Wicked Wednesday–Thankful It’s Over

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Dorothy Parker said, “I hate writing. I love having written.” Much as I reject the notion that the writing process itself can’t be joyful, or exhilarating, or inspired, I do have days when I understand how she feels.

That feeling applies to other projects as well. Wickeds, telling us about a project you just loved having “done.”

Edith: Cleaning my office? I dislike doing it so much I rarely really do a deep clean or even a superficial tidy. But I love it when it’s done, everything clean and clear and put away. Of course I love when a book is done. But it’s such a long process,  I love almost all the stages of the process, and I always have another book started, so it’s not such a finite thing to be glad it’s done.

Jessie: I love having finished a knitting project. I keep track of most of them on the social media website Ravelry and am always inordinately pleased with myself when I can post that I have completed a work in progress. Why I am eager to finish working on a pastime I love bafffles me but it is true every time!

Sherry: Jessie, finishing a knitting project must be so satisfying because you immediately have something to show for it. I’ll go with getting Christmas cards finished. First, I have to confess I haven’t sent any out for two years and that I hope to this year. It’s on the list with three writing projects I’m working on so fingers crossed. The cards have been in the back of the closest waiting for me to haul them out!

Barb: It won’t shock any of the Wickeds to hear the project I’ll be most thankful to be done with is–moving! My goal has been to be finished unpacking with everything set up and arranged by December 21, and it is going to be right down to the wire. The last room left is my study and that’s going to be huge challenge. Wish me luck!

Julie: I love teaching, but I hate grading. We’re in the final stretch of the semester, and I’m behind, which I hate. But the project I assigned is huge, so it is going to take me hours. Worth it in the end, but think of me this weekend.

Readers: Tell us about a project you loved having finished–or simply say hello.

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  1. Hi. I love this series. I haven’t finished any projects lately. We usually take it easy around the holidays. There is so much to do, and everything else gets forgotten until January.

  2. My master bathroom painting and remodeling continues, small steps.

  3. I don’t tend to get bored with projects but sometimes I like to change back and forth. But most of my projects are related to art, jewelry making, cooking and baking and reading. And these hobbies are 8 my way to relax so rarely do I want to ever quit a project!!!*.

  4. I only do projects when the hit the necessary stage. jelrobb (at) gmail (dot) com

  5. Love this series. The last one ended with a relationship cliffhanger. Eager to see what happens next for MC.

  6. I loved having my wedding scrapbook done. Kind of…now I kind of wish I had more pictures to put in it. But I can start another one for all our trips. And one for Jax. And one for… 🙂

  7. Hi Sherry, love the series! And it was great to meet you and a few of the Wicked Authors at Bouchercon in Toronto this year 🙂 As for a project that’s done and I’m happy with… decluttering my craft room. Oh my that was a task, but it’s done and everything is neat (for the moment). Have a great day all.

  8. I am trying to get a large needlepoint done in time for my mom’s birthday next month.. Love the Garage Sale series.. Thanks for the chance to win!!

  9. Sherry, I would love to win an ARC copy of your book. Good luck. Happy Holidays

  10. Hope everyone is making progress on their long Christmas lists. If we get the up to 7 inches of snow today that is forecast for our area if MA, I hope to finish my cards by Monday morning to get them mailed!? Hope to have time to read a little too.
    Merry Christmas everyone.

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