A Wicked Welcome to J.M. Griffin!

I was so thrilled to meet J.M. Griffin at the wonderful RJ Julia Bookseller’s last month when we did a book event with Maddie Day, Christin Brecher and Devon Delaney. I loved hearing about her new series, and I’m thrilled she’s agreed to visit the blog today. Take it away J.M.!

My thanks goes out to the Wickeds for extending such a wonderful invitation to blog about my first book in the Bun & Jules cozy mystery series, Left Fur Dead. The series features a young woman, Jules Bridge, who owns a small rabbit farm where she raises domestic rabbits and takes in rescued rabbits who have been treated badly.  

One of those rabbits, Bun, is capable of using mental telepathy as a means of communication with certain humans. All too soon, Jules learns that not only can Bun speak to her, he also has a lot to say, sometimes too much. She becomes close pals with Bun, allowing him to live in the house rather than in a rabbit hutch in the barn with the other rabbits. As their friendship grows, Jules realizes Bun enjoys solving mysteries, just as much as she does and that their curiosity could lead to their demise.

When they are out walking, they come across a frozen dead body. Bun insists they investigate this death that certainly wasn’t from natural causes. Unwilling to become involved, Jules hadn’t recognized the dead man but soon knows who he was and considers doing as Bun has insisted.

From there on, things get pretty hectic. The sheriff is determined to keep Jules from interfering and warns her off his investigations more than once. Unable to take his warning to heart, Jules and Bun become enmeshed in more than just a murder, something sinister instead. Eventually, they end up in a dire situation that sends them fleeing for their lives.

In my mystery novels, I like to have two story lines going at the same time. Sometimes they are connected at the end and sometimes, well, you’ll have to figure that out for yourself. As I spin a story, I find research enlightening and use as much of what I’ve learned from it to bring interest to my readers. If I can insert humor that’s bound to get a chuckle from you, then I consider my job as the storyteller well done.

Have you ever listened to rabbits talk?

With her books sold worldwide, J.M. Griffin is one of today’s popular women sleuths authors. J.M. is known best for her Vinnie Esposito series. The series, set in Rhode Island, the smallest state in the USA, is brought to life by a colorful cast of characters. Every novel has a blend of humor, mystery, and romance. J.M.’s upcoming novel in the series, Down Dirty Dead, is the sixth in the Esposito series. Stepping away from Rhode Island’s scenery, J.M. has set the novel Faerie Cake Dead on the coast of Maine. Filled with humor, faeries, sweet cupcakes, murder and a yummy hero, the villain is someone you least expect. J.M.’s latest release, The Cadence Caper, takes place on the west coast of Florida in the Sarasota area. This cozy mystery has a unique cast of characters, a sexy hero, and a psychic heroine and it’s the second book in the Sarah McDougall Series. J.M., her husband, and two wacky cats reside in a countryside village in western Rhode Island, where life is anything but mundane.

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  1. Sounds like great fun! And I’ll have to go find her Vinnie Esposito series, just to get a bit of Rhode Island into my days! Thank you.

  2. Welcome to the blog, JM! It was lovely to meet you in CT. I’m afraid I didn’t realize how many other series you have going when we chatted – very impressive. Wishing you and Bun all the best with this new line.

  3. We have wild cotton-tail rabbits in our yard all of the time but I’ve never heard them make noise

  4. “Left Fur Dead” sounds like a marvelous book and one I’m looking forward to reading.
    2clowns at arkansas dot net

  5. Left Fur Dead looks like a book I would really enjoy! I will have to look for it at the book shop in the “big city” next time I go. I always enjoy animals in my cozy books! I have had rabbits as pets when my kids were young and really enjoyed them. This is the first cozy that I know of that has a rabbit as a sidekick. Thank you for visiting!

  6. My sisters & I had two pet bunnies. I don’t remember hearing them talk tho.

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