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Kim in Baltimore watching The Closer instead of writing.  [Don’t tell!]

For twenty-five years the kitchen table served as my office. You could say I was a traveling writer. Every time my family ate a meal, all my writing – notebooks, pens, computer, thesaurus- was moved to an unoccupied chair or the seldom used dining room table.  It was while shuffling my belongings to that very table that I came up with my idea.

I decided that day to claim the dining room as my own. My husband had the garage and my children each had their own bedroom. I deserved a room of my own, too. With the help of my family, I set out to change our neglected dining room into my writing studio. IMG_7163

Over the past three years this room has become my sanctuary. I come here to think, write,  and read as well as meditate, do yoga and work on my collages and mosaics. The blush-colored walls and crystal chandelier lend an air of romance to the room. An old mantle piece and bamboo screens add charm. Mementos of trips and retreats along with candles line my desk.

I’ve created a happy place to work and dream. I am a firm believer FullSizeRender (11)that everyone needs a room of their own.

Dear readers, do you have a special place in your home where you can relax? Please share a comment below and you will have a chance to win Into The Woods, an anthology which includes my latest short story, In the Darkness of the Woods.

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  1. Wonderful, Kim! I think Jessie did something similar. I love my upstairs office (but I don’t have kids at home anymore, and it doubles as a second guest room…). I can keep track of what’s going on on the street, can brainstorm with pen and paper in my grandmother’s rocking chair, and can type away for hours – with the door closed..

  2. First, I love The Closer! I binge watch it while I sew or do other crafting. I could probably do some of the dialogue, I have watched it so many times!
    I love your room! Your desk is what I would love to have for sewing!
    The fireplace and the mantle are so cosy looking. I love rooms with small lights all around and adore fairie lights!
    I don’t really have my own place right now. My youngest daughter will probably move out in the Spring. When that happens, I will turn that room into my sewing/craft room. I also want to move bookshelves in there. My poor books are everywhere at the moment!
    Thank you for the book giveaway.
    Happy Thanksgiving!

  3. When we moved into our current house, I took one look at the space at the end of the hall, overlooking the street, and said, “that’s where the desk goes.” It’s just the right size, and it’s warm and airy, with a view of the neighborhood. I write at the desk my mother bought for my father in the early 1950s. It predates computers, but it’s the right size. When we moved in, I was unpublished. Now I’m multi-published, and I give the desk some of the credit.

  4. It’s lovely, Kim. When we built the sunroom, The Hubby had a friend make a custom desk for me. My space is now a corner of that room, where I can look out the windows and watch the chipmunks and birds (err, that’s write, yeah, write).

  5. In nice weather I like to sit on the porch and read. During the winter I have a recliner

    1. We recently bought a recliner and it has quickly become my spot for watching television. I never thought I would like this type of chair, but now everyone in my house knows better than to sit there when I’m home.

  6. I have an office but it needs a good cleanings. Boxes of books, old memorabilia and bits of household business have taken over. Have a wonderful thanksgiving, Kim!

    1. Happy Thanksgiving, Sherry! I was having a real problem with storing too many items in my office. I solved this by getting rid of all my shelving units. It made me clean out everything and decide what was actually needed. Without the shelves I no longer have place to stuff and shove things. My husband built me shelves in our basement where I keep my books and that’s it. I am feeling much more free these days.

  7. My office in our new house in Portland is heaven. It’s the only room on the fourth floor with decks on both sides and fabulous views. In the summer I can open both doors and get a lovely cross-breeze. I should be up there now…

  8. I have a condo all to myself, so I guess you could say the entire place is my retreat. I don’t have a special place in it.

    Your story about the kitchen table sounds like the first few years Mom was home schooling me. We worked at the kitchen table and had to move stuff for meals. When I was in jr. high my parents added a room upstairs that was partially school room. We also used it for other stuff, and we still use it.

  9. Brava! Virginia Woolf would approve! All my writing and reading spots include a view of the trees and pond, and the latest addition is an oak rocking chair older than I am . . . it creaks a bit, but then so do I, and it’s small enough to fit my short self. Read, rock, watch the squirrels and the sunset . . . life is good.

  10. Three houses ago I decided I needed a space of my own. I converted a walk-in closet. I added a skylight and a garden window and it was wonderful. In both the houses since then I have had what would otherwise be a bedroom. I put cork on one wall so I have lots of space to tack paper things (maps, small posters and paintings, relevant bookmarks, conversion charts, you get the idea…) I also have overstuffed bookcases. And the walls and surfaces of the desks (yes two) are overflowing with books and memorabilia of years of travel. It really isn’t a mess. It’s an office and a museum and I love spending time in here. Everyone who visits never wants to leave it. It is truly my cozy sanctuary.

  11. When we moved last year and downsized, we built a one bedroom customized for just hubby and I. We do have what we call our computer room which is about the size of a bedroom with two large Amish made desk with computers on them – one for hubby and one for me. My desk is by the window. I love to sit in there whether it’s on the computer, paying bills or reading. I can sit and watch the critter in the front yard that include deer, squirrels, and birds to name a few. I’ve even seen an eagle land in the yard while looking out that window. I bought the most comfy chair I could find and with my medical stuff, it’s more comfy than the recliner. So I spend a lot of time in this room – even if I do share it occasionally. 🙂

    Thanks for the chance to win a copy of “Into The Woods”!
    2clowns at arkansas dot net

  12. I live in a lovely little 5th wheel with my kitty who is 22 years old. The whole place feels like my own little sanctuary and I love it.

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