Wicked Wednesday- Roads Not Yet Taken

Jessie: In Maine dreaming up new stories

bookshelf-1082309_1920As much as I love the mystery genre, both as a reader and a writer I sometimes consider what other sorts of stories I might like to tell. I wanted to ask all of you if you have ever considered writing a novel in another genre and if so, which genre would that be?

OneHundredYearsEdith: If I had time, I might think about writing magical realism – along the lines of Gabriel Garcia Marquez, whom I’ve always loved – or something eerier than I write now. Even though I used to read a lot of science fiction, I don’t think I have the energy to make up a futuristic setting. I dabbled in writing erotica a couple of decades ago (don’t tell my cozy readers!) but it’s not calling to me right now. I’m intrigued with the idea of writing domestic suspense, but frankly don’t have any ideas for a story so far.

Liz: The first novel I wrote, for my grad school thesis, was more in the women’s fiction realm. (Trust me, this one will never see the light of day, for good reason.) While I enjoyed writing it and getting to know my characters, I felt there was something missing. I guess I just need a good murder in my life. I do have a desire to write darker, and have been working on a suspense novel.

Julie: My first book attempt was an attempt at women’s fiction, but it was deadly boring. I dropped a body, and it got much better, so I think this is my genre. That said, if I could create a series like Harry Potter that transported generations–how thrilling would that be? I am also working on a stand-alone thriller–in the noodling/plotting stage now. I’m surprised how much I’m enjoying creating that new world.

Jessie: I would like to try my hand at a standalone that follows two storylines in two different time periods that come together for the reader. I love to read books like that from authors like Susanna  Kearsley and Kate Morton and would love to try writing a book that creates a suspenseful, time-traveling adventure.

Sherry: I have a partially written light romance — think Hallmark movie. But I’d also love to write a thriller and I have an idea for a lighter caper. If only there was more time!

Barb: I still have a dream of writing a traditional mystery series with a professional sleuth. I’m not quite ready to throw in the towel. Let’s call it the road not taken–yet.

Readers, which other genres do you love to read? Writers, which ones do you like to write?

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  1. I’d love to write a darker stand-alone mystery or thriller too (I currently write cozy mysteries). But like Sherry says, there’s only so much time. I figure I’ll work on something different when I finally think of a story that won’t rest.

  2. I DON’T care for graphic, nonessential sex nor violence, other than that, I’ll read almost anything.

  3. I tried writing romance early on, but it’s definitely not my voice. I have a light paranormal romance series that I enjoy writing, but it hasn’t really caught on with readers. I can’t imagine writing anything historical, because I’d get bogged down getting all the details right. I think much of what I write is a hybrid of cozy mystery and a woman’s voyage of self-discovery (which may include romance).

  4. I read almost anything..no non=essential sex and violence as Barbara Kay said.

  5. In addition to mystery, I read historical fiction, especially if it involves mystery, but it doesn’t need to. I also like paranormal cozies.

    Some good historical fiction has inspired me to read non-fiction about the era or issues brought up in the fiction.

  6. I love to say that I’ve fallen into mystery and I can’t get back out. Not that I’m trying that hard. Having said that, I would love to have the time to read more fantasy or sci fi. It just isn’t happening.

  7. I read mysteries, mostly cozy, romances, and some science fiction and fantasy. I’m not big on thrillers. I don’t like everyone in jeopardy and not knowing who to trust. Seems as if there is enough of that in the news. I don’t say that I wouldn’t like a thriller but there are too many books of the type I prefer to waste my time.

    1. I find books where trust is at the center of the story difficult to read too. They make me worry for the characters so much I find it harrowing!

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