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It’s so fun to introduce new to me authors and J.C. Kenney is no exception. His tale of making a leap is fascinating.

J.C.: Hi, folks! Thanks so much for stopping by. I’m thrilled to visit with you and the Wicked Authors today.

For those of you not familiar with me or my work, I write the Allie Cobb Mysteries. Book one, A Literal Mess, made its debut on January 8, 2019.

While A Literal Mess is my first cozy, it’s not my first book. Prior to A Literal Mess, writing under a different name, I published seven novels and a short story in a different genre. My career was headed in the right direction and I was having a lot of fun writing those stories. I had a good thing going.

At this point, I’m sure you’re asking if things were going well, why switch? It all came down something I’m sure we can all identify with. Without boring you with the details, I was presented with a choice. I could keep doing what I was doing, or I could begin a new adventure. I chose the latter.

I took a leap of faith. (That’s not me in the picture, by the way.)

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With no idea how things would turn out, I said no to an offer to write two more books in my former genre and dove deep into the fun and crazy world of cozy mysteries. Over the years, I’d read the exploits of sleuths from Sherlock Holmes to Stephanie Plum, so I wasn’t exactly wading into uncharted waters.

It was still scary, though, like packing my things and moving across country for a new job. While there’s a certain level of familiarity with the new neighborhood, almost everything is new. Instead of meeting new co-workers, I would be meeting new authors. In place of the old “office,” my new workplace involved researching things like death by drowning and the scientific term for suffocation.

I thought I could handle this new job, but I didn’t know for sure. All I could do was get to work.

And have faith.

Well, almost two years after making the decision to forge a new path, I’m thrilled to say the decision has worked out as well as I could have hoped. The reception to A Literal Mess has been overwhelmingly positive. I’ve met the most amazing and kind authors, including the Wickeds. I’ve studied “interesting” topics from poisonous plants to how to escape from having your hands duct taped together.

And the fun’s just beginning. The next Allie Cobb Mystery, a Genuine Fix, arrives July 16, 2019, which just happens to be my late father’s birthday. Go figure.

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Will writing cozy mysteries work out for me in the long run? I don’t know. But I sure hope so. After all, isn’t the journey into the unknown one of the things that makes life so interesting? To me it is.

So, how about you? What decision have you faced that change your life in unexpected ways? We’ve all had them. Tell me about yours.

In closing, I want to thank Sherry Harris for the invitation to hang out with you all today and to all of the Wicked Authors for their amazing work. Until we meet again, wishing you sunny skies and warm breezes!

Bio: Best-selling author J.C. Kenney writes cozy mystery stories set in his home state of Indiana. He lives in Indianapolis with his wife, two sons, and a kitty cat. He loves motor sports, so when he’s not writing, you can probably find him checking in on the latest from IndyCar and Formula 1.

Find out more at www.jckenney.com.


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  1. Welcome, JC! Your new series sounds delightful – one day we should get Allie Cobb together with my Robbie Jordan of the Country Store Mysteries (set in Brown County), to do some co-sleuthing. Where did you get the idea for your fictional town – or is it real?

    1. Thanks so much, Edith! I totally agree with your co-sleuthing idea! As far as the goes, when I came up with the idea the first place I thought of was Nashville. I live in Indianapolis, so with it being only an hour away, I visit there often. Between the cute shops and its location right next to Brown County State Park, everything fell into place. I even have a map of Nashville on my wall that I use as a guide for my Rushing Creek landmarks. BTW, like you, I’m an Indiana University grad. GO Hoosiers!

      1. Go Hoosiers. I picked the name South Lick because the Beanblossom covered bridge runs over South Lick Creek – and I loved the name. Just ordered your book!

  2. Having read A LITERAL MESS, I’m so glad you made the switch to cozy mysteries. And from the fact that it has done so well on the charts, so are a lot of other readers. Congratulations, and I look forward to your upcoming release.

    1. You’re too kind, Grace. Thank you! Yes, the switch gave me a few more gray hairs, but I think it’s worked out fine in the end. Thanks for stopping by!

    1. Thank you, Sherry! And thank you for being such a wonderful host! I am more than grateful for all of the wonderful people I met and everything I learned when I was writing romance. It’s not easy when we take those leaps of faith, but it sure makes like interesting, doesn’t it? Thanks again!

  3. Just started A Literal Mess last night and I was hooked by page 3. A great start to a new series by a new to author and I looking forward already to the next book.

    1. High five, Becky! And thank you so much! I hope you enjoy your time with Allie, Ursi and the Rushing Creek gang. Have a great day!

  4. My biggest change and leap of faith was moving. Since I was 14 when my Dad retired from the Army, I had always lived within 40 miles from the same place. After the passing of my parents and with no one holding us to the area any more, hubby and I too the plunge and sold out moving to an area we have always loved to visit. I’m one that doesn’t do change well, but it’s been a very good thing. Challenging at times, nerve racking at times, had me in prayer quite a few times asking for guidance, but I would definitely do it again if I had to do it over. Best thing we could have done .
    2clowns at arkansas dot net

    1. Props to you for taking that chance, Kay! Moving is such a huge life change. My wife and I have done it a few times, so I totally understand the worry. Cheers to making that leap and to having it work out!

    1. You’re the best, Liz! Allie and the gang return on July 16 in A Genuine Fix! Setting the stories in Brown County and Nashville has been a lot of fun. Thanks for stopping by!

  5. Congratulations on your new release! A Literal Mess looks fabulous and I can’t wait to read it. You had me with the kitty!! I’ve had many leaps of faith that did not pan out, but one that I’m so glad I made was signing up for my first writer’s course where I wrote Class Reunions. I was sure i was throwing my money away and nothing would ever come from it. I’m still amazed every day that i have a book on the shelf. I hope you have many cozy mystery stories to share with us for a long time!

    1. Thanks a million, Libby! I remember the first writers’ course I took, too. It was SO worth it. Loved Class Reunions are Murder and looking forward to Restaurant Weeks!

    1. Thank you very much, Mark! Appreciate the kind words about A Literal Mess. Have a great day!

  6. J.C, welcome to the small but not exclusive club of Guys Who Write Cozies. I haven’t had a chance to read your book yet, but it sounds very appealing. I’ll be looking for it this weekend.

    1. Thanks, Dean. It’s great to be among such amazing company! Appreciate the support and have a great weekend!

  7. Welcome, J.C.! My leap was losing my job in 2011. I could get right back into the workforce or take the summer off and work on writing. Glad I chose the latter!

    1. Wow! Props to you, Liz. I don’t know if I would have had the courage to go for it like you did. I’m thrilled you did, though. Cheers to you and your amazing stories!

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