Kensington Cozies on Sale in March at Barnes and Noble

From March 3 to April 8, Barnes & Noble and Kensington have teamed up to offer a special  promotion–Buy 3 Kensington cozy mysteries and get 1 free!

You can scroll down this page to see the covers of all the offered books.

But wait, there’s more!

Everyone who buys a Kensington cozy mystery from the B&N in-store display between 3/6/18 – 4/8/17 and registers their purchase at will automatically be entered for a chance to win:

  • 1 Grand Prize: Two copies of a new cozy mystery each month for an entire year so you can share the book with a friend.
  • 5 Runners-Up: One surprise cozy mystery ARC.

Note: The same sale is going on at B&N online, though purchases there do not make you eligible for the contest. Here’s the link for the sale.

But wait, there’s even more!

There’s a special end-of-the-aisle display featuring 30 Kensington cozies at every B&N. Wickeds Sherry Harris, Maddie Day (aka Edith Maxwell), and Barbara Ross all have their latest mysteries on the shelf, along with lots of other great books, including mysteries by Friends of the Wickeds, Carol Perry and Lea Wait.

We thought it would be fun for some of the Wickeds to get their photos taken with this special display or with their displayed book.

Sherry: Here I am at my local Barnes and Noble in Fairfax, Virginia! It’s always a thrill to see my books in a bookstore. My husband took the pictures and we only got a few strange looks from the many customers in the store.

Edith: I found the Wickeds’ books (and New England friend of the Wickeds Lea Waits’s, too) top and center at the Barnes & Noble in Peabody, Massachusetts, and convinced a fan browsing the mystery shelves to take my (goofy expression) picture.


Here’s Friend of the Wickeds Carol Perry with the display. Carol has three books on the endcap: Grave Errors, It Takes a Coven, and Caught Dead Handed.

Barb: There’s only one B&N in Maine, in Augusta, not in Portland where I was last week. Now I’m back in Key West and there are no B&Ns anywhere on the Keys, so I’m posing below in our backyard with Stowed Away, which is on the display.

We’d also like to give a shout out to our friend, Lea Wait. As Edith said, her book Twisted Threads is on the display. Lea was going to participate in this post with us, but her husband is ill. Anyway, you should buy her book, because it’s terrific. In fact, you should buy 3 and get 1 free!

Readers: Tell us if you spied this end cap in your local B&N, and where it is. We’d love to see a pic of you with the array, too!

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  1. Haven’t a clue where the nearest B&N is (and have no $$ even if I did).

  2. When I went last year, there was no display! Haven’t been able to go there yet this year.

  3. You all look cute in your pictures! I’m in, if I can find a local B & N. The one where you WICKEDs book talked for us in Bethesda, MD is closed. Wait for it: Dean and deLuca, NO; AMAZON, No; it’s going to be a 3 floor ANTHROPOLOGIE! We cannot get books and toys, but we can shop for great clothes for conferences!

  4. I’ll be spying out each and every B&N bookstore I come across for this beautiful cozy book display, and fabulous deal. If there are any naughty non-participants, I’ll let you know.

  5. I actually got yelled at for taking pictures in my local B&N for a contest that Mystery Lovers Kitchen was having a couple of years back. I don’t know that I’m brave enough to try it again.

    Also, this makes me feel guilty. I see several times that I bought last time they had this deal I haven’t read yet. Or worse yet, the next book in the series is part of the promo and I still haven’t read book one.

    I need a year with nothing to do but read to come close to being caught up, but that would only last a week anyway.

    1. I so wish we could give you that year, Mark!

      I can’t imagine why you can’t take a photo in a B&N. I don’t think anyone in this post had a problem, though Edith had a ask a stranger for help.

  6. Thanks for the heads up. I’m going over to the local B&N today! The display had better be there!

      1. I had to ask where the display was and even the guy who is responsible for such things had to look for it. But it was an end display of a shelf of mysteries. I guess the placement really was pretty good in that it is what you see as you leave the very active bathroom!

        I took a picture, but I’m having trouble getting it to load here. I guess I just don’t know which code to use for blogs.

      2. Hi Ginny. Thanks so much for persisting. I guess right outside the bathroom is good placement. I sent you an email so you can send me the photo and I’ll see if I can put it up on the blog. Thanks again.

  7. I went to two B&N both displays were different – one was just horrible…they only shows about 5 books and they were all the same book, no selection, I had to go hunting for books. Another had a better display, but still did not showcase all the books 🙁 I did manage getting 8 books though 🙂 Which I was so excited! Some new ones for me and some first in series for me! I could not find the class reunion one though 🙁

    The Quiche and the Dead
    Twisted Threads
    Pawprints & Predicaments
    Death By Pumpkin Spice
    Death By Tea
    Better Dead
    Crust No One
    Lethal Licorice

    These are what I walked away with though <3 <3

  8. Clearly the stores displayed whatever books they had on hand. Most of the ones at my B&N were different. I did get the Class Reunion book.

  9. Will try to get to a B&N this weekend. My husband tries to keep me away…it’s a dangerous place to let me roam.

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