The Detective’s Daughter -The Final Countdown.

The commercials on television are trying to tell me this is the most wonderful time of the year – back to school – but I’m not feeling so wonderful about it. You see, this September marks my youngest child’s last year of college. He’s ecstatic; me…well, not so much. I enjoy school supply shopping and look forward to it every year. There is no better smell than that of a new notebook filled with clean pages. I love searching for just the right pens, book bags and lunch boxes. And don’t get me started on magic markers, I must have twenty sets in every color and style you can imagine!FullSizeRender (8)

This year’s shopping was much different. My boy will be living in his first apartment. Instead of folders, pens and calculators, we bought vacuums, fans and rugs. Whenever I tried to direct him to the office supply aisle, I was reminded that he either had those things or could get them on his own.  I immediately went home and wrote out my own list. I mean, really, who couldn’t use some new pens and loose-leaf paper?

In one week we will pack up his clothes, books, computers and housewares [I still can’t believe he needs such things!] and drive him back up to school. The first year he was away, I cried each time I had to leave him, much as I had the year he was in pre-school. I have a sneaking suspicion there will be a lot of that this year, too.

As much as I miss the little boy who was so insistent on having a Scooby-Doo lunch box, I am so very proud of the man he is becoming.  I may not be able to be with him every school day as I was in the past, but I can still send him off with the same encouragement and love. FullSizeRender (7)

Dear reader, what are your favorite back to school memories?

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  1. Oh, Kim, what an adorable little guy! It’s as though you were writing about me, all the love for school supplies, and all the tears. When I dropped off my oldest son for his freshman year at college, I cried so much as I drove away that I missed my exit and got lost. It will be a bittersweet year for you, but new adventures await for both of you!

    1. Denise, this made me laugh about missing your exit. Louis is so embarrassed when I cry at school that I’m not sure if he hugs me tighter to comfort me or if he’s trying to smother me. The first year I had to leave him in the auditorium then walk back alone to the parking lot. I was crying so hard a security guard stopped to ask if I was going to be okay. It’s a good thing Louis wasn’t with me!

      1. Kim, that’s hilarious! I’ll say it’s good your son wasn’t with you when you encountered the security guard.

  2. You have done your job as mother if he wants to leave, Kim, and you know that. He is doing great, living independently, because of your parenting skills – and love. Hugs!

  3. I used to love back to school clothes shopping – when I was a kid that and holidays were about the only times we really went shopping for clothes. I remember getting ready for college as a freshman and I had a box with all my new clothes for school. I wanted them to be worn for the first time as a college student!
    You will adjust to your son being out of school but it is sometimes hard because you miss them. However, as my youngest is about to be 40, I can tell you that you will be proud of them and the paths they take after school!

    1. Adjustments are hard, but I’m sure I’ll get used to it in time. You are lucky to have new school clothes. I attended Catholic school, as did my children, so it was only uniforms for us.

  4. Best of luck to the best boy in the world!
    I remember riding the school bus with my crazy cousins. That’s my best memory. Good to have crazy cousins when you’re a writer.

    1. Being a writer is the only time it’s good to have crazy cousins. The best boy in the world is up packing as I write this. He just brought down dishes from his room that I believe have been up there since June.

  5. He’s lucky to have you as a mom! I want to go buy some pens and paper after reading this. I remember first day of school photos and walking to school with a gang of kids.

  6. Oh, Kim, but in a year, no more tuition!

    It’s hard to be a mom, and suddenly your kids are adults and on their own.

    With an early fall birthday, school clothes were my “gifts”. I got gypped, I tell you! But the smell of new books, crayons, and chalk still takes me back to those “first days” of school.

    1. Karen, when will parents learn that children do not want clothes as gifts, especially school clothes?! I still have a chalk board in my office. Everyone seems to love white boards, but I’ll take good old chalk and erasers any day.

  7. The smell of freshly laid tar transports me back to Orientation Week for my freshman year of college. Everything was new and exciting: new school, new city, new home, new friends, even a new road surface!

    1. The smell of tar makes me think of extremely hot days growing up in the city. Isn’t fascinating how a smell can stop time and place you in a far away moment?

  8. What a lovely post!

    As for my favorite back to school memories – school supplies of course – I still buy them every year in the fall. Hey, a writer needs new stuff, too!

  9. After years of working at a college, I actually have found I enjoy having a life that doesn’t revolve around the school year any more.

  10. I still go school supplies shopping even tho there are no school-aged kids in my household. There are too many cute pens, pencils, & notebooks to pass up.

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