Wicked Wednesday: What We’re Working On Now

The Wickeds are back from retreat and ready to hit the ground running. So that begs the question: Wickeds, what are you working on now/next?

Julie: I turned in Garden Squad #3, Digging Up the Remains, on June 1, so I have some space to write. For some complicated reasons, I am going to get A Christmas Peril back online, and I’m also going to look into getting an audio version of the book. I have a thriller that I’ve plotted, and I am going to get the first draft done.

Edith: I can’t wait to read Garden Squad #2 AND #3, Julie! I’m almost done polishing Country Store Mystery #8 (possibly titled The Gingerdead Man), and Quaker Midwife #6 is up next on my writing schedule. I love starting a new book, especially since Rose travels to West Falmouth on Cape Cod in this one. I can’t wait.

Jessie: Julie, I’d love to hear what you discover about audiobooks! And Edith, taking your character to a new place seems like a fun way to keep a series fresh. I’d love to hear if you enjoy doing it that way! As for me, I am noodling up the storyline for the fifth of the Beryl and Edwina Mysteries. I have ideas I just love for books five and six and am not sure which to work on first! I love being spoilt for choice!

Barb: While we were at the retreat, Jessie coached me through plotting Jane Darrowfield #2, tentatively titled Jane Darrowfield and the Madwoman Next Door, so I am excited to move forward with that. Thank you, Jessie!

Sherry: Barb, I love that title and can’t wait to read the book! And yes dear readers, Julie and I did get Barb to spill most of the plot line. We are in for a treat with this series! I’m continuing to work on From Beer to Eternity. It’s the first book in the Chloe Jackson Redneck Riviera series. The Wickeds gave me some great perspective on the book while we were on retreat.

Edith: That title crushes, Sherry!

Liz: It totally does! I’m still wrapping up Witch Hunt, the first in my new Full Moon series, and I’m working on synopses for more Cat Cafe books. But after that I have a whole summer of productivity planned, from revising a suspense novel that’s been waiting for my attention, to starting a whole new calendaring system that will (hopefully) make my life easier!

Readers: Tell us about a current or future project you’re excited about.

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  1. Lessee, I’ve got a book coming out next week (I think), one coming out in July, possibly one in November, one in January, and this week I came up with a new series idea that my agent actually likes. I think I must be insane–but I do love writing!

  2. I’ve got a few things going.

    Book #2 in The Laurel Highlands Mysteries, HEAVEN HAS NO RAGE, releases this August. Pre-order for Kindle and print now live on Amazon.

    I’m polishing my WWII book, THE ENEMY WE DON’T KNOW, for possible submissions. Think Rosie the Riveter meets Sam Spade.

    I’m working on the first draft of the fourth Laurel Highlands Mystery. I don’t have a title yet. The plot and murderer have changed twice. And I tried a loose outline with this one! So much for planning ahead.

  3. I’m going to start #2 in the Apron Shop series soon, waiting to hear back from the editor on my synopsis. The setting is summer on the Maine coast–what can go wrong? 🙂 Listened to Barb’s book club last night, I also put little plot seeds in #1 for future books. Such fun.

  4. Starting Book #10 in my Witch City Mysteries .Book #9, Late Checkout, will be out in October. Plotting new paranormal series. Staying busy!

    1. A new series from Carol Perry! That’s fantastic. You and our Liz are now working the same side of the street. I’d love to hear you together on a panel someday.

  5. Oooh I foresee lots of reading in my future! Other than that I am starting my first ever quilt!

    1. Good luck with the quilt. It’s an art I appreciate, partially because quilts are so beautiful and tell great stories, and partially because I could never do it.

  6. I’m already looking forward to all of these books!

    Nothing big on my immediate agenda. I should be finishing up my final June book today, a new book from an author you may have heard of – Maddie Day. Then I’ll start on my July books.

  7. I always have lots of projects to do in my yard. And I really get them done – eventually! Other than that, I’m always plotting on how to best enjoy my retirement. Oooh, if I only had unlimited money!

    Looking forward to all the books you gals have in the works.

  8. The books all sound interesting. I am really interested in Liz’s calendaring system. I hope she will do a blog post on it. I need this especially for fall 2020 when I will start homeschooling my son.

  9. No books in the offing for me. My most recent review (Charlie-316 by Colin Conway & Frank Zafiro) went up on Mystery Scene’s website this week.

    I’ve got a new Cassette Chronicles article on my all-time favorite album going live tomorrow. I’m working on next week’s CC article which looks at an album by a band called Beau Nasty. Oh and I’m going to a concert on Sunday that I’ll be reviewing for a website.

  10. Julie, Is your Christmas Peril book new for this Christmas? A friend who writes reviews for Shelf Awareness asked me yesterday if I knew of any new Christmas mysteries coming out for this holiday season . She’s writing an article on Christmas mysteries and is looking for titles and will include about 5 books . Let me know if your book is in that category and she may choose to review it. That goes for any of the other Wickeds who may have Christmas mysteries coming out. Email me, so I can let her know. Merrily Boone

    1. Merrily, my novella “Christmas Cocoa and a Corpse” releases in Christmas Cocoa Murder at the end of September this year from Kensington. My novella is by Maddie Day and is book #6.5 in my Country Store Mysteries. Please let your friend know, and thanks so much for asking!

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