Animal Farm

By Liz, currently on deadline! The furries decided to help me out and post some of their recent pictures…enjoy!

Molly, with Penny’s tail photobombing, wondering why we’re all up so early…
Jack, wondering why breakfast is taking so long
CC, who just celebrated his 15th birthday!
Penny, wondering why Katsi won’t play ball
Penny, again wondering why Snowy doesn’t care about her toy…
“Can’t we just go back to bed?” — Molly
Penny posing for her Tinder photo
My girls
And one more just for fun šŸ™‚

Readers, what are your furbabies favorite ways to spend their days?

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  1. At 15, our chihuahua furbaby Snickerdoodle likes to spend it sleeping especially now where he can lay on one of this two beds in front of one of the two fireplaces. Love spoiling him because he’s the apple of our eye for sure.
    2clowns at arkansas dot net

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  2. Kensi’s days revolve around sleeping, begging for food, declaring food unfit, sleeping, racing around like a maniac, begging for food, declaring food unfit, and sleeping. (At night she sleeps on my head ,and somehow the unfit food mysteriously disappears.)

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  3. Agatha, our 14 year old black kitty, sleeps on daddy’s pillow (while daddy ends up sleeping without a pillow), takes over daddy’s chair, and sleeps on me with her face in mine. She can be pretty active at times – treat time, e.g. šŸ™‚
    She’s our only furbaby at this time (down from 3), and loves finally being an only cat. Of course, we spoil her rotten. She deserves it.

    Good luck with your deadline.

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  4. Thank you Liz for a fur baby fix! Our sweet former “children with fur” used to love sitting in front of the dining room window and watching the wildlife. We even had a Cardinal who came hopping up to the window to peck on it…saw his reflection and wanted to know “who is that new bird in town?” LOL Sadly we don’t have any of our own fur babies right now, but we have lots of Grand Critters to love!

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