Cover Reveal — Absence of Alice

Linda Herold is the winner of the ebook. Look for an email from me, Linda! Thanks to all who commented!

I’m so excited to share the cover for the ninth Sarah Winston Garage Sale mystery Absence of Alice! Look for a giveaway at the end of the post. Here’s a bit about the book:

For bargain hunter extraordinaire Sarah Winston, starting life over in Ellington, Massachusetts, has been a true trash-to-treasure success story, except when there’s a run on dead bodies . . .

Sarah’s latest client, Alice Krandle, is sure she has a fortune in antiques on her hands. She’s already gotten a generous offer for the whole lot before her garage sale has even begun, but she thinks she can earn more with Sarah’s expert help. The problem is that while Sarah’s sorting through items from decades past, her landlady, Stella, faces a clear and present danger.

Stella’s kidnapper has contacted Sarah with a set of instructions, and “Don’t call the police” is at the top of the list.  But they didn’t say anything about Sarah’s friend Harriet—who happens to be a former FBI hostage negotiator . . .

And here is the cover:

Lou Malcangi, the Art Director for Kensington Publishing, is the mastermind behind each of my covers. I never think he can top the last one, but he always does.

Readers: If you could own one thing from the cover of Absence of Alice what would you pick? I’ll send an ebook of one of my books to someone who leaves a comment. If you already have all of my books, you can give the ebook as a gift to someone.

Absence of Alice is available for preorder. Click the links below or call your favorite local bookstore.


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  1. No need to consider me for the ebook giveaway as I don’t own an e-reader.

    If I was to choose one item from what is there on the cover I would go with (assuming it works properly) the old time radio.

      1. My grandparents had an old time radio, bigger than the one on your book cover but still pretty old. A few years after my grandfather died, my grandmother was going to get rid of the radio. For some reason I couldn’t stomach the idea of the radio being in someone else’s family so I asked her what she wanted for it. She said 100 bucks. I went up to her house to get it with the cash but after I loaded it in the car I went to give her the money and she wouldn’t take it. I argued with her but she wouldn’t take it. She was glad that it was staying in the family.

        It resides to this day in the den. My mom used to listen (for some reason passing understanding) sports talk radio when she was out in the den working on bills or genealogy.

    1. Lou does such a great job with the covers. I love that typewriter too. I found one once but I was in St. Louis and had no way to get it home — probably for the best.

      1. Very clever. And your title is perfect, has me laughing. Congratulations Sherry!

  2. Fabulous cover! Can’t wait for the opportunity to read “Absence of Alice”.

    If I was at that garage sale and could only pick one item, it would definitely be the medals. I’m an old Army brat and my Dad took special pride in his medals and awards. I’d love to be able to track down the original owner or his family members to see if they would like to have them back. Otherwise, being small and taking up little space I would put them with my Dad’s along with a note as to where they came from and any research I was able to find out about them.
    2clowns at arkansas dot net

  3. The cover art is one of the top things I look forward to and this one doesn’t disappoint. I would choose the two medals.

  4. Good Morning!!!
    Lou does a fabulous job on your book covers!!!
    There is a lot of great garage sale items to pick from😁 I would go with the sewing machine.
    I do not have a ebook. Good luck to those that do!!!! 🥰

  5. Sherry, Wonderful news…a new Sarah Winston book is available! I would want the typewriter as our youngest son has a collection of old typewriters and even writes us thank you notes and other letters on them. And, I have an e-reader now which is a major step for this old dinosaur, so I can buy your book and download it.

  6. I have all of your books, but I would love the typewriter. I just think that would be so neat to have an actual typewriter. I wouldn’t be like Tom Hanks and collect them, but having one would be cool. Love the cover, by the way!

  7. Love the cover and if I had to pick I would take the old sewing machine. I sew a fair amount and it would be fun to get it working and use it. I have read all of your books and am looking forward to this one coming out!

  8. Love the cover, Sherry! I would take the old football helmet. My dad and my grandfather both played back in the days of the leather helmets so I would love to have one of those.

  9. That’s a hard one, the radio or the sewing machine, my grandmother had one like it, the radio is probably more practical but they are both so cool. I do not need to be entered as I have all your books and I am really looking forward to the new one😊❤📚

  10. Sarah Winston is my spirit animal! I recently discovered this book series and have been devouring the audiobooks — I’m on Sell Low, Sweet Harriet. That’s a tough one with the photo. I have an antique typewriter and vintage phone like that. Even though I have a bunch of antique snd vintage sewing machines, I don’t have a hand crank one, so that’s my choice! 🧵✂️🧷

  11. Love the cover and title, Sherry.
    Although it seems to be popular here, I owned two manual typewriters so I will pass on that one.

    Out-of-print books are a siren calling to me, so I would have to keep those.

  12. Congrats on the new cover, and book, Sherry! Your titles are always the best. Of I had to pick something from the cover, my first choice would be the cat, but I’m not certain Maria would approve. 😉 Hope you gets lots and lots of pre-orders!

  13. I would pick the storage box with drawers and side storage. It could be a TV stand.

  14. Another great cover! Not sure I am seeing anything on that cover I’d want in real life, but it is still beautiful to look at.

  15. Other than the cat, of which our current cat would not approve, I would love the typewriter. That’s what we had as I was growing up and I always loved it.

    Looking forward to reading the latest in this series. I love it!

  16. I would totally buy the old typewriter. As a secretary for many years, the old machines fascinate me. I remember typing on a manual typewrite when I was a teenager.

  17. Love the new cover. I would definitely like the telephone on the cover!

  18. Your covers are the best, and such fun to try and match with the story. I would want that typewriter! When I was in about 3rd grade we had an old Olivetti (I think) that looked like that. My mom worked in the evenings so I would type a note to her each night before I went to bed.

  19. This sounds is intriguing! Unless I could have the cat, I think I would try for the lamp 😺. Another delightful cover!

  20. Loving the cover and looks like a terrific read. Thanks for your great generosity.

  21. I’d love the cat. My kitties could use a new playmate. 😺 If the kitty isn’t available, the typewriter is calling my name.

  22. Love the kitty. He looks just like one that lived with us for 17 years. 🙂 I’m looking forward to reading the new book!

  23. I really love the chest which is similar to a bookcase. All of us in our family read and we are always on the look out for a bookcase. We have different sizes all around our home.

  24. I would take the dresser in the background. Im so excited for this book. Is this the one coming in july?

  25. I love your covers, especially the way they’re branded with the tag for the title. I think that dresser in the front looks compact and very handy.

  26. I love the piece of furniture in the background ! This is a fantastic cover. Congratulations !!!!

  27. Terrific cover. I really enjoy this series and look forward to each new book. If I had to pick one item from the cover, I would choose the typewriter.

  28. I would love to have the vintage phone as I collect them. All of the items are great, but that is the best.

  29. Congratulations on your release. I’ve followed you with this series since book one as it’s set here in my state and I used to love going to yard sales and i miss the the Brimfield Fair which we both adore! But being unable to walk now has put my yard sailing days to an end. I’m looking for and hoping for a personal yard sale helper and shopper by the way!!! Seriously!!! I’d love the cabinet that appears to have glass panels on either side of the drawers as I desperately need storage for all my crafting supplies and jewelry items. Such a great cover as always. I can’t wait to read or listen on a CD which usually means a long wait! Best of everything!

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