Jane Darrowfield Released and a #giveaway!

The triple release launch party continues! To celebrate, I’m giving away a Snowden Family Clambake tote bag, a Kensington notebook, and a copy of Jane Darrowfield, Professional Busybody to one lucky commenter below.

Jane Darrowfield is my homage to Jane Marple. In bringing Jane into the twenty-first century and moving her to America I made a series of decisions.

  • Jane would be divorced, not never married.
  • Jane would have learned everything she needs to know about life in the bowels of Corporate America, and not in the village where she resides.
  • Jane would get paid for her efforts. She’s making a valuable contribution, improving people’s lives, and that deserves to be recognized by the way we keep score in our culture.
  • Old wouldn’t be so old. Though Jane has taken (a slightly early) retirement, she does not think of herself as old and nor do her friends. Of course, sometimes she does take advantage of the invisibility that late middle-age can confer on a woman, but usually she’s pretty confident and straight ahead. Her knees may hurt when she gardens and she’s trying to get used to the trifocals her optometrist has talked her into, but she’s still out there pitching.

I hope you enjoy Jane as a character and want to follow her adventures. I’ve just signed a contract for book 2 in the series, so Jane will go on.

Bonus reading:

Readers: How do you react to my description of Jane? Intrigued or wary? Leave a comment below for a chance to win.

Update: The winner has been chosen and notified.

141 Thoughts

  1. I don’t mind books with characters that are a bit older, we all will get there sooner or later! I love the chance to win your new book. I went to B&N to pick up several books today and they were sold out of it🙁. Renee


  2. I have mixed feelings about this. I enjoyed the “old” Jane. But, am intrigued by the “new” Jane. And would definitely like to see how it’s done. So hoping it will be sooner. Rather than later.


  3. She sounds like me (except I’m not retired-sigh). I like her spirit- her self awareness- her confidence. Jane represents most of the women I know so it is going to be nice to sit down and read a book with a friend as the main character. Very relatable.


  4. This sounds like a great new series! I already really like Jane and can’t wait to read all about her. And since this series is written by Barbara Ross, we know it is going to have a great plot, be very well-written, and lots of fun to read!


  5. has the book been released on Amazon.com? Can’t seem to find it on their website not even on your author’s page. The only thing I see is the blog mention which brought me here. Would love to read it-sounds interesting!


  6. All characters can’t (or shouldn’t) be perky, young people. As I age, I like having them age as well. It makes them seem more real. Jane fits in nicely. She sounds interesting.


  7. Hi Barbara, I picked up a copy of Jane Darrowfield at my B & N store in Silverdale, WA, yesterday. Thought you’d like to know the books are displayed in the front of the store with “New Popular Books.” Big name authors in other fields were also part of the display. So you are in a prominent spot in the store.


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