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The winner of a copy of The Green Beach File has been selected and notified. Thanks to all who commented.

Hi. Barb here. Still sticking pretty close to home in Portland, Maine

I met Connecticut author Karen Perry because we went to the same high school, though not at the same time. We “met” through a classmate of mine, John Shaefer, who heads the alumni department among other things. Karen asked if I would considered blurbing her debut mystery novel, The Green Beach File, which I was happy to do. Here’s what I said.

“Karen Perry’s strong debut The Green Beach has it all–a shocking murder, a twisty plot, strong characters, and a storyline that stays with you.”

Comment on the blog to be entered to win a copy of The Green Beach File and a special surprise noted below.

Without further ado, take it away Karen!

In The Green Beach File, Jenn, an environmental attorney, discovers a gruesome dead body discarded in a unique location.  A herptologist was grimly attacked and left to die, and Jenn is shocked by the killer’s violence.  The sight of the dead body jumbles Jenn’s mind and forces open hidden memories of her finance’s slow and painful death from cancer.  Jenn can’t move past the image of the dead, and learns the death might be connected to the construction of luxury homes on the largest undeveloped beachfront property between Boston and New York.  She tries to move forward, but is unwittingly ensnared in a legal battle over these luxury homes.   A charming, handsome police officer, who is equally fixated on the murder, suddenly enters Jenn’s life.  She can’t tell whether to trust him, whether to date him, or . . . whether he’s involved in the murders.


Jenn does, however, have a depth of environmental knowledge.  She examines and analyzes whatever nature is within her view, rather than on the people speaking to her.  You will enjoy finding some aspect of nature or environmentalism woven into each chapter. 


In sum, I hope you will enjoy Jenn’s adventure sleuthing out the killer in The Green Beach File.  It is a little bit of environmentalism gone sideways, mixed with some back yard naturalism, but mostly, it is just a lot of fun.

Readers: Enter my giveaway by responding to this blog post. Because my novel is an environmental thriller, I will be giving away a Sequoia Tree Seedling. The seedling will be shipped to the winner, and will be selected by my Wicked host, Barbara Ross.


K.A. Perry is an attorney and math teacher in Connecticut.  Her career has meandered from a large firm, to some time at home, to a teaching degree, to part time math teaching, and now to her own law firm.  She has four sons, which makes for a very busy life.  She squeezes in writing in while everyone else is sleeping.

Author’s website:  www.kaperry.com

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Available now for pre-order:  https://permutedpress.com/book/the-green-beach-file

Distributed by Simon & Schuster:  https://www.simonandschuster.com/books/The-Green-Beach-File/K-A-Perry/9781682619070


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  1. Not sure how a sequoia would fare on the Eastern Shore of Maryland, but I’m willing to give it a try, even though it is non-native to the area. I sincerely doubt it would prove an invasive species.

  2. Welcome, Karen! I grew up camping in the giant Sequoias of California, so the tree has a special place in my heart. Best of luck with your book.

  3. Thank you! I am very excited to be a guest blogger today! That must have been amazing to camp in the giant Sequoias of California as a child. I am not sure how a giant sequoia will fair in Maryland, but it’s great that you are open to giving it a try. I chose the giant Sequoia as a giveaway because in some ways it stands as a symbol for all trees.

  4. Your book sounds interesting, Karen, and what a unique giveaway. I would actually love to have a Sequoia tree outside, but I don’t think my apartment building would approve!

  5. By the way, I really like your novels and especially your character Cameron Flaherty in your organic farming series. Strong, practical and clever. I hope she returns for another novel at some point?

  6. Welcome to the Wickeds blog, Karen! I have never read a book with a herpatologist for a victim! That is an intriguing twist! Good luck with it!

  7. Congratulations, Karen! Not sure how a sequoia would far in southwestern PA either, but it gets cold/snows in the Pacific NW, right?

    Why a herpetologist? (I admit, I had to look up what it was.)

  8. I would be very interested in reading your book – the blurb really caught my attention. Not so sure about the sequoia in PA but it’s a great thought. Maybe if I win you could arrange for it to be planted somewhere where it would thrive.

  9. An herpetologist is such a unique profession! It sounds like her profession permeates the entire book and greatly influences her thinking. I love that. Thank you for the chance to win and congratulations on your mystery debut.

  10. Dear Liz – Thank you! Yes, it does get cold/snows in the Pacific NW, so a sequoia might grow nicely in PA.

    As for the herpetologist, I guess I was going for something different and something environmental. It is not often that scientists are violently murdered in mystery novels. Plus, in the hopes of getting readers intrigued in the novel, I’ll say that whether endangered species of amphibians and reptiles are impacted by a development, can be one of the seminal issues in land disputes. Who would think amphibians play such and important role in the ecosystem and our lives? Mostly, all we hear about frogs is that one might have to kiss a bunch before one finds their prince or princess.

