40 Thoughts

  1. Fantastic cover. Pulls me right in & makes me want to check the book out.

  2. Liz, that cover is so deliciously enticing! Those kitties are the cat’s meow!

  3. Awesome cover! Love the sweetness of the cats and then the hint of murder in the melting rabbit. Melting chocolate dripping over side of pan is cool touch. Makes you have just a hint of dripping blood or is that the cozy murder mystery lover in me. 🙂

  4. I love the cats and after a second look, I noticed the rabbit in the pot! Clever! Great cover!

  5. Your cover holds a great mixture of pleasing items. From the cooking aspect to those of us who love cats, your cover will sell your book.

  6. Perfect!! Very enticing cover. Makes me want to read it. I love the cats, and the bunny in the pot took me right to the sinister Fatal Attraction movie starring Michael Douglas. Perfect mix of sweet and ominous.

  7. Love the cover! The cats are just too cute. Is it going to be an Easter cozy?

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