Ball Drop Book Launch!

Happy New Year’s Eve!

Three Wickeds have book releases today, which you’ll hear more about in coming days. Sherry, Barb, and I want to invite you to a fun launch party tonight on Facebook, organized by Libby Klein.

We hope you’ll join us and a bunch of other talented authors – all published by Kensington – to celebrate the release of Sell Low, Sweet Harriet by Sherry Harris, Sealed Off by Barb Ross, and the wide release of Maddie Day’s Murder on Cape Cod.

Here’s the party description:

Twelve Kensington Authors ~ One Fabulous Book Launch

Join us as we ring in the New Year while celebrating Fantastic Fiction with Phenomenal Giveaways! Watch the ball drop in Time Square with some of your favorite authors online.

The event will be live from 8:30 pm until midnight, but commenting will stay open until 6:00 pm New Year’s Day to give everyone a chance to join the fun and enter the giveaways!

Prizes will be announced between 6:00 pm and 9:00 pm New Year’s Day. Everyone who attends will be entered into the Grand Prize drawing from Kensington Publishing! All sales and prizes are final. All times are Eastern.

Readers: What are your plans to ring in the new year? Will you be out partying hard, at home asleep by your usual time, or, maybe, joining us online to schmooze in a virtual party with a bunch of awesome authors?

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  1. I don’t go out on this night. Too many amateur partiers out on drinking nights like this. I stay home. I have no specific plans to mark the start of a new year other than playing a Savatage album at midnight. It’s been something I do the last few years so that my favorite band is the first music of 2020 for me.

    And I will almost certainly join in on the book launch party tonight.

  2. Congratulations on the releases! Can’t wait for the opportunity to read “Sell Low, Sweet Harriet” by Sherry Harris and “Sealed Off” by Barb Ross. I’ve already had the great privilege of reading Maddie Day’s “Murder on Cape Cod” and LOVED IT. I would definitely recommend it to anyone who hasn’t read it yet.

    New Year’s Eve will have us at home enjoying the fireplace more than likely enjoying a movie. I do plan on attending at least part of the party while it’s happening.

    May the new year be your happiest yet!
    2clowns at arkansas dot net

  3. Happy release to you all! We will be celebrating at home by hostign some friends for dinner this evening and a champagne toast at midnight. Happy New Year to everyone!

  4. Congrats to all!

    I’m still debating my plans for the night, but they will probably include a movie and a run or a run and a movie. Either way, I will probably miss all but the very end of this party live, but I am planning to stop in later in the evening CA time.

  5. Congrats on the Triple Launch! What a great way to end/start a year with my favorite authors.

    We stay at home and drink a bottle of bubbly apple juice. Safer that way. I don’t do FB, so I’ll miss your party, but I am looking forward to the books.

    Our book club is reading Murder on Cape Cod for our February meeting. SO excited about that!

      1. Absolutely!! The group and the store owner are all counting on it! And, of course, am I!!

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