Weird Hotel Stories from Crime Bake

by Barb, who is soooo tired after attending the New England Crime Bake

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I’ve just returned from a weekend with my mystery community friends at the New England Crime Bake, my hometown conference. It’s learning experience, a reunion of old friends and a chance to meet new ones.

I was reflecting that I’ve had a couple of weird experiences at the hotel when I’ve been at Crime Bake. (You’ll see why in a minute.)

The first one was in the hotel when Crime Bake was in Dedham, MA. The conference occupied pretty much the entire hotel on Saturday, but on Sunday other groups would come in as we were leaving.

One Sunday mid-morning when I got on the hotel elevator there was a single woman already on it. She was exotically beautiful and dressed in a bright pink bridesmaid gown, which looked fabulous on her.

In her hands she held a dyed-to-match pair of strappy high-heeled sandals, a dyed-to-match clutch purse…and a big red brick.

We’d ridden up two floors before I could hold back no more. I asked her what the brick was for.

“The bottoms of the bridesmaid shoes are slippery,” she said. “The brick is to rough them up.”

Perfectly logical, right? But somehow that image of the beautiful woman, in an elevator, dressed in a gown, carrying a heavy brick, has stuck in my head. Who is she? Who is she going to meet? And what is going to happen?

This year when I left Crime Bake, I was greeted by this sight.

A huge pile of gym bags on a luggage rack with doll arms and legs and skulls sticking out.

It’s creepy, amirite? It reminded me of the doll parts in Hallie Ephron’s You’ll Never Know, Dear.

Of course, a little Googling tells me these are Baby Annes, dolls used to teach CPR for infants and babies. Note: Not to infants and babies.

Obviously this guy wasn’t into packing them up neatly. But even when they are packed neatly, they’re still kind of creepy.

It’s a perfectly logical explanation, but my writer brain can’t help but imagine…

Readers: Tell us about something funny or creepy you saw in a hotel. Or just say hello to be entered for a chance to win the ARC of Stowed Under.


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  1. Stayed at Planet Hollywood in Vegas and our room had a bunch of headless dressed mannequins by the bed. parkeremma2003 at yahoo dot com

  2. They only thing creepy for me would be my eight children coming up from swimming in a dark stairwell… backwards, lol!
    Kelly Braun

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