Opening Lines

Add an opening line to the following photo.

Thanks once again to Bill Carito for being “the hand.”

Julie: Now, if they’d used the common sense that the good lord gave a goose, they would have bolted the door. But no, they didn’t want to get up and answer the door when their friends arrived.

Edith: “Gimme the knife, quick,” he whispered. “She’s got me by the back of the shirt!”

Barb: The hand model auditions were going terribly.

Jessie: After a recent spate of fires hotel management implemented an unorthodox, some might say excessive, new guest safety education program. The simple solution was for someone to call their attention to the evacuation plan mounted on door.

Sherry: The magician’s disappearing act wasn’t going as planned.  This is the last time he was going to use his mother-in-law to book his shows.


Readers: Give us your opening line for a story based on this photo, or just say “hi” to be entered to win a hardcopy of Barb’s first published mystery, The Death of an Ambitious Woman. The giveaway is open to all geographies.

47 Thoughts

  1. “Honey, it’s me” (True story. Husband was a cop coming home to change clothes after a scrape with a drunk. I had his .38 pointed at the door when he said those words.).

  2. On my way back to bed after getting a drink of water, I heard the door open and a hand came around the edge. Being half asleep, I followed my first instinct and slammed the door as hard as I could – and then realized the hand belonged to my husband.

  3. I always wondered how I would go out. Car crash? Rare disease? Old age? I never thought it would be like this. In a seedy motel room, at the beginning of the Zombie Apocalypse!

  4. I am just going to say hi as brain is not engaged yet. Will think of a great line in about 2 hours.

  5. Ian realised that the firedoor was way to heavy as his arm was trapped and the murderer was grinning at him from down the corridor.

  6. On her shopping excursion to New York, Millie spent the morning shopping in the Big Apple’s most exclusive novelty shops and, delighted with her purchase, the afternoon trying out her new fake arm.

  7. I was looking forward to our stay in the haunted hotel. I thought the arm in the door when we woke up in the morning was a bit excessive until I realized it wasn’t a fake arm.

  8. I just need to borrow your fire evacuation plan real quick. Mine was missing from my room.

  9. Why am I standing here staring at his arm, when I should be finding away to get out before he gets in!

  10. I thought room service arrived awfully quickly. Then it occurred to me–WE were on the menu.

  11. After an hour of shelling pistachios for grandma’s biscotti, Anthony was desperate for a manicure.

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