Guess Which Wicked

Hello friends!

On this very snowy and cold day in New England, we have a game for you! Each Wicked gave us a clue to the picture they shared. Guess which is which! We’ll post the answers on Saturday.


Liz: These have helped get me through long days of baking!
Barb: An appropriate Christmas gift.
Sherry: What I love to do on Saturdays.
Edith: Spied this in a certain Indiana country store.
Jessie: Purchased purely in the name of research!
Julie: Part of a theme.

20 Thoughts

  1. A Barb, B Jessie, C Liz, D Edith, E Sherry, F Julie. If I don’t win it’s because the coffee hasn’t kicked in yet. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

  2. Didn’t get past A–which has to be Jessie– and I want to tell her how thrilled I was to see Murder in an English Village prominently featured in my favorite catalog – “Bas Bleu!” Sell a bunch, Jessie!

  3. I must not be fully awake yet. I’m pretty sure C is Edith and F is Barbara. A is probably Jessie. With Julie’s love of A Christmas Carol, I think she’s D. That leaves B for Liz and E for Sherry.

    If I’m right, it proves my amazing detective skills. And if I’m wrong, it proves why I need the detectives in the books I read to solve the mystery for me.

  4. I am totally guessing:
    A Jessie
    B Julie
    C Liz
    D Barb
    E Edith
    F Sherry
    I rarely figure out the mysteries when reading them!

  5. Here goes , I wish I was smart enough to enlarge several of the pictures. A- Jessie B_LIZ C-EDITH D- Julie E-Sherry F- BARB I’m only sure of one .


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