Fatal Roots!

Wickeds Accomplice Sheila Connolly has a new County Cork mystery out tomorrow! Fatal Roots is the eighth in the series. Thanks to author pal Krista Davis, we have two copies to give away today.

Some secrets are too big to stay buried…

A few months ago, Boston expat Maura Donovan was rekindled with her mother after more than twenty years of absence. Since then, Maura has been getting accustomed to Irish living, complete with an inherited house and a pub named Sullivan’s. But now, her mother has returned–and she’s brought Maura’s half-sister in tow. To make matters more confusing, a handful of Cork University students are knocking on Maura’s door asking about a mystical fairy fort that happens to be located on Maura’s piece of land.

The lore indicates that messing with the fort can cause bad luck, and most everyone is telling Maura not to get too involved for fear of its powers, but Maura is curious about her own land, and she definitely doesn’t buy into the superstition. Then one of the students disappears after a day of scoping out the fort on Maura’s property.

Maura treads carefully, asking the folks around town who might have an idea, but no one wants anything to do with these forts. She has to take matters into her own hand–it’s her land, after all. But when she uncovers a decades-old corpse buried in the center of the fort, nothing is for certain.

Readers: What do you love about Ireland? Have you ever made or visited a fairy fort? What other books by Sheila have you read? Do you have a favorite series by her? We’re sending a book each to two commenters (US only)!

Sheila Connolly is the New York Times bestselling and Anthony and Agatha Award–nominated author of over thirty titles, including the Museum Mysteries, the Orchard Mysteries, and the County Cork Mysteries, in addition to the Relatively Dead paranormal romance e-series, the standalone books Once She Knew, a romantic suspense, and Reunion with Death, a traditional mystery set in Tuscany, as well as a number of short stories in various anthologies. Sheila lives in Ireland.

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  1. I read all of your series. Was in Ireland in the 70’s and enjoyed it, except that all that green comes from rain which isn’t so great for vacations. We were in Dublin, Cork, and Shannon. I’ve never heard of fairy forts though.

  2. I’ve read the first 4 books on this series & so far, they just keep getting better. Would love to win the newest one!

  3. Couldn’t begin to pick my favorite. I love ALL her books/series. I’ve never been to Ireland, but Sheila makes it so real I feel as if I know where the stories all take place. I can really “see” them.

  4. Spent a month in Ireland last year and fell in love with it. Even popped into Skibbereen because of the books! Sheila’s County Cork series is my favorite of hers. Love Buried in a Bog!

  5. i bought this book. I have all of this series Mysteries especially this set from Ireland. Sheila does a fantastic job of bringing you to the world of Ireland through Maura’s eyes. She is a bartender, owner, has her own home and now a boyfriend as well to take care of her. She has accomplished so much in so little time. These books are extremely hard to put down. I do all my reviews on goodreads.

  6. Adore all the series! This is a new one for me. Family in Ireland comes to life with these books!

  7. Omg yay I would love to win. Thanks for the chance! I am reading book #4 A Turn For The Bad in the Cork Mysteries. Email booksnpugs(at)gmail(dot)com

  8. I have never been to Ireland but that is the one place I would love to visit. I’ve heard how wonderful the people are and how beautiful the country is. I follow the Cabot tradition (Celtic) of Witchcraft so many Gods and Goddesses and Pagan holidays and stories follow that tradition.
    I have never made a fairy fort but as a Witch, we take fairy stores and fairies very seriously. You never want to make them mad.
    I have read the County Cork series, the Orchard series, and the Museum series,
    I can’t really pick which series I like more. Although each series is very different, each one has great stores and characters not to mention the settings so it’s impossible for me to choose just one series to be my favorite.
    Margaret: scarletbegonia5858(at)gmail(dot)com

  9. I’ve read all the County Cork books so far. I’ve been to Ireland twice and loved the friendly people.

  10. Ms Connolly is a new author to me. She now intrigues me with her County Cork Series. I love Ireland but have never visited there. It is on my bucket list to visit there in the near future. I have now decided I would read Sheila Connolly’s County Cork Series. Thank you for the opportunity to possibly receive her latest book in this series.

  11. I love this series. I’ve never been to Ireland but would love to go.

  12. I have never been to Ireland. It is my dream destination. So I live Vicariously through books and others stories of the land of my ancestors. I also have not read any of Ms Connely’s books. Though they sound amazing and will be going to my library to see if they carry any. Would love to start a new series with a author I don’t know.

  13. I have enjoyed every one of the series/books written by Sheila and would love to add this book to my list! Thank you for the possibility to do that!

  14. I have not been to Ireland yet, but it is on my list of places to visit. I want to visit the countrysides they look so beautiful and all of the castles. Sheila Connolly is a new author for me.

  15. Ireland always looks so beautiful and a bit forlorn to me…. lots of history there. I would love to go someday, but that is probably not to likely to happen, so I read about it and live vicariously. I have read all of Sheila’s series except for the Relatively Dead series. Her Glassblowing series under a pen name was actually among the first cozies that I ever bought. I’m enjoying her Victorian Village series these days too, but I have to say my favorite books are the ones in the County Cork series.

  16. I have never been to Ireland. I have read some of An Orchard Mystery series and most of A Cork County Mystery.

  17. I have three County Cork books but haven’t started them yet. I was in Ireland in the early 90s and loved everything about it. Except the driving on the left was really hard to get used to.

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