Welcome Tonya Kappes…and a giveaway!

Liz here, and I’m excited to welcome Tonya Kappes, author of the Camper and Criminals Cozy Mysteries, to the blog! Tonya and I met on Facebook, like many of us do these days, and then we discovered we had another connection – we’re both Gabby Bernstein fans. I love when lives intersect, don’t you? And today she’s talking about making connections with readers. Take it away, Tonya!


How do you like to connect with your favorite author?

Long before social media, I’ve been connecting with readers. Initially, it started out with a blog similar to the Wicked Cozy Authors. Actually, I didn’t even have a book contract when I joined, but I started my connection with readers.

It’s a connection that so hard to describe. Every decision I make in my travels or my author giveaway goodies, I think about the reader. When Facebook came along, it was a game changer for me. I was able to put faces to names and if I was going to a book signing, I was able to connect instantly with readers in that area.

Tonya Family (6)As we all know, Facebook has changed a bit and with so many authors and so many groups, it can sometimes feel a little impersonal. That’s why I started my Cozy Krew reader group a few years back. I missed the small intimate group of readers where we discussed books and actually a lot of us became such good friends.

A couple of years ago, I’d gotten an idea about hosting my own reader event. It was something that truly popped into my head during a Kentucky snow day. It would be an event where it was just catered to the readers.

I wanted something different. Not just a book signing. Something fun for everyone and not to promote me. I wanted to celebrate the reader. It dawned on me that I can’t be everywhere at once, so I decided to host something once a year at a different location. The more I muddled the idea in my head, the more excited I got and started my search on mystery themed idea. After all, it had to do with mystery!

I came across mystery diner trains. How fun would that be???? I Googled these such events and quickly found out these trains can be rented out. You got a mystery theater along with a meal while riding on a train! Seriously….how fun is that????

It turned out to be a ton of fun! This year is my fifth year doing the train and I couldn’t be more excited to see the readers. The event has turned into a weekend of fun. The first night we all get together in the hotel and have a pizza party along with some sort of mystery game. The next morning we meet up for breakfast, maybe do a little sight-seeing in the town we are in before we head out to the train for the adventure. Afterwards, the readers can buy books or just hang out. It’s so much fun.

damesI think I get more excited about seeing my readers than they get meeting me. It’s magical! This photo was taken last year during the Two Dames on a Mystery Train event in Lockport, NY. This year we’re headed to Knoxville, TN….next year is rumored to be out west…but y’all know how small town gossip goes, right? Or is that just common in my southern mysteries?

If you’d like to check out Two Dames on a Mystery Train, please head on over to my website and click on the Two Dames on a Mystery Train tab. I’d love to have you come join us!

I’d like to thank Liz and the Wicked Cozy Authors for having me today. It’

s been a WICKED good time! And…I have to say (I told Liz this too), I’ve never connected to a group of authors and I’m a smidgen jealous with their amazing retreat. I think it’s so cool how much they adore each other and have each other’s back!

Readers, how do you like to connect with your favorite authors? Leave a comment and win a print signed copy of DEAD AS A DOORNAIL and a bag of IT’S A SOUTHERN MYSTERY, Y’ALL goodie bag. Tonya giveaway

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  1. I used to go to book signings all the time, and I’d e-mail authors I really knew as well. Now, it’s Facebook for me. I wish there were more signings. There are authors I started reading solely because of book signings.

    And I’m jealous of your mystery train weekends. They sound fabulous. If you do come west and it is close to me, I’m in!

    Your camp ground series sounds appealing, too, since I grew up camping. (And I’d love to be entered in this giveaway.)

  2. Last year my Sister and I went to your Two Dames on a Mystery Train and we had a great time. It was nice to interact with the aurhors and you and Duffy. I mostly follow authors on Facebook and by their newsletters and blogs.

  3. Primarily newsletters, but I’m doing a little mroe on facebook now.

  4. It would be lovely to meet them in person, but since there aren’t many bookstores in our area any more, I generally like to follow through their newsletters. It’s great to see some of the insight into their life and how they come up with their ideas for their books.

  5. I connect with my favorite authors either on Facebook or thru email. Love all kinds of mysteries, Thanks for this amazingly generous giveaway.

  6. I connect on Facebook and by email. Cozy mysteries are my favorite.

  7. Facebook and Email. I have some mobility challenges so the social sites have opened me to a whole new world! I used to go to bookstores for author signings, but not too many local bookstores anymore.

  8. With the busy lifestyle I live, the only way that I have time to connect with authors are via Facebook, their websites, and/or their newsletters. One of these days I plan on going to a book signing and my library (in a very small town) is just now getting a few authors to stop in and talk about their books.

  9. I do follow my favorite authors on Twitter and Facebook although I’m reluctant to contact them personally. Just me being an introvert, it’s all good. Thanks for the chance to win this book.

  10. Loved my two train trips with the “Dames”! Always love to hear what you are thinking💜

  11. I would love to do a dinner train mystery. Signed up for one once, but it got cancelled! I don’t “do” Facebook, but I love the Wicked’s blog and love being signed up for various newsletters. And I do occasionally correspond with authors via email.

  12. I love trains. If you come West I will join you. I took the California Zepher to Reno for Left Coast Crime. Nice way to travel even though we did not have snow.

  13. I love connecting with authors via newsletters, their websites, and Facebook. I feel like I get to spend the most time with them and learn more about them that way. Tonya is one of my favorites!

  14. The Mystery Train sounds fun. I prefer to stay in touch via blogs & newsletters.

  15. I enjoy meeting them and chatting with them and other readers via their author/personal pages on FB, or special small groups, like one I belong to that is secret, and is a chat group and early review group for a best selling author. Being introverted small groups are best for me.

  16. Mostly on facebook, newsletters and blogs. I also follow them on Amazon and Goodreads.

  17. I like to connect on Facebook & thru newsletters. Thanks for the great giveaway.

  18. I like to connect with authors any way I can. I use facebook and twitter sometimes. But I also use newsletters and their blogs, if they have one.
    Thanks for the chance.
    If you bring the train to the midwest, like Indiana (northern) illinios, wisconsin (not far up)I would absolutely love to join you.

  19. I think my favorite way to connect with authors is by reading their books! Thank you for stopping by and for the chance to win!

  20. I like to connect on e-mail, Facebook, and with my reviews on Goodreads!

  21. I have been following on Facebook. And I watch for author events at our local public library. Karen Robards on Monday night and in the near future Susan Wiggs. I will be missing W. Bruce Cameron. Would have loved to have met him.

  22. Through facebook, their blogs, bookbob and goodreads. I think I’m addicted to following authors.

  23. I live in South Alabama on the coast and very limited authors come that write cozies. Actually no cozy authors seem to come this way. I connect via instagram and facebook the most. Twitter feed, for me, tends to get overwhelming since I cannot constantly check it.

  24. I connect with authors on their blogs and receiving newsletters. What gets me to respond is when they offer some of their likes or places to write or tips. I tend to respond with something funny. Alyson Widen amwiden@aol.com

  25. I connect with authors via email newsletters, ARC’s, and blogs. I tend to respond with something funny and love when authors share tips, where they write and seasonal topics.

  26. I mostly read their newsletters. I don’t spend a lot of time on facebook.

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