Missing Malice

By Liz, sad she won’t be heading to Bethesda this week. 

The annual Malice conference in Bethesda is a recurring entry on my calendar. Granted, I’ve only been going for four years, unlike some of the die-hard Malice-ites, but it’s still something I look forward to. Getting to hang out with all my writer and reader pals, being immersed in books all weekend – what could be better?

But this year, I’m not going. My little dog has been having some health stuff, and it will be easier on her if I stay home. So she and I will be hanging out, keeping an eye on Facebook for all the news and updates and photos – so you all better post a lot! We’ll also be wrapping up Murder, She Meowed, Pawsitively Organic book seven, which is due May 1.

So, I thought I’d share some memories of my favorite past-Malice moments – including the other year I couldn’t physically go, but went on a stick.

Malice 1

And the year Kneading to Die was nominated for Best First Novel!

Malice 2

Malice 3

I’ve made so many special friends at Malice….

Malice 4

Malice 5

Malice 6

Then there was time Shari and I took a picture not knowing there was a toilet behind our heads…

Malice 8

Most of all, I’ll miss being with the whole gang…

Malice 7

But I’ll be there in spirit! Have a great Malice, friends.


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  1. We’re going to miss you buckets – me especially without you as my roomie! But we’ll post pictures and updates and give you a full debriefing when we get back! Love and healing energies to Shaggy.

  2. Aw, Liz, we’re gonna miss you! Someone needs to break out Flat Liz on a Stick again! Hugs to you and your doggie.

  3. You have company, Liz–I’m so sad I won’t be at Malice this year, either (wedding). I’ll be keeping up with all the breathless happenings from afar, too. But…next year or bust!

  4. Saying a prayer that your pooch gets better real soon and that any discomfort he might have be very minimal. You sound like us. Our 13 year old chihuahua always comes first. After all, our furbabies are our furry children.

  5. I wish I was going, too. I had so much fun meeting all of you last year! But I’ll see some of you at Bouchercon.

  6. I am so disappointed. Was looking forward to some Liz time. However, take care of Shaggy and let us all know how he’s doing. Big HUGS!

  7. I’m right there with you – just from the other side of the country. I was debating whether or not I should be going this year since it is a lot of money by the time you factor in the airfare and single hotel room. Then I got my health news, and any money I would have spent on the conference went to medical bills. And now, this coming Friday is my last day at my current job, and I’m starting a temp to hire job. So, in reality, it was all for the best I’m not there this year.

    However, I will be turning green with envy knowing all the fun that is happening this weekend. We will have to hang out on Facebook and have fun ourselves, right?

  8. Liz, so sorry you will miss Malice…but Shaggy loves you forever for the special Mom-time!

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