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I am delighted to welcome Sharon Farrow to the blog today. She is one of those writers who amaze me. Not only does she write both contemporary and historical novels but she writes as half of a team with her friend Meg Mims. In addition to all that she is a regular contributor to the Sleuths in Time Facebook group. Without further ado, here’s Sharon!


I regard JAWS as the greatest adventure film ever made. But not until I began writing cozies, did I notice similarities between the hunt for a killer shark and the hunt for a cozy murderer. So cue the John Williams music.

Setting: Like most cozy mystery novels, JAWS is set in a quaint, scenic locale. The picturesque island of Amity even has a cozy sound to it. Like my own fictional village, Amity relies on summer tourists for their annual revenue. In JAWS, Amity’s business owners resist publicizing the shark threat because it might discourage visitors. Cozy townsfolk often have the same response when a corpse is found in their midst.

Cozy Characters: A colorful cast of characters always inhabit a cozy. Amity’s residents would fit right in, starting with their sheriff. Chief Brody has recently moved to Amity from the big city. Given his fear of water, this seems strange. But when asked why he moved to an island, he replies, “It’s only an island if you’re looking at it from the water.” Spoken like a true cozy character.

We also have Brody’s secretary Polly, who puts outdated files on his desk while announcing the karate school nine-year olds are karate chopping the picket fences. Mayor Larry Vaughn is such a rabid Amity booster, he’s willing to have tourists become a floating buffet for a Great White. A councilman wants Chief Brody to do something about the cats “barking” outside his house, while a local fisherman steals his wife’s holiday roast to bait the shark. 

Then there’s Quint, who runs a fishing charter service, bootlegs apricot brandy, and is a survivor of the infamous shark attack on the USS Indianapolis. You don’t get more colorful than Bartholomew Marion Quint. 

A Mystery: JAWS begins with a mystery when the remains of a young woman wash up on shore. Brody believes a shark killed her. But the mayor insists it was a boating accident, overriding Brody’s decision to close the beaches. Although Brody is the sheriff, he is treated like a cozy sleuth. As a newcomer, he is not taken seriously by town authorities, who mistrust his judgment and disregard his opinions. Even after the shark strikes again.

Sleuthing: Brody only makes progress on the case when he meets oceanographer – and fellow sleuth – Matt Hooper. Indeed, Hooper’s forensic examination confirms Brody’s suspicion about the first death.

When a tiger shark is caught, the town assumes everyone is now safe. However, this is a red herring (no fish humor intended), misdirecting us from the real danger. Once Hooper and Brody cut open the shark and learn it has not killed anyone, they continue sleuthing on the open water. Upon discovering the boat of a fisherman, Hooper pries the tooth of a Great White from the ship’s hull. But after he accidentally drops their only piece of evidence, they still aren’t believed.

It’s Personal: Many cozy plots center around a local celebration or special event. Here, a significant scene takes place on the Fourth of July when the shark not only claims another victim, but Brody’s son is nearly killed. Cozy sleuths have a personal reason for getting involved in a crime. His child’s close call makes this personal for Brody. 

Amateur Hour: The climax involves a pursuit on the ocean by Brody, Hooper, and Quint. Brody, a former big city cop, is completely unprepared. Even oceanographer Hooper has no experience with an animal this huge and dangerous. The only shark hunting pro on board the Orcais Quint. Except his obsessive quest for revenge makes him a liability.

It is Chief Brody’s last minute ingenuity that saves his life and puts an end to the rogue shark. A landlubber with a fear of water – a true amateur on the high seas – yet he ends the threat when no one else could. Our cozy sleuths would be proud. Now pass the popcorn.

Readers, what do you think is the best adventure or the best mystery movie ever made? Answer below to win a signed copy of MULBERRY MISCHIEF, my upcoming Berry Basket mystery. North American residents only.

BIO:Sharon Farrowis the latest pen name of award winning author Sharon Pisacreta. Published in mystery, fantasy, and romance, Sharon currently writes the Berry Basket mystery series, which debuted in 2016 with Dying for Strawberries. She is also one half of the writing team D.E. Ireland, who co-author the Agatha nominated Eliza Doolittle and Henry Higgins historical mysteries. Visit Sharon at,on Facebook @SharonFarrowAuthor,on Instagram @ sharonfarrowauthor, or Twitter @SharonFarrowBB.

