Thankful Thursday

Dear Readers,

Denise Carlson you are the winner of our Thankful Thursday giveaway. Look for an email from me! We are in the millionth day of the coronavirus pandemic. Wait, what? It only feels like the millionth day? My part of Northern Virginia is still on stay at home orders and even if we weren’t I’d still be staying at home. But I continue to find much to be thankful for and I hope all of you do too.

One person leaving a comment will win a book from each of the Wickeds.

Sherry: I’m grateful that my writing mojo has returned — I was starting to worry. I’m grateful that writing friends Lori Rader-Day, Kellye Garrett, and Barb Goffman nudged me to get back at it. One day a few weeks ago Lori said just go write 100 words. That worked and of course I wrote more. I will give an ebook of any of my books!

Barb: I’m grateful because I finally got to meet my newest granddaughter who was born in February over a delightful four-day mother’s day weekend. And back in Maine, it’s finally spring. Hooray! I’m giving away a hardcover copy of my first novel, The Death of an Ambitious Woman.

Edith/Maddie: I am thankful for the spring birds and all the greenery, at last, and the for the advent of the fresh produce season in New England. And I’m especially thankful to have won the Agatha Award for Best Historical Novel for Charity’s Burden! To celebrate the 100th anniversary of the women’s suffrage amendment, I’d love to give away a signed copy of Turning the Tide, the third Quaker Midwife Mystery.

Julie: I’m grateful for the 21-Day In-Between Challenge I’m doing. I love going live on Facebook every day and talking about the prompts. I’m also grateful because, as always, the teacher is learning. I’m also grateful to have finally figured out the plotting issues in Book #4 of the Garden Squad series. I’m giving away a copy of Pruning the Dead.

Liz: Like Sherry, I’m grateful that I seem to have overcome my creative drought and am back on track with Full Moon Mystery #2. Also grateful for the upcoming holiday and a break from the day job that I can spend writing. I’m giving away a copy of one of my Pawsitively Organic Mysteries, Murder She Meowed.

Jessie: I love everyone else’s notes of gratitude! I’m thankful for my screen house! My sons set it up on the deck for me on Mother’s Day and we moved patio furniture inside it. We added a record player, potted plants that thrive in shade and some cozy quilts and throws to ward off the chill in the evenings. We have enjoyed gathering there together by candlelight each evening that hasn’t rained ever since! I will give away a copy of Murder Flies the Coop!

Readers: What are you thankful for?

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  1. I m thankful that there have been more sunny days during this time apart than rainy, cloudy ones. I know the sun and the stars, moon are behind the clouds though. I ve had more time to read and appreciate cozies by different authors. Do miss my personal interactions with my family, friends, tribe, but, have kept up with them by phone, text etc. As a unknown man told me, peace and blessings.

  2. I am grateful for Fatal Roots the final book (?) In the County Cork Mysteries. I will miss Sheila Connolly and Maura Donovan

  3. I am thankful everyday for authors – books are the only thing where there is truly something for everyone – I can’t afford to buy books so rely on my library, and all these wonderful and generous contests – so Thank you, all of you

  4. I am thankful that we finally have sunshine and warm weather in the forecast. Now I can go beyond my walls and into my yard for a change.

  5. I’m thankful that so far we have been able to self quarantine and be spared any contact with the Caronavirus. I pray for all who have not been as fortunate.

  6. I agree with Taylor Williams in the comments above. I am thankful for the kindness of the authors who have been so generous with their books (and more so since the pandemic began). It’s so hard on a fixed income with no money to spare to buy books. And you all have been so wonderful providing them so we can be entertained during this difficult time.

  7. I’m thankful for my family and friends! We have been through thick and thin together. I have such wonderful memories of both!!!❤️

  8. Dear Sherry,I’m thankful for being able to help my daughter 8 hours away from home where I traveled by car March 22nd to help care for 2 grandsons ages 8 and 18 months.  Both parents work full time at home now and my SIL is going to law school full time remotely.  Zoom meetings twice a week for the 8 year old to meet up with teacher and classmates and assignments on SeeSaw have kept him busy along with 2 extra classes on Zoom for coding and math.  The 19 month old loves climbing in my lap and “reading” to me as we share board books that have been retaped and he knows the books by name.  We go on walks and have races inside the house and do “Ring around the Rosy” in one direction and turn the other way.  I’m recalling and singing the songs I sang to my 5 kids.  My SIL goes grocery shopping once a week and we have been cooking and baking.  My daughter can get a meal on the table in 15 minutes which helps with hungry kids.More trees are in bloom along with spring bulbs of tulips, lily of the valley and hyacinths perfume the air.  The dogwoods will soon be nodding their white blossoms.  Because Boston is near the Ocean, the weather can change quickly.  Where I’m from, Cleveland, Ohio, we have Lake Effect weather, too.  I’m thankful for books to read, author chats on Zoom and Facebook Live and books of Suduko.  The cat here tolerates me since I feed her and have the kids use gentle hands.  When I was here to help with the last baby, the cat went bonkers missing his “parents.”  Alyson Widen11311 Shaker Blvd Apt 312Cleveland, OH

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