Wicked Wednesday: Hearts and Candy

Edith here, wishing you all a Happy Valentine’s Day from the Wicked Cozys! You might think this is a silly over commercialized holiday, and that we should express our love every day. But for me today marks 14 years ago that I first met my Hugh, so it’s an extra special day.

Photo by Chrys Omori from Sao Paulo, Brazil

So let’s talk heart-shaped candy. Do you give or receive chocolates today? How do you feel about heart-shaped boxes? Do you long for the little boxes of candy hearts with the goofy sayings on them? Go!

Liz: I’ll never say no to chocolates…

Sherry: I love a heart-shaped box full of chocolates. As a kid I loved the candy hearts but now they taste like chalk.

Jessie: I don’t particularly care for chocolates myself but I love Valentine’s Day! I really enjoy gifting the people I love with tokens that show them I care whether it is candy or a book or hand knit socks!

Barb: We never developed the tradition of Valentine’s candy in our house, though it would have plugged the long dry spell between Christmas stocking candy and Easter baskets. We do, however, have a tradition of a nice dinner out on or near the day and, sometimes, roses.

Julie: I am a huge conversation heart fan, though since NECCO stopped making them they aren’t as good. I don’t “celebrate” the holiday myself (my cats are lousy at shopping), but I do love the sentiment of the day, since it was my grandparents’ anniversary. They were married in 1931 in a living room by a Justice of the Peace. No pictures, but lots of romance according to the stories my grandmother told us.

Edith: I give him fine dark chocolates and he gives me flowers, and we go out for a special dinner. I think this year I’ll get some of the heart candy with the sayings – maybe they have updated them by now!

Readers: Heart-shaped candy or boxes? Other treats to express your love?

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  1. Happy anniversary to you and your beau, Edith!

    If it’s chocolate covered caramels, I will take them in any box, bag, or basket. I am not much of a Valentine’s Day celebrator, but we have weekly date nights. Sometimes it’s dinner, sometimes it’s shopping together for new lawn chairs, but that’s romance after 30 years of marriage!

    1. Thanks! I love chocolate covered caramels, Ramona – especially if it’s dark chocolate. And congratulations on 30 years. You and he are clearly doing something right.

  2. My dad always got heart-shaped boxes of chocolates—a big one for my mom and small ones for my sister and me. He also gave us carnations—two for my mom and one each for us. Since My mom and dad are both gone and I don’t have a significant other, Valentine’s Day is not a bigcelebrstion day for me. I usually get my sister and my nephew some chocolate, though. Every day is a good day for chocolate!

  3. Valentine’s Day was always special to me. My folks met on a blind date and got married seven days later on Valentine’s Day. 🙂

    As for me, guess I’m just cheap because I don’t see the point in paying lots more for the same candy because it’s in a heart shaped box. I love candy – who doesn’t! However, give me some homemade candy that not only shows love for the time and effort that went into making it, but is better than store bought.

    Any day spent with the love of my life is wonderful but yes we do special things to celebrate Valentine’s Day. This year we choose to stay at home instead of eating out making our favorite homemade pizza together. Later we will enjoy a movie we bought this week just for that purpose sitting in front of our fireplace. To me just a little slice of heaven – hubby and me!

  4. I haven’t had that heart-shaped candy with sayings since childhood. Didn’t even know they still made them.

    I never say no to fine chocolate. Our gift for the day are truffles made by a local chocolatier. Yum. I’ll post a picture over on Instagram in a moment.

    I understand celebrating love every day, but it doesn’t hurt to have a day or three where you go all out either (Valentine’s, anniversary, birthday).

  5. Being single, the only candy I will get today is candy I buy for myself. Never bought a heart shaped box of chocolates, but I certainly do buy myself plenty of chocolate throughout the year. I really should stop that.

    You know, I haven’t gotten caramel filled Hersey’s kisses in a long time… 😉 (Someday, I’ll learn to say no. Someday.)

  6. Chocolates are great, but I love getting flowers. My wonderful hubby of 43 years always gets me flowers. And we always exchange cards from each other and from the cats! And we play our silly love games (use your imagination!)

    1. Mine used to but I just looked around and realized he forgot to bring home flowers. (Grrr.) But in the light of keeping this lasting relationship lasting, I won’t say anything, LOL.

  7. Our MN family always send me flowers, so Doc gets away with that. We had lunch out, and tonight he will make me a steak dinner so we can relax at home and watch the Olympics. We may go out Saturday. He doesn’t know but I have box of salted caramels covered in dark chocolate in the fridge for us to share later, Edith! And Happy Anniversary to you!!

  8. I’m getting some amazingly decadent cookies this year – yum! I always liked the heart-shaped candies — not to eat, because they don’t taste very good, but for the funny messages.

  9. I used to give those message heart candies to my students as writing prompts. They liked eating their words . . .
    We had a bake-off at the Y today. Tomorrow is half-price chocolate day. Every day is a good day to love one another. <3

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