Wicked Wednesday: Book Club Picks

BOOK LISTIn Murder on Cape Cod, Mac Almeida runs a bicycle repair shop. She’s also part of the Cozy Capers Book Club. Let’s help Mac out and suggest some cozy series for her to bring to the group. It’s a given that we’d include the Wickeds, so let’s think about other series we enjoy. And remember, winters are long in New England, so a nice long series would be a good thing to recommend to the group.

Jessie: I would highly recommend the Ruth Galloway series by Elly Griffiths. The voice is charming, the mysteries filled with twists and turns and the characters are endearing. I also adore the Flavia de Luce books by Alan Bradley. From the first paragraph the beguiling narrator pulled me in and kept me cheering for her with each turn of the page!

Liz: Given my love for coffee, I would have to say Cleo Coyle’s Coffeehouse Mysteries. I love the NY setting and being behind the scenes at a coffee shop. It’s a great way to escape a cold day.

cape codSherry: Congratulations on the new book, Edith! Incorporating the book club into the series is really fun. I love Kellye Garrett’s Detective by Day mysteries. The first book,  Hollywood Homicide, won an Anthony Award for Best First NovelAgatha Award for Best First Novel, 2018 Lefty Award for Best Debut Mystery Novel and 2018 Independent Publisher Award (IPPY) Gold Medal for Best First Book – Fiction! It’s set in Los Angeles and since we lived there for four years, I always love to read series set there. Plus, they are well written and fun!

Julie: Huge congratulations Edith! I would suggest Elizabeth Peters Amelia Peabody series. I love that series, which mixes Egyptology with mystery, and a little bit of romance. I’m also a Joanne Fluke fan–the bonus is that her recipes are quite delicious. There are so many series to choose from!

Barb: I am a devoted fan of Alexander McCall’s Smith’s No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency series. There are nineteen books, so plenty for the book group to choose from. These gentle mysteries (there’s not always a murder) take place in modern Botswana and like all good series center on a group of wonderful characters. (I’m devoted to Smith’s Scotland Street series as well, but those aren’t mysteries.)

Edith/Maddie: Thanks, Sherry. The group is reading a Sarah Winston Garage Sale mystery in Murder on Cape Cod! Readers, if you’re not in a book group but are thinking about starting one, check out my essay – “How to Start a Book Club” – that appeared over at Criminal Element last week on how to! I consulted with several long-running groups on all the things to consider and plan for. Check it out and let me know what you think.

Readers, a reminder that Murder on Cape Cod is a Barnes and Noble exclusive, so you can order it from them, or go to your local B&N. Do you have any suggestions for the book club?

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  1. My suggestion is the Meg Langslow series by Donna Andrews. Meg and her family are hilarious. It’s a long-running series that manages to stay fresh and entertaining.

  2. I’m a big fan of Sofie Kelly/Sofie Ryan’s books. Both the Magical Cats and the Second Chance Cats series are great. Clea Simon’s Pet Noir Mysteries are wonderful.

  3. So many good series, including all of yours! Donna Andrews is one I highly recommend. Any of Amanda Flowers/Isabella Allen series. I really enjoy Vanetta Chapman’s books, as I live in Amish country. Vicki Fee has a great series out. Of course there is always and forever Agatha Christie!

  4. These are probably a little off the edge of being cozy but I’d recommend Annette Dashofy’s Zoe Chambers series. She’s an EMT in western PA and also runs a boarding stable.

  5. I really love the Bess Crawford series by Charles Todd. They take place in England/France during WWI and are full of history. Edith, do you know when “Murder on Cape Cod” will be available in the NOOK format? I keep checking, but haven’t seen it yet! Can’t wait to read it!

  6. Hmmm. Let me think. Who else besides Barb writes cozies set in Maine???? 😉 But seriously, after Lea Wait and Kaitlyn Dunnett, I’d suggest some of the classic series by Carolyn Hart, Charlotte MacLeod, Joan Hess, and Margaret Maron (although Margaret’s are closer to traditional than cozy) and for historical cozies, Rhys Bowen, Carola Dunn, and Kerry Greenwood (with the caveat that the most recent in the Miss Fisher series includes some very uncozy sexual content).

  7. I can certainly second most of the choices of kaitlyn, plus Leslie Meier, and my newest find, Ellery Adams’ The Secret, Book & Scone Society series. The latter made both my husband and me going to look for scones. Even bought a mix for Christmas!

  8. Congratulations, Edith! There are so many great series out there – many written by friends, so I can’t pick one of those without hurting someone’s feelings! So I’d go with Jacqueline Winspear’s Maisie Dobbs series. It’s fascinating to track both Maisie and England’s journeys through the post-WW1 period into the second World War. Although – SPOILER ALERT! – I was very unhappy with a couple of tragedies that befell Maisie.

  9. You have already named some of my favorites but I read over 200 mystery authors. Any of E.j. Copperman AKA Jeff Cohen’s series are good and very funny. Stephanie Blackmoore’s Wedding Planner series, both of Kate Carlisle’s series. I like the Bookbinder one best. Brooklyn and Derek and their families are great. Julia Buckley had 2 good series. Bailey Cattrel AKA Bailey Cates and Cricket McRae. So many more wonderful series to choose from. Yea!

  10. Anything by Amanda Flowers, Krista Davis, Karen MacInerney, Lynn Cahoon, Lea Wait or Jenn McKinlay is a good place to start!!!!

  11. You know, I’ve never been part of a book club. I don’t want someone else telling me what to read, I guess. 🙂 Plus, my TBR pile is always yelling at me.

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