Book Summary:

Autumn has arrived on the shores of Lake Michigan, but Marlee Jacob, proprietor of The Berry Basket, is feeling a chill for other reasons . . .

With the Harvest Health Fair in full swing, Marlee has stocked up on elderberry products for cold and flu season. But this year there’s also a run on mulberry when Leticia the Lake Lady wants to use the dried berries to ward off evil forces. True, it’s Halloween season, but something else seems to be spooking Oriole Point’s oddest resident. She believes someone plans to kill her – and the ghost. Only mulberries can protect her. Marlee doesn’t take her fears seriously until a man named Felix Bonaventure arrives in the village, asking questions about a mysterious woman.

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  1. Murder on the Orient Express is my favorite mystery movie. Thanks for the giveaway.

  2. Welcome, Sharon! I watched Jaws so long ago none of the comparisons would have occurred to me, but you have convinced me. Best of luck on the new book!

  3. I never would have thought about Jaws in cozy terms, but your comparisons make me want to see the movie again! As for my own favorite, Shawshank Redemption is coming to mind although I’m not sure it can technically be classified as a mystery. I think the mystery is more “how is he going to prove his innocence” than anything else.

  4. Welcome! The first movie I thought of was Rear Window, but I could be biased because I really liked Jimmy Stewart. But he solved a crime without leaving his seat.

  5. Welcome Sharon! Congrats on your new release! I would have never thought of Jaws as a cozy! That’s brilliant! My favorite movie is “To Catch a Thief,” with Cary Grant and Grace Kelly. The setting, the action and the dialogue keep the viewer involved. Alfred Hitchcock was the master of suspense and I think he showed why in this film.

  6. My favorite adventure movie is Raiders of the Lost Ark. I remember seeing it at the theater for the first time. I was one the edge of my seat the whole movie! It had good guys, bad guys, a little romance, intrigue, humor, and lots was exciting moments.

  7. Congrats on the release! I don’t think I ever would have considered JAWS as similar to a cozy, but after reading this post, I must reconsider. 🙂

    1. I recently re-watched it and caught all kinds of cozy touches among the Amity townspeople. And then I realized the story begins with a mysterious death!

  8. It’s been years since I watched Jaws, but as I was reading along, I completely saw your comparisons.

    Of course, I’m the person who thinks that Agatha Christie’s And Then There Were None is the first slasher story ever created. There is a maniac using inventive means to kill a group of people one by one. In several of the movie versions, we even get camera work from the killer’s point of view. And, no matter which ending we get, there is a final girl.

    Congrats on the new book. It’s great!

  9. Congrats on the new book! Interesting comparison between Jaws and cozy mysteries. It’s hard to pick just one movie, though I do agree that Shawshank Redemption was really good.

  10. What a perfect post today! I have always loved the movie JAWS (and the book, but the movie more). Now I know why – it’s a cozy! Congrats on the new book.

  11. That’s so cool. I never thought about Jaws like that. I love all mystery movies, but my favorite might be the last Murder, She Wrote movie- The Celtic Riddle.

  12. Murder On The Orient Express is my favorite mystery movie.
    Looking forward to reading your latest book, I really like that it takes place on the shores of Lake Michigan.

    1. My favorite Christie movie and book is Death on the Nile. I can’t wait for the new film adaptation coming out soon. And I hope you enjoy the new Berry Basket mystery.

  13. It’s old but I liked Sleeping with the Enemy with Julia Roberts. I love how her creepy husband tried to unravel the clues and find her. She always tried to stay one step ahead of him.

  14. Love the comparison. I never would have paid that much attention! My all-time favorite is Rebecca. I would love to win your book. Thanks for the offer.

  15. I see your point on Jaws. To Kill a Mockingbird has great characters in a small town with a mystery. I don’t watch a lot of movies so I’ll go with Murder She Wrote as best cozy TV show. Looking forward to your new book.

  16. This books sounds like such a great read. Thank you for the chance to win.

  17. Jaws absolutely terrified me when I seen it on the BIG screen! Now I have a deep fascination with sharks! I love Shark Week! I love the cover on this book! I am a Halloween lover too! I love all the old Cary Grant mystery movies! Oh and Alfred Hitchcock! The Birds!!! Thanks for the chance!

  18. I love the Star Wars films. Adventure, romance, comedy, intrigue and some mystery all in one.

  19. Wishing I’d seen this earlier as I’d really like to have the book (free). Back to the (currently) 17,127 emails…

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