Wicked Wednesday: Book Launch Week!

Three Wickeds and an Accomplice have books releasing this week!

Wickeds, how do your characters celebrate extra special, non-holiday events?

Jessie: Congratulations,ladies on your releases! My adventuress, Beryl Helliwell, celebrates even when there is no occasion. She feels every day is a worth celebrating and does so with a glass or two of champagne or maybe a rousing jaunt in her automobile. She never combines the two, however! Her dear friend, Edwina Davenport, is more restrained about most things. She loves to mark down things of note in her diary and does invite a close friend round to dinner if she feels circumstances warrant. She also loves to take note of the celebrations of others by whipping up hand knits for them or sending along a bouquet of flowers from her garden.

Edith/Maddie: Mac Almeida loves wine spritzers – pinot grigio and cranberry juice, for example, or a special drink like pineapple juice and Cuban rum with mint, lime juice, and tonic water. But a celebration can also be something as simple as a cookout in her parents’ Cape Cod back yard with Mac’s brother, her little niece, and boyfriend Tim, of course.

Julie: First of all, congratulations my friends!! I’m so looking forward to reading the next books in the Sarah and the Julia series, and glad that Mac will be meeting the wider world. I’ve been thinking about the difference between the Theater Cop series and the Garden Squad series regarding life and celebrations. In the Garden Squad series, Lilly and her friends spend a lot of time together–going out to eat or eating at Lilly’s house. Sometimes it’s to solve a crime, other times it’s so that folks don’t eat alone. Always it’s an event. In the Theater Cop series, Sully doesn’t celebrate easily. I suspect she did when her folks were alive, and when she was married. But now (though this is changing) she flies solo most of the time.

Barb: Julia Snowden celebrates special occasions with her family, which is often expanded to include Julia’s boyfriend Chris, the Snugg sisters from across the street, and Julia’s landlords Gus and Mrs. Gus.

Sherry: Very interesting–and I’ve never really thought about what Sarah would do. If she gets good news or bad news she usually rushes over to share it with the DiNapolis.  With good or bad news they would feed her to celebrate or prop her up. And like Beryl in Jessie’s books, Sarah likes sparkling wines!

Readers: How do you celebrate a special occasion?

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  1. Congrats to each of you. I’ve read the Maddie book and I’m looking forward to reading the rest of these new books.

    I don’t know that I really celebrate non-holiday events all that much anymore. I don’t make a big deal out of my birthday anymore.

    Most days are pretty much like the rest for me. Work, home, sleep, repeat.

  2. Congratulations to all of you, and I am happy to have lots to read! We celebrate with family most of the time, but occasionally my husband and I will go out for a special dinner.

  3. Congrats all!

    I’m like Sully. Most of the time I think about celebrating something, but don’t wind up doing it. But I do share the news with family, who all live out of town, and friends.

  4. Congrats, y’all! I am back to reading so somewhere along the year the newly released books will be read. I belong to 2 reading challenges, Brenda Novak Book Club, plus my own personal 2020 reading goal is 250 books read! I will be busy this year to make up for being out the last 6 months due to eye issues and then the holidays.
    I rarely celebrate “special” occasions because I just celebrate often of life itself. There are two occasions that I do special: my Cajun’s birthday (I attempt to make him dinner but he usually helps out) and my own birthday (that day is mine – I do something special just for me!)
    All y’all have a very magical new year! XXXOOO

  5. Congratulations!!! I haven’t really celebrated lately but usually we go out to eat with the family!

  6. The books look so interesting and fun to read. A treat is a new book!

  7. Congratulations, all. What a fine flock of readables!

    Dinner out is a perfect celebration for me. And if the news is really spectacular – a bit of the bubbly makes it better.

  8. Congratulations ladies!!! If I celebrate anything for myself, it’s with a cup of coffee..If I’m celebrating someone else, then it’s either out to eat, or a party..

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