Opening Lines

Add an opening line for the picture below:

Sherry: The shoe was killer. And no matter what it said online rubbing vodka on the bottom of your feet didn’t help.

Barb: It was a killer of a night on the town.

Liz: When I went back to find her in that shady neighborhood, she wasn’t anywhere – but I recognized the abandoned shoe outside the back door. I didn’t have a good feeling.

Edith: As a geriatric specialist and with Mel’s balance issues, Josie should have known better than to encourage her in her high heel habit. Those two always did fight like cats. Maybe Josie did know what she was doing.

Julie: Sadly, the prince who picked up this shoe turned out to be a nightmare. But I didn’t know that until later. When it was too late.

Jessie: Griselda thought she had finally found her calling when she answered the advertisement for a gladiator. When she realised the job required more than the right costume she made a concerted effort to drown her disappointment in a bottle of pomegranate infused vodka.

43 Thoughts

  1. The Detective looked at the shoe with sadness and anger, this was the third time a single shoe and an empty bottle of spirits had been left, he dreaded finding the young lady dead like the other two, this time it was personal, this time it was his niece.

  2. Not even a full bottle of vodka could keep the old woman from accepting the truth. Her family had outgrown its home. So now they’re off in search of new digs. A thigh-high boot ideally.

  3. The shoe. The bottle. My sister had either had a really incredible night, or this was the beginning of a trail of disaster I would be cleaning up once I unlocked the door to the house.

  4. The shoe I found by the empty bottle of vodka wasn’t a glass slipper. There was no Prince charming coming to rescue this poor soul.

  5. When I tripped over the vodka bottle and found the shoe, I had no idea what lay ahead for me.

  6. There it was! I had finally found the missing shoe. This must have been the original crime scene. The police wouldn’t be happy to hear from me, but they really should run the vodka bottle for finger prints.

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  8. When the alien spaceship landed on the empty planet all they found was an empty bottle and a strange leather object. An argument started over what kind of creatures could have left them.

  9. “How romantic,” my partner said. “Just like a modern day Cinderella with the missing shoe and the bottle of booze. Someone had a good time last night.”

    “I don’t think so,” I replied. “Over there is the other shoe still attached to the owner. And it looks to me like she’s dead.”

    1. Hi Mark,

      It’s funny how we both used the “Somebody had a good time last night” line. I hadn’t yet read your post when I wrote mine and we end up right next to each other. Well, you know what they say about great minds.

  10. When I saw the shoe and the empty bottle of vodka at the bottom of the steps, my first thought was, “Somebody had a very good time last night.” By the time I reached the top, I was painfully aware that, as usual, my first thoughts were completely wrong. His body was splayed out on the concrete, his cheap blonde wig had come off his head, and the expensive cocktail dress was torn by the foot-long knife sticking out of his chest.

  11. She certainly didn’t feel like Cinderella and where did that bottle come from?
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  12. I wasn’t expecting that call right then, but i knew it would come and it was everything I needed to run from the life I didn’t want to be living.

  13. An empty bottle of liquor and a single, abandoned,shoe isn’t much to sum up a life. I watched sadly as the rain began to fall, drowning forever the hopes and dreams of a young woman.

  14. The sandal was unzipped, so its owner couldn’t have been too drunk when she removed it. But the empty bottle tells a different story.

    1. They told him she couldn’t drink—that she had just come out of rehab…

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