  11. I am a nature lover through and through. Started an area in my yard to make a whimsical garden. Anyway, your book of mystery, nature, thriller certainly sounds like something I can “dig” in to!

  12. Dear Kitty – I hereby (that’s the lawyer in me) modify my giveaway and will send a tree type that will flourish in the geographic area of the winner!! No fun in getting a tree that isn’t suited to the climate. After Barbara designates the winner, I’ll consult with the winner as to tree type.

    Dear Sherry and Abby – Thank you for your kind words and congratulatory wishes. I have long dreamed of having a published novel!

    Dear Nancy – Love your “dig” in pun! I do think nature lovers will like the novel, and so many folks find respite in nature and enjoy time spent outside.

  13. Sounds like a great story and I love reading new authors. Thanks for the chance!

  14. I love the inclusion of environmentalism in a mystery. I have a cousin who is a herpetologist who I never much liked, but I’m not ready to offer him up as a second victim. I would love a native tree to plant. We live in an area that is staging to “age out” on the trees and many are having to be cut down, which just kills me. I want to keep planting more.

  15. Dear Jill – You made me laugh. Love that open mindedness! The winner selection lies in Barbara’s hands. I’m too new to this group to have any idea how to weigh responses.

    Dear Margaret – That is great you like new authors. Today is my first time as a guest blogger, well, as any kind of blogger. So, if I blather on and on, don’t be bloggered.

  16. Dear ginnyjc – I’m glad you don’t want your cousin murdered even if you don’t like him. Lol. Also, thank you for the correct terminology. I will send the winner a native tree for their geographic area!

    Dear rd – Thank you!

  17. Congrats on a great sounding debut. (I live on a a condo, so don’t enter me in the giveaway.)

  18. I am glad to have a chance to win a copy of the biik. I do not think a sequoia would fare well in the Arizona desert. If I win send my seedling to someone in Northern California so the little tree will have a chance to grow big & strong

  19. I ordered the book and can’t wait! Sounds like a labor of love, using a your unique and specific areas of interest. New England is filled with environmental beauty and I can’t wait to be transported in this mystery!

  20. I love trees. We have some beautiful redwoods and cedar along with some others. I remember hiking and camping in the Sequoia National Forest. Beautiful!

  21. Dear Linda – I agree that a giant Sequoia would not fare well in the Arizona Dessert. Maybe if you win, I could send a cactus. I’m not sure how or who Barbara will pick to win the giveaway, but I am curious to see what happens.

    Dear C Pitts and Julie – Thank you for your kind words!!

  22. I love looking at the majestic sequoia trees. We don’t have them here in Iowa- I don’t know if they would get too cold or not? Your book sounds great, how did you decide on a herpetologist character?

  23. Dear Bonnie- It sounds like you might live in a climate that a giant Sequoia would thrive in, and that you appreciate trees and the Sequoia National Forest.

    We probably do not talk enough about the respite we humans get from nature. We don’t even have a good word for it in our language. The terms tree huggers and naturalists are words that connote saving the environment, but aren’t necessarily focused on what we ourselves get from exploring woods and parklands. The novel tries to touch on this concept of finding solace in nature. Right now, with things so unsettled, nothing is more reassuring than time spent surrounded by the continuity of nature.

  24. This sounds like a great read and I hope Suspense got an arc for review. Connecticut’s my birth state, so I’m really looking forward to checking it out.

  25. Dear Susan:
    I have read some of your books Susan and enjoyed them greatly!
    Thank you for your great idea. I have not submitted anything to Suspense yet, so I will do so. If you have any advice or specifics on the issue, please let me know.
    – Karen

  26. I have not read any of Karen Perry’s books, thanks for introducing me to a new author whose books I will be sure to check out! I don’t think a sequoia trees will do well on my .3 acre New England property 😉 but kudos for keeping trees growing on our planet! BTW Barb, I just discovered your Clambake series and love it!

  27. Hi, This book sounds very intriguing and like a very good page turner! Karen Perry is a new to me author. Thank you so very much for sharing about her book . I love the book cover . Have a Great weekend and stay safe. God Bless you and your family .

  28. Good morning. It is nice to wake to some late night posts. Thank you for your compliment about the cover! I will pass it on to the folks at Permuted Press, for whom I am very grateful. My favorite part of the cover is how the branches of the trees creep across the yellow letters. It’s eerie.

  29. Hi Karen,
    Glad to meet you and learn about “The Green Beach File” which is definitely a book that I would love to read! It sounds like it would be full suspense, twists and turns. My type of book for sure!

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