Three Truths and a Lie

Jane/Susannah/Sadie here, wishing she was with all the cool kids at Malice…

First off, let me wish everyone who is at Malice a lovely time! And fingers crossed for our own Wicked Agatha nominees, Jessie and Edith.

So, I admit I’m bumming that I’m not at Malice this year. As I’ve mentioned before, I have a new day job (which I love!), and I don’t have much vacation time, which limits the amount of conferencing I can do.

But when I do get to go, one of my favorite things to do at conferences is … to hang out at the bar! Not because I am much of a drinker–although I do like a glass of wine now and then–but because that’s where people tend to congregate and either catch up with old friends, or make new ones. And I DO love to chat! So for those of us who are left at home, I thought it would be fun today to play a get-to-know-us game.

Three of the statements below are true. One is a lie. Can you guess the fib?

  1. My favorite book boyfriend is Rhett Butler.
  2. I once physically experienced a ghostly presence . . . in a churchI
  3. I have a phobia about mice and rats.
  4. I have spent time in the former country of Yugoslavia, when it was under communist rule.

So take your best guess which is the lie, and I’ll reveal the truth sometime this afternoon. After you guess, tell us an interesting fact about yourself. Only you need to know if it’s true or not!

21 Thoughts

  1. My guess would be the phobia about mice and rats because it sounds the most “common”. 🙂

    Interesting fact about me – I was called MOM by all the kids in elementary and junior high. Why? I was an Army brat which usually means you move around a lot. However, my Dad was on stabilized assignment for 9 years at Fort Ord, CA. So when a new kids showed up, they sent them to me to give the scoop on the ins and out about that base. It became “Go see Mom” thus me being called Mom as a kid. When I was going into high school, Dad retired and we moved to Arkansas thus losing my “Mom” status.

  2. I think that #1 is the lie. Of course, if it is, you have to tell us who your real book boyfriend is! I have coordinated three Harry Potter book release parties.

      1. I did. And one of my best friends from high school who had been a murder victim told me to come back, it wasn’t time yet. I tell the doubters that I know this is true because I saw my aunt. I had spoken with her the night before I went into the hospital. She died in the morning just before my surgery began. I had no way to know that, but she was with my friends and relatives. And for the animal lovers in the group. ALL of my deceased pets were there, too.

  3. My guess is you do not have a phobia of mice and rats. I once led the opening parade at a circus riding an elephant.

      1. Oh, yes. No one would believe it otherwise. Actually, people who know me WOULD believe it! I’m up for just about anything.

  4. My guess would be the rats and mice although I do have a phobia about them. My statement would be – I once drove a bookmobile into a ditch while wearing a triceratops costume.

  5. Are you ready for the answers? Here you go, and thanks for playing!

    1. My favorite book boyfriend is Rhett Butler.THIS ONE’S THE LIE! I mostly like Rhett, but my true loves are Mr. Darcy (who of course looks like Colin Firth) and Radcliffe Emerson (who looks like Gerard Butler).

    2. I once physically experienced a ghostly presence . . . in a church! TRUE. This happened to me recently. I was at a funeral luncheon in the church hall with a group of relatives. A woman who is known to be sensitive to such things started talking to us, and all of a sudden I felt my eyes start to tear up and I got cold–and progressively colder. The woman said she felt a presence and asked who had tears. I was the only one, but everyone at the table got cold too. She felt it was someone connecting all of us, but whoever it was was centered on me. We think it was my mother-in-law. And no, it wasn’t at all scary!

    3. I have a phobia about mice and rats. TRUE. I seize up just thinking about them. My son still thinks I’m cruel because I never let him have a hamster or pet mouse as a kid. I trace the fear back to when I was young and saw the movie Willard on tv. I was never the same.

    4. I have spent time in the former country of Yugoslavia, when it was under communist rule. TRUE–although it wasn’t a lot of time. After college I backpacked through Europe with a girlfriend and we took the train from Switzerland to Greece–through Yugoslavia. There were armed guards on the train and they took our passports because a temporary visa had to be issued (a 24-hour ride), and yes, it was a more than a little disconcerting, especially wondering if we were going to get our passports back. Coming back to the States from Greece, we flew Air Yugoslavia (because it was dirt cheap), so I also spent some time in the Belgrade airport (which was scarier than the train). But, I lived to tell the tale!

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