Wicked Wednesday: Who’s gathered?

Wickeds, tell us about the people who are gathered around your sleuth’s Thanksgiving table. What are some of the conversational topics of the day?

Sherry: Sarah will be at someone else’s table since she isn’t a very good cook. She’s had several invitations including from Stella and Seth, but she goes to the DiNapoli’s house with their large extended family. It allows Sarah to sit, back, relax, and let the conversation flow over and around her. Sarah is hoping no one brings up murder.

Edith/Maddie: Robbie’s going to Abe’s parents house, along with Aunt Adele and her boyfriend, Samuel. If they talk about the political candidates, Abe’s Uncle Bruce [author note: where’d he come from? I wonder if he’s going to show up in a future Country Store mystery…], who has different views than the rest of them, could get ornery. Instead they’ll stick to movies, books, and what they’re grateful for.

Jessie: Since my Beryl and Edwina books are set in England, Thanksgiving is not a holiday. Beryl, my American character, will be a little sad about the idea that she won’t be celebrating. Her dear friend Edwina will know this about her and will invite round a few friends like solicitor Charles and jobbing gardener Simpkins to join them for a meal featuring her take on roast turkey and a variety of pies. Beryl will be tickled pink.

Barb: Jessie, that is lovely. Julia Snowden’s aunt and uncle, her father’s sister and brother-in-law, hosted a big Thanksgiving feast at their house for decades. But since Julia’s father died, they haven’t held it. Part of it is the normal evolution of families. The aunts and uncles all have daughters- and sons-in-law and grandchildren now so the group has gotten too big. But part of it is because in the first few years after Jack Snowden’s death they all felt such an enormous hole when they were together. So Julia will be with her immediate family, and her boyfriend Chris.

Julie: Because Lilly has the largest dining room, she’ll host. She will, however, do very little of the cooking save her family cranberry sauce recipe and her mother’s apple pie. Delia will, of course, be there. Warwick and Tamara will be there, along with all the children and grandchildren. Ernie will be there, along with any of his employees who don’t have a place to go. Roddy will probably be there, since his daughter is spending the holiday with her in-laws. He’s hoping they’ll spend Christmas together. For several days before, the entire Garden Squad will be coordinating who’s cooking what, and making sure to invite anyone who needs a good meal and even better company. Depending on how many people come, it may be a buffet. Lilly’s brought up the old card tables from the basement. She hopes they have to use them.

Readers: Who will be at your Thanksgiving celebration?

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  1. I’m joining my brother’s family again this year. It’s always a joy to be included in the wonderful multi-generational madness.

  2. My sleuth, Lee Barrett (Witch City Mysteries) and her detective boyfriend Pete Mondello will celebrate Thanksgiving at Aunt Ibby’s big dining room table. Aunt Ibby will do all of the very traditional cooking–turkey of course, with stuffing made from the recipe on Bell’s Seasoning box. There’ll be butternut squash, mashed potatoes, rutabaga, green bean casserole, creamed onions cranberry sauce and .Parker House rolls . Desserts include apple pie, mince pie with hard sauce,and squash pie, Judge Peter’s pudding with real whipped heavy cream. Guests will include Aunt Ibby’s widowed girlfriends Betsy and Louisa, Lee’s best friend River North and her beau, Buck Covington. O’Ryan the cat will enjoy all his favorite treats along with a smidge of turkey gravy which he likes very much

  3. I won’t be gathering anyone around my table for Thanksgiving. Since my mother’s passing, I’ve been the one invited to someone else’s table. That will continue this year as I was invited once more to a nearby neighbor’s home for dinner.

    1. This is an illustration of one of my favorite aspects of Thanksgiving. The guest list can be varied and interesting. Ours has always included a variety of in-law, out-laws and ex-laws.

  4. Just me and Mark and Jax this year. Going down to Virginia Beach and then out to eat at a restaurant that has a Thanksgiving buffet because we needed a break from the stress of the holidays.

    1. My husband and I celebrated at a restaurant last year. We took and Uber so we could do the wine pairing for each course and it was relaxed and lovely.

  5. Love this blog post. What fun! Can’t contribute. My own Thanksgiving plans are not yet settled – many people involved – all I know is that there will be pie. So busy trying to figure that out, I have no energy to consider my fictional characters plans. They are on their own.

    1. Thanksgiving is a work day for so many. Last year the guy who drove us in the Uber was driving because his daughter was working in the restaurant where we were going. They planned to celebrate on Saturday.

  6. Just hubby, furbaby and me this year. Thankful for them both and a great meal together!
    2clowns at arkansas dot net

  7. My brother and sister-in-law are coming this year. I haven’t seen them for a few holidays, so it’ll be nice. Of course that means a room full of people watching the Buffalo-Dallas game. Maybe my sister-in-law and I can go sit in the sun room and talk books. 🙂

    1. Football will be featured at our giant Thanksgiving this year, too, both on the television and probably on the lawn, though not, thank goodness during the meal.

  8. Most likely it will be my husband, his sister and her husband, the cat, and me. We used to have more, but the family has shrunk as kids grow up and either move away or go somewhere else. That’s fine. We have a small dining room and it is more comfortable and pleasant with fewer people. SIL and BIL are nice people to spend time with and we are grateful for them.

    I love the creativity you ladies have when describing what your characters will be doing. What fun!

  9. Sadly, it looks like it will just be Jer and me this Thanksgiving. Eliza’s staying at college and we haven’t received any invites to someone else’s meal yet. But we’re so cool with this. We’ll make our own turkey and kick around in our jammies.

    My childhood Thanksgivings were Italian, where a turkey didn’t even show up until after wedding soup, homemade pasta, meatballs, sausage, and Bracciole. Honestly, nothing can top that, so this year I’ll feast on the memories of food and family and give thanks that I got to share so many happy times.

    1. It was just Bill and me last year, and it was pretty great. My husband’s family is Italian-American, but our Thanksgivings have evolved into an international feast as the family has grown by marriages to non-Italians over the years. The Feast of the Seven Fishes in December however will be 100% Italian.

    2. For many, many years, our holidays consisted just of my husband, daughter and me. Too far away from any relatives. We would have a turkey roll (must easier than a whole turkey that we would never finish), and the usual trimmings. It was easy and delicious. Holidays should be comfortable, not times of a lot of extra work and stress. Enjoy your relaxing day, Ellen, in your jammies!

  10. Every year but one since my brother and sister-in-law got married, they’ve hosted, so we will be at their new house this year. I can’t wait to see it. My uncle and aunt will be out of town, so it will be my brother’s family, my parents, my sister-in-law’s dad and step mom, and me.

  11. I’ll go to my neighbors of 24 years again as I no longer have any family left. There’ll be a crowd of about 20-25 that’ll come and go through out the afternoon and evening.

  12. I’m not sure where I’ll be yet, but rest assured I’ll have a cozy mystery paperback or 3 with me..lol!! In case I don’t get to see any of y’all… Happiest Blessed, Safe Thanksgiving to all of you and yours

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