Wicked Wednesday: Holidays

‘Tis the season of holidays. Our characters got through Thanksgiving a few weeks ago. Many will be celebrating Christmas next week. Do we have any celebrating Hanukkah or Kwaanza? Winter solstice? What are your fictional folk up to in the holiday season, Wickeds? Are they baking, decorating, or trying to avoid the whole thing?

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Jessie: The holidays are on my sleuths, Beryl and Edwina’s minds. I gave a behind the scenes peek at their gift-giving plans in my latest newsletter. Edwina is knitting socks for Simpkins and has purchased new driving gear for Beryl. Beryl has ordered a Mah Jong game for Edwina and a silver-plated flask for Simpkins. They have put up a tree and Edwina is busy with holiday baking. She is planning a large Christmas dinner and has retrieved the set of trinkets to hide in the plum pudding from a top shelf in her scullery cupboard.

Liz: Maddie is in a bad mood this holiday season! Her almost boyfriend kind of ghosted her and she’s still sorting through that…although he may make a reappearance around Christmas. Other than that, she’s looking forward to her first Christmas officially back on the island, and a big family celebration – with the cafe cats, of course.

Edith/Maddie: What’s up with ghosting? That apparently happens to so many online daters in real life, too! Over in South Lick, Robbie’s still getting over having her Mexican hot chocolate packets confiscated by the police. But she and Danna did a tiptop job thinking up a different festive breakfast and lunch special each day, including eggnog oatmeal. Mac Almeida in Westham can’t wait to see her niece Cokey’s expression when she opens the dinosaur books Mac got her. Cokey is nuts for dinosaurs.

Sherry: Sarah wishes she could eat at Robbie’s restaurant! Sarah has been busy collecting vintage Shiny Bright ornaments to make a wreath for her mom. Her aunt had one that her mom admired so Sarah is trying to recreate it for a Christmas present.

Readers: What’s your favorite thing to do for the holidays?

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  1. How did it get to be only one week until Christmas??? Let the freak-out begin.

  2. If we are talking Thanksgiving, my favorite thing is the eating of the meal.

    If we are talking Christmas, I think I wrote about that yesterday. The family gathering that occurred on Christmas Eve. Since that’s ended and with the passing of my mother, I don’t really do much with the holiday anymore. I attend a friend’s Halloween/Christmas party mashup, though I don’t know if that is a FAVORITE thing. It’s more like just something I do. As of last year, the same friend and I go see a movie on Christmas Day but again it is just something I do rather than the must-do event of the season.

    If we are talking New Year’s Eve, I do nothing but stay home and avoid all the amateurs that are on the road on the drinking holiday.

      1. I had thought of seeing Star Wars but it turns out my friend doesn’t like the franchise. I don’t know if I can keep being friends with her…LOL.

        So I’m still looking to see what movies might be of interest.

        Oh, and I got my Star Wars ticket so I can go see it on a different day.

      2. I saw the Winona Rider version of that movie. I’m not sure that I need to sit through another adaptation of it or not. But if my friend decides she wants to see it I will.

  3. I’ve hosted Thanksgiving for over 30 years. This year was a small gathering, only 35. Then we celebrate Hanukkah, our daughter’s birthday, Christmas (my husband is Catholic) and then our two sons’ birthdays. After all that we leave for our vacation!.

    1. We’re celebrating Hanukkah and Christmas here this year, too – my d-i-l is Jewish and is joining us for the first time. I bought a menorah so they wouldn’t have to bring one from Maryland!

      1. We have a menorah for our daughter, too. It’s wonderful to celebrate other people’s holidays along with ours.

  4. Hey, Jay! How about Mr. Rogers? It’s what I want to see, but the family is all for Star Wars.

    I love that the Wickeds know their characters so well that they can tell us what they are doing for the holidays. That adds a dimension to the books that those poor folks who don’t know about this blog miss out on. Thanks for being such a wonderful source of entertainment.

    1. To be honest, when I saw that they were making the movie, my reaction was kind of “eh”. I saw the documentary they made which I thought was excellent, but I don’t know that I was moved enough to want to see this one.

      If anything, I thought of that as one I would see at home. But it is on the list of possibilities.

  5. Love to continue a tradition my Mom had of backing lots of candies, cookies, fried pies and cakes to create goody boxes with family friends and the elderly so we can share the bounty of our kitchen. Not only is it fun, but I can feel Mom there beside me and hopefully it brings a smile to others as well.
    2clowns at arkansas dot net

  6. Definitely decorating and baking cookies (which I’ll be doing this weekend).

    Since I now have a 13-month-old to shop for, shopping is fun again, too. I can’t wait until he’s past the “chew/tear/destroy” stage of books so I can book-buy something fun!

  7. Liz, I’m upset about that ghosting as well. He’s better have a very good reason for it. Like Witness Protection.

  8. Wow. Eggnogg oatmeal? That’s a new one. I love how you have your characters all doing things for the holidays. Such a great way to develop them and make them richer. I admire you. Great post!

  9. Since My parents and brother died, I’ve spent Christmas with my sister-in-law. In the meantime, having lunches with friends, listening to Christmas albumns,watching TV, and reading. We always had a small family. When I was a kid, we had my parents, brother, and I, both sets of grandparents, and Dad’s great-aunt and uncle. Kind of went downhill from there. On the plus side, when Bob was living, we always had holidays with him because both of his wives had only one sister. I know lots of families have to share holidays with the spouse’s family.

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