Cover Reveal-Murder Flies the Coop!

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Jessie: In New Hampshire where my head is spinning from the rapid changes in temperature!

The writing life involves a lot of waiting. Waiting for ideas and characters to form in the mind. Waiting to hear from agents and editors. Waiting for reviews to come in. Waiting for the release date for a book.

But there are things that keep me from going stir crazy while I am doing all that waiting . I write the next book or research a new series. I have also learned to celebrate all the milestones along the way, which is what I am doing here today. I am absolutely delighted to tell you that the cover and back matter for my second Beryl and Edwina mystery, Murder Flies the Coop is available to share! I have loved working on this series and spending time with the two protagonists and have been chomping at the bit to post a cover reveal here on the Wickeds.


Here is the back cover copy:

One would hardly call them birds of a feather, but thrill-seeking American adventuress Beryl Helliwell and quietly reserved Brit Edwina Davenport do one thing very well together—solve murders . . .
Sharing lodging in the sleepy English village of Walmsley Parva has eased some of the financial strain on the two old school chums, but money is still tight in these lean years following the Great War. All of Beryl’s ex-husbands have proven reluctant to part with her alimony, which is most inconvenient.
So when the local vicar—and pigeon-racing club president—approaches them with a private inquiry opportunity, the ladies eagerly accept. There’s been a spot of bother: the treasurer has absconded with the club’s funds and several prized birds.
Beryl and Edwina hope to flush out the missing man by checking his boardinghouse and place of employment at the coal mine. But when they visit the man’s loft, they find their elusive quarry lying in white feathers and a pool of crimson blood, stabbed to death—the only witnesses cooing mournfully.
After a stiff gin fizz, the ladies resume their search for the missing funds and prized birds—and now a murderer. Beryl and Edwina aren’t shy about ruffling a few feathers as they home in on their suspects. But they had better find the killer fast, before their sleuthing career is cut short . . .

Murder Flies The Coop

Readers, I would love to know what you do to keep your spirits up while waiting for things in your lives. Writers, how do you deal with the long tail of publishing? I would love to celebrate my cover reveal by sending a copy of the first Beryl and Edwina Mystery, Murder in an English Village to two commenters who post today!


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  1. The cover is wonderful! And waiting is hard and there is such a split between those who can do it well and others who always feel at loose ends. Naturally, I am rarely without reading material! I have never minded those few extra minutes waiting after practices etc for the kids–who always seem to be the last out the door of any activity!

  2. Love the cover! I always have a book with me while I wait for appointments or any down time.

  3. I love the cover, Jessie, er, Jessica! I do pretty much as you do – keep working on/noodling/researching the next thing, and celebrate everything I can! I can’t wait to read the new book.

  4. Hello Jessie, believe it or not to keep my spirits up while waiting for something I really want in life I bake. My family always enjoys the traditional sugar cookies my grandmother and mother taught me, in fact I se the same cookie cutters that they used, I am talking at least 75 years old and they still look brand new. Thanks for the contest and your great writing, Maureen

  5. Fabulous cover, I love this new series! When the waiting is for a great line to open the next scene or chapter, I clear my head with a good night sleep. Anything else, I walk outdoors, cook, read, listen to wonderful music, enjoy my friends.

  6. I LOVED Murder in an English Village and can’t wait for Murder Flies the Coop! Keeping ones head down and to keep moving forward seems to be the only way to deal with all of the waiting.

  7. While I wait, I write some more. I try not to think about what I’ve sent out.
    Love the pigeon concept. That’s an animal seldom recognized in literature except, maybe, for what they leave behind.
    Do check out my last post in about suitable animals for cozies.

  8. Loved the first book in this series and love the cover of the next one! I, too, always have my NOOK with me when I am waiting anywhere and read to pass the time. Right now I am waiting for my house to be sold, so reading really helps with the stress! Like with you, the temperature changes here in Maine are crazy and it’s too cold to even go outside, so staying in with a good book is the best option!

  9. I absolutely love that cover, especially the colors. I like the idea of a thrill-seeking American paired with a quieter Brit. Sounds like a great read.

  10. The cover is gorgeous. All pastels and English Garden. Exactly as I picture Beryl and Edwina and Walmsley Parva. The waiting, well, head down, fingers on the keyboard works well, and reading amazing books like the Beryl and Edwina series when I need stress relief and encouragement!

    1. Thanks so much, Kait! Thanks for letting me know you liked the book and found it encouraging! I was well pleased with the cover too. The colors really appealed to my youngest son whose favorite season is spring.

  11. Oh my, where do I start. Love the back cover! It tells who the main characters are, shows excitement and tells just the right amount to make you want more (I know I do). It has everything that a back cover should have (in my opinion). The cover is adorable – I love it! I can see Brit being the one with the hat and Beryl the blond on the right. Neat the way you have the birds flying around with the very cute pup trying to catch them too. Can’t wait to read “Murder Flies the Coop”!

    Thanks so much for the chance to win a copy of “Murder in an English Village”.
    2clowns at arkansas dot net

  12. That’s an amazing cover!!

    I’m seldom waiting for things to happen, but when I am I’m probably somewhere eating or reading or both. Reading good. Eating bad. But why do the two go together so well?

    1. Maybe because so many writers include passages with descriptions of food and it just sinks into the subconscious? Or maybe it is because both activiites are comforting and pleasurable. Maybe reading and eating a snack while on the treadmill would be the best of all worlds?

  13. The front and back covers are both a delight.
    Waiting is always a challenge. Patience is not my strong suit. I manage through the stress of waiting by staying busy with my day job, my volunteer work, my hobbies, my hubby, my dog and all of life’s basics such as cleaning, cooking, grocery shopping and staying in touch with family and friends.

  14. While waiting, i read..take care of some of my other hobbies, or Clean in my tons to keep myself busy xo

  15. Hi! I know it may sound little corny, but I try to focus on all of the positive things in my life, and everything that I have to look forward to… seems to make the time pass quickly and well, pleasantly! Oh, and I bake, too!

    Happy Monday! 🙂

    p.s. The cover just oozes warmth and friendship – I love it!

  16. I am so excited to spend time with these two again.. September seems like a lifetime away.

  17. I’m really excited about your new book, Jessie!! I love the back which really describes the book. So often the back cover is very generic. Yours is great! The front is very inviting. I want to be with your heroines!

    I fill my shorter term waiting with reading – always have a book or Kindle or crossword puzzle book with me. For longer term waiting, I try to focus on the positives and keep as busy as I can (which never seems to be a problem.)

  18. Oh, and Jessie, I had a dream last night that I won one of your books. Maybe it was a good omen!

  19. Beautiful cover! I try to get lost in a new (to me) series to make waiting easier.

  20. Love the clothes! This cover gives us such a great picture of the characters. The era is so much fun and you did such a great job with the “voice” and dialogue in the first one. I can’t wait to read this one.

  21. Great cover! And I love to have something to look forward to–I get kind of bored if there’s nothing to look forward to, like a holiday that’s pretty soon or a long weekend or date/trip to anticipate.

  22. Great cover! Loved Murder In an English Village and can’t wait for this one.

  23. When I have to wait for an appointment or something else I always have a book with me. And of course I always have my phone with me, so there is always something to read. Love the cover of the book and would really like to read.

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