Opening Lines: Behind the Parking Garage

Add your opening line for this shot, which Liz reports she took, “when Shaggy took me for a walk behind the parking garage…”


Edith: If I told him once, I told him a million times – don’t leave your paint rags behind the garage. And ya know what? Dried blood sure looks a lot like rust.

Julie: He bet me that he could use a pipe as a boomerang. He was wrong, and lost his shirt.

Barb: My Clue solution is: Colonel Mustard, behind the garage, with the lead pipe.

Sherry: Apparently The Hulk was on the loose again. Such a show off bending pipes and ripping off his shirt.

Readers: Add your opening line in the comments!

20 Thoughts

  1. I told him not to floss with the pipe. Now he’s messed up his shirt. Geez!

  2. “Honey, the president of the neighborhood association is at the door, and he wants to know if it’s possible that you’ve been doing Ambien-home repairs again.”

  3. A dead bat? A broken pipe? What could be wrong now? (This was my first look line. Even after second look seeing and reading others that the black blob is cloth, the bat is still there.”

  4. The argument is always that the murderer wouldn’t be stupid enough to leave evidence somewhere that will make them look guilty. So I’ve decided to leave the obvious in plain sight. That way, when my attorney introduces my IQ at the trial, there’s no way the prosecution can overcome reasonable doubt and convict me.

    Wait, I did wipe the finger prints off the pipe right?

  5. As I ran for the parking lot fence, all I could do was think how will I get my 67 year old, out of shape, overweight body over this fence. And I jumped on it and threw myself over. My only weapon, a piece of bent metal looked pretty useless at this point laying there in the gravel.
    Of course, I landed directly on my face in the gravel and tore the sleeve of my shirt off and a good portion of my arm with it. I worked myself up with great difficulty pulling a lot of gravel out of my face and my mouth and then started to feel my face getting very warm. I knew then that I was bleeding badly, but as I looked back at the fence I knew I couldn’t just sit there and do nothing. And I amazingly, got myself up and looked back… I saw him running for the fence. He was very pale and small and had no face with any defined features. I knew then that I had to do something. I reached for my neck and pulled off the necklace. I threw the necklace toward him as he started to climb the fence. As a necklace flew through the air it moved itself into a loop and encircled his head as he was trying to climb the fence. When the necklace had encircled his neck….

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