Snow Days!

Hey readers! Liz here. With the abundance of snow in various places around the country this week (although not in my little corner, I’m pleased to report), it seemed like a good time to see what everyone does to keep themselves busy on a snow day.

I, for one, prefer to stay inside where it’s warm, with something hot to drink and a good book… What about the rest of you, Wickeds? In or out? What do you like to do if it’s outside?

Sherry: The top of my winter to do list is to try to go some place warm at least for a little while. At home, if it’s not too brutal out or too icy I like to take Lily out for walks in the wood and then scurry back inside to warm up. It’s great weather for writing. I think I heard that’s why there are so many writers in New England. It’s a great time to stay inside.

Edith: Definitely stay inside and write until the snow stops. I actually like shoveling in the crisp sunny air and then going for a solo cross-country ski. But this year Hugh and I are going to sunny Santa Barbara for a week in February and I can’t wait. It’s a research trip. Really!

Jessie: I would prefer to stay in and simply watch the snow fall from the warmth of my house all wrapped up in a cuddly sweater and some handknit socks. But, with a puppy in the house I find myself outside in all weather. I thought I would hate it more than I do. A bit of bracing air seems to pep me right up on days I am feeling like my energy is a bit low.

Julie: I loved snow days before the internet. Now I can work from home, so they aren’t much different than other days. I do stay inside, and am SO GRATEFUL to live in a condo where folks do the shoveling for me. 😉

Barb: Umm…

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  1. I’m in the shoveling and cooking camp. I like to be outside for a bit as the snow is coming down. And baking something just makes the house so cozy.

  2. I used to love being outside when it snowed (except for the shoveling part). When my daughter was young, during one storm we went out to make Mommy and Child snowpersons (is that politically correct enough?), in the appropriate sizes. The Mommy was more or less appropriately endowed (why should snowmen get all the fun?) And I seem to remember a snow-horse in earlier days.

  3. I just have to say…Barb, you suck! 🙂 just kidding. I’m just jealous.
    Snow days are a great day to read.

  4. Here in Virginia a snow day can mean very little snow at all! Jessie, I have a new puppy too (although nine months old) and I agree with you: he motivates me to get up and out. I am enjoying the outdoors more and noticing things I’ve never paid attention to before. Personally, I like to stay inside with my teens until the snow stops and then crunch around in the sunshine when the streets are sparkly and fresh with snow.

  5. Definitely INSIDE! Too many aches and pains to get out in the cold. To me nothing is better than spending a cold day baking up some goodies in the kitchen whether it’s a big pot of chili or sweets in the oven. Of course you can’t bake ALL the time. With only the two of us there would be food stacked to the ceiling if we did. 🙂 When not in the kitchen on checking the computer, I love to be in front of the fireplace with either some hot cocoa or warm spiced apple cider and reading a great book.
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  6. Snow Days used to mean playing outside, making hot chocolate, watching the snow fall. Now it’s juggling work demands (work from home!) while trying to keep our son entertained—not yet old enough to let him go roaming out on his own. I often wish things would just shut down when a snow day is called!

    1. You need a snow day for your snow day! When my kids were small I had toys I only brought out on days like snow days or at the end of a school vacation or rainy spell during the summer. They always were amused for hours since the toys were only making a limited appearance.

    1. That is just the sort of comment that might start a snowball fight, Mark! I am tempted to pack a cooler with dry ice and a whole bunch of snowballs and grab a flight to CA right now! It would be like transporting a live lobster out of the Portland, ME jetport.

  7. Definitely inside! Reading, watching TV, and doing jigsaw puzzles. I made Black Forest Brownies earlier this week from Joanne Fluke’s cookbook. Yum! Actually being retired takes all the fun out of snow days.

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