Wicked Wednesday – New Books

News Flash! The Wickeds own Edith Maxwell has been nominated for an Agatha Award for Best Historical Mystery for Charity’s Burden, the 4th book in her Quaker Midwife Mystery series. Please join us in congratulating Edith and all the nominees!

It’s Wicked Wednesday and a brand new year. Other than the Wickeds’ new releases, what new books are you reading, whether they were holiday gifts or just came out?

Edith/Maddie: I just finished Jess Montgomery’s The Hollows – another stunning tale of women in Ohio Appalachia in the 1920s (and she’ll be our guest here at the end of the month!). My historian daughter-in-law gave me California Women and Politics from the Gold Rush to the Great Depression. As a native Californian, I’m delighted and loving the history. And it’s research for a story.

Jessie: I just finished Big Sky by Kate Atkinson. I love everything she writes but particularly enjoy books featuring private detective, Jackson Brody. In this one he is older but not so very much wiser. As always, it was a wonderfully engrossing, witty story that has stayed with me for days.

Liz: I am reading This Tender Land by William Kent Krueger. Since I’m on deadline it’s taking me longer than I planned, but it’s so good…he’s such a beautiful storyteller and the narrative is so poignant.

Barb: I loved Big Sky and This Tender Land. Master storytellers at work. I’m reading a book I’ve been asked to blurb, so it’s hush-hush. I just finished Alexander McCall Smith’s The Peppermint Tea Chronicles, a part of his 44 Scotland Street series. Bill and I are traveling to Edinburgh in June, so I am gobbling up Edinburgh settings.

Sherry: Jessie, I recently read Case Histories by Kate Atkinson and I can’t wait to read more. I’m reading Stalling for Time: My Life as an FBI Hostage Negotiator by Gary Noesner. It’s really interesting. Part of it is how hostage negotiating teams formed in the 80s.

Julie: I just read Sealed Off by one Barbara Ross. I’m currently reading Tuesday Mooney Talks to Ghosts by Kate Racculia. I’m Kate Atkinson fan as well–will add Big Sky to my list!

Readers: What’s new on your TBR stack – or your lap?

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  1. Congratulations, Edith!!! Can’t wait to celebrate with you in Bethesda!

    I’m currently reading Sunshine State by DP Lyle, which is one of the books I picked up at Bouchercon’s book bazaar, and like Liz, I’m on deadline so it’s taking longer than it should. Plus, now with the Agatha and Lefty lists out, I have a lot of catching up to do!

  2. Congrats to Edith, first of all!
    I’m reading And Then There Were Crumbs by Eve Calder in paperback and an ARC of The Key Lime Crime by Lucy Burdette on my Kindle, which is making me itch to go back to Key West. After that, I’m out of books on Netgalley so I don’t know what I will read.

  3. I’m reading Archer Mayor’s Bomber’s Moon at the moment.

    And a big hearty congratulations to Edith for her Agatha nomination!

  4. Congratulations! Thrilled for you and know it’s very well deserved.
    2clowns at arkansas dot net

  5. Congratulations, Edith!
    I have read Fatal Roots by Sheila Connolly, Sealed Off by Barbara Ross, and just finished Murder on Cape Cod by Maddie Day. Loved them all. Now looking for some new cozies to add to my Nook.

    1. Wow, thanks, Jane! I loved Sealed Off and am in the middle of Fatal Roots. I hope you’ll pick up Sell Low, Sweet Harriet by Sherry Harris.

  6. Congratulations, Edith!
    I am currently reading a couple of ARCs, but I just received a copy of Stay by Catherine Ryan Hyde and think that will move to the top of the list.

  7. Congrats, Edith!! So deserving.

    I’m trying to catch up on all the Wickeds’ book in my iPad. I’m cranking them out, but you gals write so many great books, I doubt I’ll ever catch up. Murder on Cape Cod is sitting here waiting for the book club. See you in February via Skype.

  8. Congratulations, Edith!

    I’m reading Rhys Bowen’s THE VICTORY GARDEN. I’m not precisely on deadline, but I’m trying to stay on schedule with Homefront #2, while I work on the final publication tasks for THE ENEMY WE DON’T KNOW (Homefront Mysteries #1) and get BROKEN TRUST, The Laurel Highlands Mysteries #2 ready to submit to the publisher by 2/20 so like Annette and Liz, it’s taking longer than I want to finish the reading.

  9. I’ve recently enjoyed three books set for release this month – CARELESS WHISKERS by Miranda James, STATUE OF LIMITATIONS by Kate Collins, and BURIED TO THE BRIM by Jenn McKinlay.

    Today, I should be finishing off and older book, MURDER ON THE HALF SHELL by Shawn Reilly Simons.

  10. Congratulations, Edith! Well deserved! I just finished Rita Woods’ “Remembrance” and recommend it highly. Four interwoven narratives – strong women all – all centered on one slightly magical refuge along the Underground Railroad. Just stunning!

  11. Congratulations, Edith. I’m reading Murder with Cherry Tarts by Karen Rose Smith, Apple Cider Slaying by Julie Anne Lindsey and a Special Edition romance. I usually have a book downstairs, one by the computer for downtime and one on my Nook.

  12. Happy for Edith!!! I’ve been reading a middle school series, my grandson (11yrs old) has been reading (he got from a friend of his) and wanted to share with me.. Warriors by Erin Hunter. It’s a 6 book series, (about clans of cats out in the wild) and I am waiting for book 5 & 6 from him! He’s told me there is a spin off of this series, which he wants both of us to read! Happy day to all!

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