Cute Baby Sells Jane Darrowfield

by Barb, who hopes that when you read this she is in Milos, Greece on the first cruise of her life

Those of you with long memories may remember my Facebook campaign, Cute Babies Sell Clammed Up. I wrote all about it in a post here. Back in 2013 my first granddaughter, Viola Jane, was new and my brother and cousin had new grandchildren, too. We all posed with our progeny, and the crowd went wild!

Viola and me hawking Clammed Up.

So as you may have heard, I have a new series, Jane Darrowfield, Professional Busybody, and a new granddaughter, Etta Ann. So I thought to myself…

I have no idea what it means that every time I get a new series, I get a new grandchild–either for the prospect of more series or for the prospect of more grandchildren. But I am certainly willing to go with it!

The cousins together in early May

Readers: One lucky commenter will win an Advanced Reader Copy of Jane Darrowfield, Professional Busybody. However, the winner won’t be notified or the book shipped until I get back at the end of the month!

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  1. This is a marvelous and very entertaining pitch! Etta Ann is just adorable! The book is fabulous!

  2. How precious and what a fabulous idea! Especially love the one photo with the little left foot in the photo. Exciting news when there is a new book, but a new grandbaby makes it’s over the top. With ideas for new books in your head, there may be many branches to your family tree in the future. 🙂

    Can’t wait for the opportunity to read “Professional Busybody”. Thank you for the opportunity to win a copy.

    Pray you have a fabulous time on your cruise and excited to see lots of photos.
    2clowns at arkansas dot net

  3. I have two grandchildren and love to see pictures of everybody’s ! Cute idea. I love the Maine clambake series and can’t wait to try the new one. I went to Greece and loved it!

  4. Etta is adorable and she looks like she’e really enjoying that book! Congratulations on the new release and the new grandchild,and have a great time on your trip!

  5. I hope you are having an amazing cruise! Jane Darrowfield Professional Busybody definitely looks loved by readers of all ages!

  6. I hope you are enjoying your cruise! If those pictures of your little cutie with your book doesn’t help sell them, I don’t know what will!

  7. Enjoy your cruise! I look forward to seeing Greece someday! Hubs and I are going to Costa del Sol, Spain next September, and even though it’s almost a year and a half away, I’m very excited. Can’t wait to read the new book!

  8. To be quite honest, I generally do not find babies cute, but your granddaughter is adorable! Good to start her out reading so early and on cozies, yet! 🙂

  9. Those pictures are just adorable, and the book looks pretty good, too! Great cover. enjoy that cruise.

  10. Etta is gorgeous and so is her sister! ❤ And great marketing idea. 😉

  11. Too, too, too cute and all smiles. Congrats on book, the darling grands and enjoy your trip.

  12. I am all for new books and grandbabies.I love how you share your family with us.

  13. How cute! Enjoy your cruise. Which company are you going with? (The answer might affect your future reviews 😉 )

  14. Congratulations on the release and your outstanding models! (I’d do that too if I were a writer.). Have a marvelous cruise and we can’t wait to hear about your adventures when you return. Thank you for the chance to win a copy of your latest award winner which I’m sure it will be!

  15. What lovely photos and wonderful models. Can’t wait to try your new series. Thanks for the giveaway. Hoping you enjoy your first cruise.

  16. Beautiful children! Etta Ann holding the book with a great big smile is adorable! That should definitely sell some books. LOL

  17. Congratulations on your new granddaughter and also on your new release! Etta is adorable and it looks like she’s going to be a reader. Looking forward to reading your new book.

  18. Congrats on the new grandchild and the new series. My only question is how do your kids feel about this revelation? Thanks for the chance to win a copy!! (kayt18 (at) comcast (dot) net )

  19. Both grandchildren are adorable. Love your series. Bon voyage!

  20. Congratulations on the new granddaughter and the new series. I love the way the little newbie was so fascinated by your book. It would be a real pleasure to read the first in your new series.

  21. Your granddaughters are adorable! I can’t wait to begin the new series.

  22. Etta is a beautiful little one with a great smile. Go with a new series when new family comes to this earth
    What a wonderful.idea

  23. Your grandbabies are all so cute. I see why the sales took off!

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