Kensington’s CozyClub Mini-Con in Cambridge, MA

Say that fast three times!

Friends, the Wickeds are all going to be at the Cambridge Library in Cambridge, MA on Saturday, April 13 from 1-4!

Kensington is hosting the CozyClub Mini-Con East, and we are six of the 22 authors who are going to be there. This free event is open to the public. Here’s some parking information for the area. We’ll be signing books, giving away swag, laughing, and getting to know folks. Come on down and say hello!

For those of you not in the Cambridge area, keep an eye out on the Wicked Authors Facebook page. We’ll be doing some Facebook lives throughout the day.

Hope to see some of you on Saturday!

8 Thoughts

  1. I got all excited when I saw Cambridge and then saw the MA – so NOT Cambridge UK then! (so not just down the road from me) ah well – have a great time!

  2. I wish I could come but I’ll see you all at Malice in 3 weeks!

  3. Have a fabulous time. I’ll be at the LA Times Festival of Books tomorrow and Sunday, but I’ll be wishing I could be in two places at once.

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