Kensington and Barnes & Noble Team Up Again for a Sale

Hi, Wickeds Fans (and Not Yet Fans)! From July 10 to August 20, just in time for beach reading, Kensington and Barnes & Noble are offering another Buy 3, Get the 4th Free Sale.

This time the books include two Wickeds first-in-series, Flipped for Murder, first in the Country Store Mysteries by Maddie Day, and Clammed Up, first in the Maine Clambake Mysteries by Barbara Ross. If you’ve been resisting the charms of these series, now might be the time to plunge in. Plus the sale includes books by Friends of the Blog, including Carol J. Perry, Devon Delaney, Alex Erickson, Leslie Meier, Lee Hollis and many others. (If we skipped you inadvertently, let us know in the comments.)

As always, we went in search of the endcap display for the sale out in the wild. Here’s Edith at the Newington, New Hampshire B & N near Portsmouth.


Barb is living somewhat B & N deprived in Maine. (There’s only one and it’s in Augusta.) But here are the books at the Framingham store in Massachusetts.

Edith: And here’s the full display in Newington. As you can see, every store displays them differently.


If your store doesn’t have one set up, ask them! And if yours does have the end cap,  we wouldn’t mind if you rarranged our books to be top, front, and center. Just saying…. ;^)

Here’s a link to the Kensington page which shows all the books included in this round of the sale. (Scroll down once you get there.)

Here’s a link to the B&N sale if you’re buying online.

Readers: Happy shopping! Is there a book series you’ve been wanting to start? Let us know in the comments.

20 Thoughts

  1. Oh, no! But, oh yes! My TBR pile is about to grow. Some of my favorite authors will definitely be front and center in my B&N — of course, I won’t be able to stop at the buy 3 get 1 because I already own some of the ones you have on sale — so I’ll simply have to buy your newest one. Love that Kensington does this!

  2. There are exactly three books in the list I am interested in. No more. No less. Several of the books I’ve been hoping would be included aren’t part of it this go around. 🙁

    Oh well. I have read any of the books I bought during the last sale, so I guess I have nothing to complain about.

  3. I have better luck with this sale online. The closest store has never had an endcap up yet! Last year, I used some of the firsts in a series as a birthday gift!

  4. My favorite Cozy Authors and I am following many of the series. This is fantastic and so great to hear about the sale. I will be going back to Barnes and Noble to get a few more that I notice are now out.

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