Wicked Wednesday-Take Care

Jessie: Squeezing as much fun as possible from the last few weeks of summer!

Last week we talked about ways that we recharge our own batteries. This week I wondered what your characters do to renew themselves. Or are they like so many people in real life who don’t take the time to do so?

Julie: What a great question! Lilly Jayne, in the Garden Squad series, is actually being recharged by getting back to the business of life in Goosebush. Fixing issues with gardens and with people recharge her. I feel like she’s getting more vital with every book.

Edith: I love that Lilly is recharged by fixing people, Julie. Robbie Jordan goes out for long hilly bike rides to clear out the cobwebs from working in her country store all day. Rose Carroll finds solace and new energy by sitting in silence. And, like me (see last week’s WW), Mac Almeida on Cape Cod gains a fresh perspective by spending time with her delightful four year old niece, Cokey.

Jessie: It sounds like both of your sleuths have great ways to renew themselves! My sleuth, Edwina Davenport, loves her garden too and also loves to read western novels. Her dear friend and sleuthing partner, Beryl Helliwell, had always found feats of derring-do and exotic travel as a good way to refresh her spirits until suddenly she was all adventured out. She was surprised to find that a life of connection in a quiet country village was just what she needed to refill her well.

Barb: I’m laughing because I’m doing my page proofs for Sealed Off and I just read this passage, narrated by Julia Snowden. “Chris sometimes observed that I’d failed to leave my New York City pace behind. Maybe he was right. Maybe I was a workaholic nutcase.” Chris has been helping Julia slow down, partially by demanding their winter restaurant be closed two days a week. But in all the books that take place during tourist season, Julia is working twelve hours a day–and solving a murder mystery. So no time for fun.

Sherry: Barb, I have my page proofs for Sell Low, Sweet Harriet! I guess that’s not too surprising since both our books come out on December 31st. (Is that blatant self promotion or what?) I just read this that Sarah thinks: After all that had been going on, I needed a diversion. I decided to stop at a new thrift shop in Ellington that wasn’t far from base. It opened up a few months ago and raised money to fund historical sites in the area. Sarah loves to go to a garage sale, flea market, thrift shop, or antique store when she’s stressed. The thrill of the hunt always gets her mind off things. 

Readers: what do you do to recharge?

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  1. Your question made me realize that my characters don’t seem to know what down-time is–they’re just too busy eating, sleeping, cooking, keeping their business going, and solving crimes (which more or less matches what I do in the real world). I’m not going to argue that this is good for any of them! At least they enjoy what they do. I’m looking forward to seeing other people’s suggestions here.

  2. I take my camera outside and sit enjoying the sounds of nature and taking photos of the visiting critters whether they walk in or fly in. To me it’s peaceful and fun.
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  3. My recharging time is travel. I come home tired but totally energized and ready to write again. Sadly, we humans tend to live in the past or the future. Traveling abroad is always a time of right now for me.

  4. I’m planning to do nothing this Saturday to recharge. We will see if it sticks, but if it doesn’t, it is going to be something light and fun.

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