Wicked Wednesday- Filling the Well

Jessie: On the coast of Maine, soaking up the salty sea air!

In the heat of the dog days of August I find my thoughts turning towards things aquatic. Which made me consider wells, both literal and metaphoric. Without a fresh influx from outside both sorts tend to run dry. So, Wickeds, how do you fill your own wells, either physical or creative?

Julie: This is such a great question, and one I’m addressing in a number of ways. Lately, for me, lots of rest has been necessary and I’m giving into that. I also find going and seeing water (the ocean, or a lake, or a river) is vital. For my artist self, I find that visiting a museum or going to a concert refills my well. I’ve also been meditating regularly, and that is definitely refilling my inner self.

Edith: Water does it for me, too, Julie. I can get to a big flat beach (Hampton on the NH seacoast) in an easy 25-minute drive, and it’s summer! I like to get there by seven or eight in the morning, set up my chair, and go for a walk. Just smelling the salt air renews me. Puttering in my small vegetable garden makes me happy and takes me out of my brain, too. Pull a weed here, admire a ripening tomato there.

Sherry: Like Edith and Julie I love being near water. But I also love being around other writers and readers. I just returned from Writers Police Academy. It’s so fun not only to learn new things from all of the instructors, but to talk to the other writers who are attending and find out what they are writing and reading. This weekend I’ll get in Suffolk, Virginia at the Suffolk Mystery Authors Festival where I’ll get to spend more time with readers and authors!

Barb: For me, lately, the best way to refill the well has been travel. After several years not traveling due to weddings, funerals, and moving, Bill and I finally got back on the road this year. In addition to our amazing adventure looking for Bill’s second cousin in Calabria, we also took a cruise from Athens to Rome. This weekend we were at a wonderful family wedding in Roanoke, Virginia and as I write this we’re at Massanutten Water Park with our granddaughter. Next week, the Jersey shore!

Liz: I’m definitely part of the water crew! I need to be near the ocean and am planning a few days getaway at my favorite beach at the end of the month. Otherwise, I’m blessed to live in a harbor community where I can smell the salty Long Island Sound air and hear seagulls chatting on a daily basis. It really makes me happy.

Jessie: It sounds like we all love the water whether a trip to the beach, aboard ship or even by visiting a water park! I love spending the summers at the seaside as a way to fill my well. I also find I am always renewed by taking on new information. Learning new things always makes me feel inspired and rejuvenated! I think that is part of the reason I love researching the background and historical events that go into my books!

Readers, what fills your well? Tell us in the comments below!

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  1. It’s been a stressful year so far with an above-average number of doctors’ visits for my household. But I’ve managed a couple of well-filling trips. One to Presque Isle in Erie, which is my personal version of going to the ocean since it takes HOURS and HOURs to get to the real thing, and Erie is less than three. The other trip was my annual pilgrimage to Colorado and New Mexico, which refills my well better than anything else. Spending time in the mountains clears my brain and rejuvenates my soul.

  2. Being near water is my Zen. Frog rock at the creek was where as a kid spend my summers reading Nancy Drew , etc. – all seasons now- ocean, lake
    Woods/ national parks- outdoors
    Taking time off to do the things to recharge / be balanced

  3. I”d have to say photography. It has you looking at all the beauty around you and noticing things that we take as common place and seeing them in a new light. Now it’s extra special if hubby and I can take our cameras to new places. It’s always a joy spending time with the man I love and doing what we love to do.
    2clowns at arkansas dot net

  4. Yipes, is it Wednesday already? I get my gutters replaced today, I hope. (Does that count as water?) I’ve always favored seaside beaches (starting with the Jersey Shore, starting a long time ago), and I should be heading off to Ireland shortly if all goes well–where there are lakes galore, an inlet that switches daily between saline and fresh water and back again, and Glandore Harbor where Leap is located, and (oh, right) the Atlantic Ocean. And I think the next Irish book will feature sport fishing–more research!

  5. I LOOOVE that fountain! And while water is cool, I need to get back to my watercolor painting — creativity in other ways seems to fill the well for me. I’ve missed it!

    1. The water theme seems to resonate with so many! I can imagine that painting would be a great way to fill your creative well, especially if your job involves words!

  6. You can add me to the water crew. It’s why I wish I visited the beach more often, and I’m always reluctant to leave. I also love the redwoods, which I haven’t visited in far too long.

  7. Definitely travel. I especially love the southwest. It doesn’t hurt that our daughter lives there! Double fill

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