The Wickeds’ Christmas Books

Hey Wickeds – inquiring minds want to know: What books did you get for Christmas? Or maybe you got a gift card to a bookstore – so what books will you buy? Tell us so we can get some ideas for our own list!


Julie: I bought myself a Christmas present–of Steamed Open and Murder on Cape Cod! It was so much fun to go to Barnes and Noble in Annapolis with my sisters, and buy both books while seeing other books by the Wickeds in the wild. I also bought my mother both books, and my sisters bought them for themselves.

Edith: Yay! Thanks for the pic, Julie, and for spreading the love around.

Jessie: For the first time in ages I did not receive a single book for the holidays! I’ve decided to go ahead and order a few things for myself including the latest by Ann Cleeves and also Inspiralize Everything by Ali Malfucci.

Barb: We had thirty people at our home for Christmas dinner, all members of my husband’s extended family. One of the highlights of these Christmas parties is our absolutely vicious, all-book Yankee Swap. I ended up with My Brilliant Friend by Elena Ferrante, which I was happy I got to keep. because I’ve been wanting to read it.

Edith: Hugh kindly gave me a Haruki Murakami collection of stories, Men Without Women, because it was highly spoken of. I dutifully started reading it, but it didn’t grab me (like, do I want to read about men without women? what was he thinking?), especially with Louise Penny’s Kingdom of the Blind waiting for me. He agreed I can return it – goody! So I’ll pick up a Lauren Belfer historical novel, instead (see tomorrow’s post…).

Sherry: I gave my husband Micheal Connelly’s latest book, Dark Sacred Night. I love his books and so does my husband. It’s a win win for me. I have a gift for a hard to by for man and then I get to enjoy it as well.

Liz: I got Becoming by Michelle Obama, in a Secret Santa swap in my building. So excited! And a dear friend from work gave me Marianne Williamson’s A Year of Miracles, which is an awesome add to my morning routine.

Readers, what books did you get for Christmas – or which ones are you planning to buy with your Christmas money? Leave a comment below!

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  1. Alas no books for Christmas for me, but hubs did gift me with a B&N gift certificate. Edith’s Murder on Cape Cod is on my list for my next trip to B&N and from there I’m off for a browse to see what catches my eye. Most of my books are on Kindle, but it is such a treat to hold a book in your hand and read.

  2. Getting new lenses for my glasses so I can more comfortably read the books I have!

  3. I did not receive any books, even though I did throw out hints! There are so many books I would love! All of the new cosies that have come out between Thanksgiving and January are calling to me! I was lucky and won the entire A Country Store Mystery series by Edith (Maddie Day)! That has kept me busy. I also found out how much I enjoy Donna Andrews when I read one of her Christmas books. My goodness do I laugh over some of her characters!

  4. Barb, our writing group had a different experience from yours. Instead of vicious swapping, everyone clung to what they opened. And the Word Fairy worked magic: our fantasy writer picked out James Thurber’s “The Thirteen Clocks,” which I had put in just for her, and our writer of a Russian spy thriller felt the package that contained “War and Peace” crying out to him from its wrapping. We require that the books be second-hand, so the surprises can go back through the centuries.

  5. Like Jessie, I didn’t get a single book for Christmas. So I’ll be buying my own (as soon as I recover from the holiday spending).

  6. I got a gift card to B&N, a gift card to my local indie bookstore, a Kindle gift card and a VISA gift card that I will be spending at Malice in the book dealer room. The B&N one I spent (and more) this weekend, I bought Murder on Cape Cod, As The Christmas Cookie Crumbles, Death on Tap and Survival of the Fritters, along with a book by Peter Sagan, my favorite cyclist. Not sure yet what I’ll be spending the Kindle cards on, but lots of new releases coming out this spring!

  7. Right now I am full up with books from the library – just finished David Baldacci’s Long Road to Mercy – and after that I am off to Barnes and Noble to spend my gift card from my husband. I also have a gift card to Amazon and will use that to buy some books that come out later this year. I always save some of the GC to buy books by the Wickeds.

  8. I got The Story of The Phantom by Lee Falk. It’s a reprint of an old series from the 1970s. I also got an Amazon gift card but haven’t spent any of it yet since I have a lot of library books to get through. I want to get Patricia Briggs’ new Mercy Thompson book but that doesn’t come out until May.

  9. I bought Murder on cape Cod and Steamed Open Christmas gifts to myself. I did my get any books for Christmas, but I got 4 Amazon gift cards and will use them to buy books. I need to start making my list!

  10. I did not receive any books as gifts this year. There’s a rumor going around in my family that I have too many books already. However, that did not stop me from purchasing my own. I happily bought four books in Browse About Books in Rehoboth. They are The Spellbook of Katrina Van Tassel: A Story of Sleepy Hollow by Alyssa Palomba, Everyday Magic: Rituals, Spells and Potions to Live Your Best Life by Semra Haksever, Lunar Abundance:Cultivating Joy, Peace and Purpose Using the Phases of the Moon by Ezzie Spencer, and It’s Never Too Late to Begin Again:Discovering Creativity and Meaning at Midlife and Beyond by Julia Cameron. I’ve finished the Palomba book (which was excellent) and am in the process of reading the others.

  11. I got several books for Christmas:
    Mother is Coming (collection of the comic strip FoxTrot)
    I’ll Be There For You (a book about the TV show Friends)
    The Dogfather by Sparkle Abbey
    Saturn Night Fever by Diane Vallere
    Due or Die by Jenn McKinlay

    Now, to find the time to read them.

  12. My attentive husband bought me the Lin-Manuel Miranda book from his g’morning/g’night tweets. A friend surprised me with a new release of Truman Capote’s A Christmas Memory and another sent Missed Periods and Other Grammar Scares. One son gave me a book of writing prompts. And, as I always buy myself a gift, I hunted down two out of print memoirs I’ve been wanting to own: Give Us Each Day by Alice Dunbar-Nelson, and Farewell: Memories of a Texas Childhood by Horton Foote. In short, I scored big in the book dept.

  13. I got myself, my daughter and a friend, “Book Girl: A Journey through the Treasures and Transforming Power of a Reading Life” by Sarah Clarkson. I also got “Girl, Wash Your face” by Rachel Hollis, and “Our Mother, Ourselves” by Henry Cloud & John Townsend. And a couple of late arrivals are mysteries by Sarah Graves: “Tool & Die” and one I can’t remember the title of. So non-fiction and fiction…. happy reading ahead.

  14. I got a Barnes and Noble gift card and will be going in a few weeks. I always buy Harlequin’s Special Edition series but I don’t know what mysteries I will find. Our store doesn’t seem to have as many books that I want. I often have to buy online or on my Nook. I like the store experience but do a lot of pre-ordering. I received Murder in Cape Cod in the mail the other week. One way or another I will read all the Wicked’s books.

  15. Our youngest son gave me The Library Book by Susan Orlean for Christmas. The library director at our public library told me that he very seldom recommends books to his staff, but he told them each one that they should read The Library Book and he gave his copy to one librarian to read and pass on to the others. It is riveting to read and for me, a retired librarian, sometimes hard to read too.

  16. I got loads of books for Christmas but I’m out of town and can’t remember their titles. I know there were a couple of Sherlock Holmes pastiches, a couple of Aunt Dimity books, “Becoming”, and a bunch more.

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