Some Wicked History

Jessie: Cheered by the sound of birsdsong in the mornings.

Since it is Women’s History I have been thinking a great deal about the past lately. It got me to thinking about my own most treasured memories and of course some of those include my fellow Wickeds. As I was thinking about a post for this month it occurred to me to highlight one of my favorite posts from each of the Wickeds from the more than five years we have been blogging together. I hope you will give them a look and will enjoy the stroll down memory lane as much as I did!

From Barb: The Invidious Comparison

From Edith: Launching History

From Kim: The Detectivie’s Daughter- Hollywood Glamour

From Jane: Leaving the Comfort Zone

From Julie: The Superpower of Fun

From Liz: A Day at the Beach

From Sheila: It’s All in the Details

From Sherry: You Know You’re a Mystery Writer When…

From Jessie:Favorite Things

Readers, do you have a favorite memory from your own life to share? Is there a post from the Wickeds blog you particularly liked?

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  1. Hi Jessie,
    One of my most cherished memories. Would have to be when our family would rent a cabin on the lakes for a week each summer. It would be Dad,mom, us four daughters and our dog . Dad would fish all day(maybe to get away from all us girls, lol) and we would all lay out in the sun. Mom always with a book . Good times!!!!

  2. What a great stroll down memory lane!

    Favorite memory? I always enjoyed taking our kids to Lake Erie for summer vacation. They loved the beach.

  3. This is a toughie. So though, in fact, I can’t come up with a favorite. I’ve had a zillion interesting and fascinating experiences in my life and I love to think of them all. Not a bad problem to have. Loved reading the older blogs many of which are from before I joined you great ladies.

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