Bargains Galore

Jessie: In New Hampshire where the snow is thick upon the ground and the furnace is working overtime.

New Englanders are known for being a thrifty sort. Up here there is a real sense of glee that comes from acquiring things at a discount. I don’t know where it started or why it persists but is a very common trait. My own family is no exception. I have to admit to adoring sales on in season fruit, clearance rack cashmere sweaters and even real estate purchases made during economic downturns.

As a bargain hunting enthusiast who is also an avid reader I have always taken particular delight in the offerings of any library to which I have had access. From those in the school systems when I was a child to the public one next door to my house to the vast array of online books through our local library consortium I have glutted myself on the vast array of books for available to borrow.

And now, there is another book bargains temptation in my orbit: BookBub. I have been slow to take advantage of this one but since I first took a peek I have made some fun purchases. I love that I discover new to me authors as well as books I have missed by favorite writers. I am really pleased that they bargains for a variety of e-readers so those readers who like to support independent bookstores through Kobo purchases are not always left out.

They have also started offering audiobooks on sale through their Chirp platform. I love that it doesn’t require a monthly membership so I can pick and choose only if there is an audiobook that really interests me. It is a new feature and has already has some great choices like the great historical mystery, A Dangerous Engagement by Ashley Weaver.

I love to follow authors whose work I enjoy on BookBub, partly because I get to see what they are recommending as great reads. I also hear about their latest releases and, of course, great deals on their books.

If you would like to follow me on BookBub, just click the link to find out more. Happy bargain hunting!

Readers, do you love a great deal, on books or anything else for that matter? Is your family thrifty? Writers, do you have a BookBub presence? Do you post what you read there?

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  1. Maddie Day has a decent number of followers on BookBub, but I don’t spend much time over there. I guess I’d better explore further. Thanks for the nudge, Jessie!

  2. I’m on BookBub too and love their daily emails! Thanks for the reminder, Jessie. I need to catch up on posting some recommendations of books I’ve read. I always tend to forget about that!

  3. In this day and age, who doesn’t love a bargain? Only the very rich aren’t looking for a way to get anything and everything at a cheaper cost.

    I know I use coupons for whatever I can (that I actually use…I don’t buy stuff that I don’t use).

    As for books, yes I get what I can when it is cheaper. ARCs are nice, I’ve been borrowing from the library since I joined their mystery book club and book sales at a couple of libraries have become places I haunt for cheaply priced books.

    I do what I can to conserve what I can and put that little extra towards bills. Every little bit helps since I have yet to win the lottery.

  4. (NOT dot com) has great books but you MUST review (100 character minimum).

  5. Agree with you that there is nothing like getting a good deal. In my family and in the generation I was raised, you didn’t toss out but your fixed or repurposed. At the time we didn’t release we were the original recyclers. As an adult, I knew that a lot of it was out of necessity, but I also appreciated being taught to make do with what you have and to buy wisely.
    2clowns at arkansas dot net

    1. That is how I was raised too. It can be distressing now to realize how often it is more expensive to fix things than it is to replace them with a new one!

  6. You know I love a bargain. And I want to go back to that store I can never remember the name of with you. We had so much fun. I can’t read the BookBub offers because I was buying something every day. Sigh.

  7. I have only downloaded a couple of things from bookbub. I keep telling myself to take time to look at it a little more, but it cuts into my reading what I already own time, and I don’t even seem to have enough of that these days. I do love a good bargain when I find it…on anything, but the book sales are definitely my Achilles heel. My favorite local (an hour and 15 min. away) sale is on Sat. February 29. It is a nice big sale. I get in line when they open the gates at 6am, and then the doors open at 8am. It is ALWAYS cold, but if it isn’t snowing or raining I consider it a good sale! My only issue this year is I have to go to the dentist on Friday to get the ball rolling for a crown on a tooth. I’m hoping things aren’t sore in there the next day to cut into my “happy bubble” of book buying! Renee

  8. I can’t decide if I love BookBub or hate it. Why? Because my iPad is so full of books from BookBub, I’ll never get them all read and I’m having to pay for iCloud space! It is a great way to learn about new authors. I generally limit myself to whatever book shows up in the daily email. And I only get cozies. I would really go nuts otherwise. And I love library sales. There are great one around where I live and I come home with bags of books every year. I’ll never get them all read, but I always have a lot to choose from.

  9. I am on Book Bub 🙁 I am ambivalent about how I feel about it. I seem to get several e-mails a day with offers. Then each Author Comes in a separate email with a separate sale of deal of new book. Just another e mail. I have Never got a single thing yet from Bookbub.Hhhmm. So.
    I do my reviews for Amazon, then Goodreads, then Bookbubs. So.. I don’t know.. I am not sure how
    Folks use review’s.
    I READ a lot and know the type of book I do not like.

  10. I’ve made a few purchases because of Bookbub but most of my time on the site has been spend reviewing. I’ve got to spend a bit more time there looking at deals and figuring out how to search for deals at chirp since I don’t think my libraries will be able to support my audiobook habit for free for too much longer. I’d prefer not to have a monthly subscription for that if I can help it.

  11. I use coupons and the library (and library booksales). I’m on Bookbub with many authors and have tried new authors when I saw a free book that sounded good. I don’t mind the e-mails. I look forward to the daily listing.

  12. I am on Book bub, I get several e-mails daily 🙁 the more reviews you do the better deals you get. I am on Amazon and Goodreads too. I do them all automatically.
    I get backed up sometimes because husband has been going through cancer treatment, surgery,radiation, additional surgeries.
    Then I read,read, read out notes in book when will do reviews later in a bunch when life is calmer. That is how I work.
    But publisher’s want reviews and do contests to get early reviews out within a time frame. When I can I do that because I read fast and enjoy reading.

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