preview

A Wicked CozyFall PreviewJulie here. In my theater life, we had the Greater Boston Theater Expo yesterday, which was a preview of the coming season. Since we have three (three!!) Wicked releases this month, I thought it might be fun to catch up with what all of the Wickeds are up to this fall.

Liz: It’s all about the writing this fall! I’m wrapping up book two in the Cat Cafe Mysteries now–which is tentatively titled Purrder, She Wrote (cute title, right??) and then I’ll be on to Murder, She Meowed, the 7th book in the Pawsitively Organic series. And a couple other projects I’ll be working on simultaneously… I guess I better get used to not sleeping, right? And in between all that, I’ll be celebrating the release of Purring Around the Christmas Tree, book six in the Pawsitively series, out in late September!

Edith: I’m finishing Country Store mystery #5, Death Over Easy, polishing Quaker Midwife #4, possibly titled Seeking Unity, and starting Cozy Capers Book Group Mystery #2! But I’m also traveling to Toronto for almost a week in October like most of the other Wickeds for the big Bouchercon mystery convention, where among other activities I’ll hear if Delivering the Truth wins a Macavity Award.


I’m looking forward to seeing almost all the Wickeds in one spot at the Lawrence Library on October 21, and am on a MWA panel at the Boston Book Festival on October 28. I’ll be moderating a panel at Crime Bake, and doing a couple of library gigs here and there, too. Most exciting for me personally will be providing labor support as my goddaughter gives birth to her first baby sometime in the next month. Squee!

Barb: The mass market paperback of Eggnog Murder comes out October 31. I’m working on another holiday novella for a new collection with Leslie Meier and Lee Hollis for 2018, as well as the seventh Maine Clambake Mystery, Steamed Open. Along with three other Wickeds, I’m headed to Bouchercon in October. I’m looking forward presenting an expert session, “Four Lies People Will Tell You about Marketing Your Novel,” at the New England Crime Bake in November. On the personal front, we’re moving to our new condo in Portland, Maine on September 21. Can’t wait!

Sherry: Time is flying by! I am writing book seven with a working title of Let’s Fake A Deal — I’m not sure it will make it to the shelf with that title. I’m waiting for the copy edits for I Know What You Bid Last Summer which come out on February 28th. I’m really looking forward to going to Bouchercon in Toronto. I’ve never been there and am going to go up a couple of days early to do some sightseeing with my husband. And shortly after is Crime Bake. It always feels like I’m home when I land in Boston.

Jessie: Wow! What a busy bunch! Right now I am finishing up the second book in my new Beryl and Edwina series. On September 19 the second Change of Fortune mystery, Whispers of Warning releases. I have a second launch date on Halloween for the first Beryl and Edwina mystery, Murder in an English Village. I’ll be heading to conference in Florida in October too as well as speaking on a panel at the NH Library Association conference and to the NH Romance Writers group. And, of course, I’ll be at Crime Bake in November with the rest of the Wickeds!

Julie: What a busy group we are! There area a couple of Wicked library events coming up this fall (stay tuned!). I will be at Bouchercon and Crime Bake as well. Additionally, I am expected edits on the second Theater Cop mystery, and have a December 1 deadline on another series I will be announcing later.

Friends, stay tuned for more information about events that gather more that one Wicked at a time–we will let you know! In the meantime, let us know what is coming up for you and yours this fall!

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  1. Wow…I had to take a deep breath just reading about how busy you all are. Can’t wait to read all those books either.

  2. I should have put running shoes on just to read the blog! Very impressive schedules for all of you, and great to hear about all the books to add to my reading list! Have a great time in Toronto!

  3. I had to make a pretty colored chart to figure out what I’m doing (and when) over the next year: four books in four different series by next July, with detours like Bouchercon and Malice Domestic and a couple or three trips to Ireland. Don’t let anyone tell you that writers are lazy creatures!

  4. I’m traveling to Bouchercon in October and will attend my first New England Crime Bake convention in November. Looking forward to them both.

  5. Busy, busy! I’m not traveling, but I do have a bunch of writing projects – a short story anthology release, another one to (maybe) submit, a novel rewrite that is just about finished and I have to decided what the next step is, and starting revisions on my WWII novel.

  6. Sheila and Julie’s schedules put mine to shame. 🙂

    In order: get my child through the PSAT without either of us having a nervous breakdown, Bouchercon, turn in book #2, and prep to launch book #1 plus, you know, Thanksgiving and Christmas.

  7. Can’t wait to see you guys at Bouchercon! I went to my first one last year and LOVED it (Even thought New Orleans was way too hot for me). My Mom & Aunt are coming to be tourists while I attend the fun conference stuff. Hopefully I’ll get to see you guys there! (I’m still querying my cozy mystery….but I have a few agents looking….maybe I’ll have good news in October!)

  8. Wow! You are all a very busy bunch.

    Me? I’ve got the new TV season starting up in the next couple of weeks. That will keep me too busy to breath. I’ve got two more weeks left on my current bowling league. Don’t know when that will start up again. My final mud run of the year is on Saturday a couple of hours away, although I do have the Insane Inflatable 5K coming up the end of October. October 7th is Hallmark Ornament Debut, when they release the rest of their ornaments for the year. And I’ll be traveling home for Thanksgiving and Christmas. Mixed in to all of this, I will be reading like crazy. My October reading/review calendar is pretty much all booked already. (Pun intended, of course.)

    I really need to be rich enough to quit my job so I have time for all of this. Until that happens, off to work I go.

  9. Now I am too tired to do the vacuuming, maybe if I rest awhile with a good book I’ll get it done tomorrow 🙂

  10. Wonderful books to add to fall reading. And remember you gals are all invited to guest on my crime review site any time you’d like; shoot me an email~

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