Maine Clambake #9 Cover Reveal

by Barb, writing from Portland, Maine

Hi all. I’m here today to reveal the cover for Maine Clambake Mystery #9, Shucked Apart. It’s due out February 23, 2021.

As you can probably tell, this is the book about oyster farming–with a dead body, of course. Here’s the description.

The Snowden Family Clambake Company has a beloved reputation in Busman’s Harbor, Maine. Almost as famous is the sleuthing ability of proprietor Julia Snowden, which is why an oyster farmer seeks her out when she’s in trouble.

When Andie Greatorex is robbed of two buckets of oyster seed worth $35,000, she wonders if somebody’s trying to mussel her out of business. Could it be a rival oyster farmer, a steamed former employee, or a snooty summer resident who objects to her unsightly oyster cages floating on the beautiful Damariscotta River? There’s also a lobsterman who’s worried the farm’s expanding lease will encroach on his territory and Andie’s ex-partner, who may come to regret their split. Before Julia can make much headway in the investigation, Andie turns up dead, stabbed by a shucking knife. Now it’s up to Julia to set a trap for a cold and clammy killer . . .

Shucked Apart is available for pre-order in the new Kensington Mass Max and ebook editions at many fine retailers, including–

Readers: What do you think? Of the artwork? Of the description?

56 Thoughts

  1. Great cover, as always! I love this series and can’t wait to read this book when it comes out.

  2. Already putting “Shucked Apart” on my must read list. Sounds like a marvelous book and one I’m going to enjoy reading. LOVE the cover!
    2clowns at arkansas dot net

  3. I love both the cover and the description! I am looking forward to it.

  4. Stunning cover. Can’t wait to sink my eyes into it. I have all of your books in my collection and so look forward to this one as well. Your titles are amazing and as a New Englander, I appreciate the local flavor of your plots.

  5. Love both and am looking forward to reading! Thread and Dead, book 2 in the Apron Shop Series, features seaweed farming! It’s fun to learn about these innovations that are providing opportunities in Maine.

  6. It is another fun cover and brings back many memories of fending off gulls whist snacking at the beach! I’m looking forward to its release!

  7. Love the cover, and the book sounds great. I can’t wait for the book! This is one of favorite series.

  8. I love the cover and the description, Barb! Can’t wait to read it.

  9. Makes me yearn to go to Maine! Love the eye on the closest gull!

  10. I like the cover and the description is great as well. Makes me want to pick up the book. Will need to wait till February but looking forward to it.

  11. Love the cover! The Kensington artists are amazing! Congrats on the new book!

  12. Although I would buy this book with any cover, I love this one. While I’m reading, I often look at the covers. Definitely a factor in finding new authors.

  13. Love the cover and the whole series, Barb!. I also like the punny two-word titles. And the release date will be easy for me to remember …it’s on my birthday.

  14. A very clever description of the plot accompanied by yet another great cover. Reminds me of the time we were at Disney World. We had just sat down to eat outside and a seagull swooped in and stole some of my dad’s food. I took a picture of the sign that said don’t feed the birds. The irony makes me laugh to this day! Really looking forward to your new book – I always say the current book I am reading in this series is my favorite, until I read the next one and say the same thing!

  15. Great cover, like all of this series. I’m so excited about a new Clambake mystery. I wasn’t sure another was on the way and I was having withdrawal. Now I have something to look forward in the dreary February.

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