Wicked Wednesday- Say Something Nice

Jessie: Enjoying the ocean breezes on the coast of Maine

newspaper-943004_1280I prefer to look on the bright side just as often as possible but I have to admit there are times when that is a bit more challenging than usual. Lately, with the headlines being  pretty grim on all sides, it has been sort of tough to remain cheerful. So, I thought it might be nice to share some good news from your life, your community or even from around the web. Ladies, what’s right in your world?

Edith: I have a happy, healthy, funny nine-month-old great-goddaughter who is much loved by her parents and grandmas – and by me. I spent time with her last week and was lifted up by this sunny young nugget of life. (Her parents don’t allow her picture on social media or the web or I’d share her with you.) And I get to see her this afternoon, too!

Sherry: I am in Davenport, Iowa for a high school class reunion. My dear friend Carol and I both flew in early so we could spend some time together. Friday night is the casual night of the reunion. I have to miss Saturday night, but it’s for a good reason too. I’ll be attending the Kensington CozyCon in Richmond, Virginia on Sunday along with a bunch of other wonderful authors. Click here for more information!

Liz: Shaggy and I have been enjoying the beautiful weather, checking out new places in our neighborhood and making sure we take advantage of the summer months as much as possible. We’re really trying to relax more and soak up our favorite season.

Barb: It’s so amazing that Jessie posted this question this Wednesday of all Wednesdays, when twelve young Thai soccer players and their coach have been successfully rescued from a flooded cave system. It’s been a rollercoaster ride of a story. First the boys were lost, then they were found, then the difficulty of rescuing them was revealed. Their successful extraction was an international effort involving science and technology, but most of all bravery. A retired Thai Navy SEAL was lost in the rescue effort. As I write this, there are still three divers and a doctor in the cave. The boys and their coach have a long road ahead, mentally and physically, but the results so far have been my good news of the summer.

Readers, how about you? Do you have any good news to share? 


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  1. There’s always a silver lining if you look hard enough. Sometimes the silver is a little tarnished or sometimes it is really aluminum foil. But it is always there.

    All the soccer players and their coach have successfully been rescued. Wonderful news,

    I am overflowing with personal good news. Today is our 43rd anniversary and we are more in love than ever. Also, I am visiting our daughter in Phoenix. We are having a great mother-daughter time. Hubby and I will celebrate when I get home next week.

  2. Our son and his family are arriving from Vancouver next week. I’m bustling around organizing sleeping arrangements (I thought we HAD a queen air mattress!?) etc. and finding the Canadian flag for the porch. Given our news every day in this country, we’ve told our son he could soon be looking at an influx of desperate immigrants from his extended family. Chain migration to British Columbia? (I feel I could acclimate. I do love hockey. Isn’t that part of the citizenship test? Also, we are all very polite and civil – I believe that’s a requirement .)

  3. My septic tank guy (grandson of my original septic tank guy) is looking around for someone to de-root my drainage field who will NOT charge an arm and a leg.

  4. I recently retired, after giving myself a year to make a final decision. It turns out that I LOVE retirement! I’m sleeping better than I have in many years, and I’m taking challenging classes at the local senior center, as well as volunteering at the library. I keep hoping this is reality, and not a dream!

  5. We are using our yard to host my husband’s family this weekend. I am over the moon excited. My daughter graduated high school this year and we are empty nesters. All good news!

  6. After much badgering, The Girl logged on to get her AP exam scores and she did fantastically (no surprise to me).

    Initial responses to my upcoming debut have been positive. It’s extra special because I love the stories, but thought I might have to give them up because nobody else seemed to want them.

  7. I was given the best news ever this morning. My daughter inlaw is letting me see the 3 beautiful granddaughters. It’s been almost 4 years now. I’ve only seen the twins once and they had just turned 2. They live in NH and we have moved to FL from MA but still. We are going to MA in October for a wedding and Maddie is the flower girl and I bought her dress. My son says she loves it. I am so on cloud 9.

  8. I’m debating hard about whether to do a mud run on Saturday. I am healthy enough and have a temp job, so even thinking about doing it is an option.

    Last month was my parents’ 50th anniversary. Thanks to my brother and sister-in-law, the party we threw for them was a huge success. (And they do get all the credit.)

  9. I’m going on a haunted ghost tour this weekend. They’re always fun & haven’t been to the one here, yet.

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