Opening Lines

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Write an opening line for the following photograph:

Thanks once again to our hand model, Bill Carito. We do this once a year at Crime Bake and he’s always a good sport!

Jessie: Her mother had always said the germs in a public restroom could kill you.

Liz: Well, at least there won’t be a line for the bathroom.

Barb: And that was the last time he ever walked into the ladies room by mistake.

Edith:  See, I told him his skirt should be no longer than the little picture lady’s or he’d trip on it, but no, he had to wear his favorite floor-length number. Men!

Sherry: Hiding a body was way harder than I thought it would be.

Julie: I told him: no cutting in line. His own fault for underestimating a middle aged woman.

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30 Thoughts

  1. Seriously, one could die waiting for their spouse to bring them a new roll of toilet paper.

  2. I knew my ex turning up was trouble – but obviously not as much trouble as he was in with his current partner!

  3. I knew immediately that I had been framed, since everyone who knows me can be assured that I’ll be in the ladies’ room before long.
    (Actually, this could happen to me. People walk up to me and ask me where the restrooms are, knowing that I will know!)

  4. The ladies’ room seems to be occupied. And I can’t wait. I’ll just use the men’s.

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