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Kim, in Baltimore, wearing shorts and a blanket!


I begin everyday with a cup of coffee. Not a dainty cup and saucer kind of cup, a mug nearly big enough that it could be a bowl for a Saint Bernard.  The years I taught school I could count on receiving many mugs from my students, each one with the word Teacher painted on it. My coffee consumption is legendary. I drink “cop coffee,” that is to say I drink it black. When my dad lived with me for a few years, he and I could put away at least three pots of coffee a day. We were serious about our favorite beverage.

Fortunately for me, I am in a profession, as my dad was, that is also known for it’s addiction… oh, I mean love…of coffee. All writers and coffee drinkers need a place where they can go to worship. We all need a coffee shop.

I am fortunate to have a few lovely shops in my area where I can write or socialize while sipping a piping hot espresso. Zeke’s is my number one go-to spot. It’s owned by Thomas Rhodes. There are plenty of tables and electrical outlets to use for writing and everyone there is respectful of you when you’re working. 1006180903

The Red Canoe, which is only a few blocks from Zeke’s, is another favorite. Josie Rhodes and Tina Perry are the proprietors. This café is also a children’s bookstore and has many events for readers of all ages. The Red Canoe has a special place in my heart because it where I began my serious writing career. After dropping my children at school, I would spend my morning – and sometimes all day –  in this lovely little shop writing.

When I have meeting on the other side of town I like going to Bonjour. I cannot resist their macaroons! The space is small but inviting and the aroma of the bake goods is mouth-watering.1012181422_HDR

Last month I read a book called The Enchanted Garden Café by Abigail Drake. The book was wonderful and I truly wished this café was in my neighborhood. See, when I’m not drinking coffee, I need to read about it!0923181226

Everyone should have a coffee shop whether you are a writer or not. We all need a place to feel welcomed and comforted, a place where we can come together with others who enjoy the best start to everyday…coffee.


Dear Readers, do you have a favorite spot in your city or town where you feel welcomed and comforted?


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  1. My local pub! They will leave you alone if needed, provide food and liquid refreshment (and has some great characters to make notes about lol).

    1. Ah, that’s a good idea for another post. I have a local tevern where I hang out occasionally, especially if I need to people watch. I’ve met some real characters there!

  2. I don’t hang out anywhere downtown, but maybe it’s because I like my second-floor office so much! (I also don’t drink coffee beyond my two cups of half-decaf in the morning…)

  3. Here in Canandaigua, it’s Dalai Java in the heart of downtown. Great coffee, plenty of tables, even a grouping of comfy chairs (in high demand!) for leisurely conversation.

  4. Oh KIm, how I envy your multitude of coffee shops! My village is far too small to have any sort of eatery and so I content myself with making coffee in my own kitchen. Maybe someday I’ll get to Baltimore and join you for a cup of “cop coffee” at one of your favorites!

  5. Here’s your morning shocker – I don’t drink coffee. 🙂 Never have. Just don’t care for the smell or the taste. So I wake up to Diet Pepsi or hot cocoa in the winter sometimes which makes me very happy. As for where to go, I live in a small town of less than 3000 so not a lot of places to go. However, we have an awesome spot with excellent home cooked food that is the go to for most in town. It’s call the Rainbow Cafe.

  6. Within the past year a pair of thirty-something male twins opened a new restaurant in my town (which has long been restaurant challenged). It’s called the Charred Oak Tavern, and it hits exactly the right note for this town–you see children, grandparents and everybody between there, and the food is great. It even expanded into an adjoining space within the year. I have taken every friend and relative who comes to town to eat there.

  7. My daughter introduced me to a lovely shop, Adda, in the city. I bet it would be great to write in. Unfortunately, the parking is truly terrible, since it’s in Shadyside (all street parking, all pay, all 2-hour maximum).

    1. Parking can be a problem when I head to the Fells Point or Federal Hill areas of the city. The Red Canoe is fortunate to be near a Safeway that is happy to share their parking lot with the local small businesses. Zeke’s has a parking lot behind their building, but to park on the street cost money.

  8. Until Starbucks opened a year ago, my town had no coffee shops. It remains the only one. But, recently I visited Portugal and in Braga (in the north) there were charming coffee shops on almost every block in the old city section. I checked out every one I could find. Some had outlets, some not, but all had great areas to sit to work and/or do people research. BTW, the pastries were yummy everywhere!

  9. There’s a great little lunch spot by me called the Montauk House. Two talented brothers work there, Elvis and Miguel – I always get a smile and a hug. But the writing only gets done at home or, if I’m stuck, the library – where I often get smiles and hugs, too.

  10. Our favorite place is Cafe Chocolate in Lititz, PA. Small, cozy, great food, and a drink called The Turbo which is espresso and hot chocolate. Hmmm… think it’s time for visit!

    1. That must be delicious. I was stuck for some time on a drink called a Dirty Chai, which is a chai tea latte with a shot of espresso and sometimes they add honey. Very good!

  11. Portland, Maine is full of coffee shops, but like others have said, I love my study too much to work there, even though there is a lovely Coffee by Design right around the corner. I have also to give a shout out to the Diesel Cafe in Somerville, MA. I wrote many of my short stories and novels there before we moved. Many days it felt like everyone in the place was writing a book–except the guy with the keyboard and earphones who was composing and the guy in the corner booth doing decoupage.

    1. I do very little writing in coffee shops. I go there with that intention, but as you know, my lips move faster than my fingers do. I always meet people I know and by the time we’re finished chatting, I need to leave.

  12. Well, there’s my Hallmark shop. Some of the newer employees don’t know me as well, but the ones that have been there the longest know me by name.

  13. In my small town, we have no such inviting coffee shops..oh how i wish! So I’m very comfy making my own at home and enjoying all the comforts that surround me!! Down where I’m from my sisters make some mean Cappuccinos, so I’m happy for that!!..

  14. There are many coffee shops along the beaches here, but I find myself gravitating to my favorite Panera. Good place to meet with other writers and the coffee is always fresh and hot.My day always starts with coffee with husband Dan on the patio. Then between us we slurp down a couple more pots through the day. A nighttime ride along the beach means another pot! Love your posts Kim.

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