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The Wickeds have been thinking about additional, interesting ways to connect with our readers. At this year’s retreat we decided that a Wickeds newsletter seemed like it might be just the ticket. So, we wanted to let you all know that as of Autumn 2018 we will begin sending out a newsletter.

To quote Barb, “It will arrive in email boxes on a regular but not annoyingly frequent basis.”

If you would like to receive notice of our upcoming releases, book cover reveals, appearances, giveaways, and bonus content, we hope you will consider clicking below and using the form to sign up. We look forward to visiting your in boxes starting in the autumn!

Readers, what do you like to see featured in author newsletters? Writers, do you send one out yourself? Any tips you would like to share?

26 Thoughts

  1. Against my better judgment, I’ve signed up, but could you try to limit it to quarterly? Back to the 10,989 waiting emails…

  2. I can’t wait to start receiving the newsletter. It needs upcoming book releases, appearances, contests, news about each of you, etc..

  3. Looking forward to your newsletters! I started sending to my readers quarterly and sometimes missed my quarterly deadlines. So now I have O’Ryan, the cat write them. He;’s ever so much more organized than I am.

  4. Looking forward to receiving the newsletter!

    I wonder if the newsletters could go into more depth about the background research each author did for each book? (I am a research junkie, and have often done more reading on a topic after learning something about it in a mystery.)

      1. But I haven’t even showed you the spreadsheet I just created so I can track new releases as soon as they are announced so I know what I need to leave room for review wise. 🙂

  5. I love reading about the research, behind the scenes stuff, etc that goes into each book. Looking forward to reading your new newsletter.

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