Thankful Thursday

BREAKING NEWS! Deb Alameda you are the winner of the Thankful Thursday Giveaway! Jessie will contact you to collect your email address in order to send your prize. Super congratulations, Deb!

Jessie: In New Hampshire where the weather could not possibly be any nicer!

It is time for Thankful Thursday once again! Now, more than ever, it feels good to count blessings. We are happy to share something good on our minds and also to each offer a giveaway to a commenter. So, Wickeds, what are you grateful for right now?

Sherry: Lily (our Westie) had an ear infection a couple of weeks ago and lost all of her hearing. She looked sad and I kept wondering if she thought we didn’t love her anymore. It has partially come back and I’m so thankful for that. I will give away a ebook of any of my books or a CD audio version of one of the Sarah Winston Garage Sale mysteries!

Liz: Oh no, Sherry! That’s so sad – I’m glad Lily is better. I miss you both so much! I’ve been thinking about that a lot during this quarantine and while it stinks that I haven’t gotten to see you guys, I’m so grateful for my boyfriend – the best quarantine companion, aside from the dogs and cats of course!

Edith/Maddie: Liz, I’m also grateful for my boyfriend (of nearly two decades), although I’m not sure he’s thankful for being the sole brunt of my hugging habit! I have to say I’m truly thankful for the warmer weather, the flourishing produce crops, the pretty spring flowers. After any New England winter and early spring, but especially this one, it’s a time to rejoice. I’ll send the winner a copy of Mulch Ado About Murder, my fifth Local Foods Mystery – which takes place at this time of year!

Julie: Edith, I love the warm weather too! I am grateful for my Kindle and great books at my fingertips. I am giving away a copy of Pruning the Dead.

Jessie: Sherry, I am sure Lily never doubted your love for her! I am grateful for my screen house! My kids set it up for me on Mother’s Day and filled it with comfy seating. I added candles, potted plants and a record player. On every fine day I spend much of it out there either with family or with my dog who just loves it! I am giving away a copy of Murder Cuts the Mustard.

Barb: I, too, am thankful for the wonderful spring weather, which took its bloody time getting here. I’ve been reading out on my balcony as happy as a clam. I’m giving away a copy of Jane Darrowfield, Professional Busybody, which is in wide release at the end of this month.

Readers: What are you thankful for this month?

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  1. Like Edith, I am thankful to see local produce and flowers after a long winter and prolonged cold spring. My balcony garden has almost doubled in size since our Farmers Markets were closed. But good news on that front too. My local FM is opening today(!) but in a reduced capacity.

    As of last week, most of our province (ON) has entered Phase 2 of reopening. Sitting for the first time on a patio with friends this weekend was a hint of “normal” summer activity. And curbside pickup of holds by appointment at the Ottawa Public Library started this week. I was able to get 6 holds that have been “ready” for pickup since March 16!

    Sherry: I hope Lily’s hearing will continues to improve.

  2. jeanne SmithI am grateful for my deck with this little sore fountain and for friends who want to share it with me especially those who like to play games Scrabble cribbage upwards or whatever

  3. I am thankful for so much, especially the sunny days. The best thing is that we have been able to widen our circles in the last week, so I had my children and grandchildren over on the weekend. It was wonderful to be able to spend time with them and finally hug and kiss my grandchildren.

  4. I am tremendously grateful for wonderful neighbors. On the west side, my lovely neighbor is in our quarantine circle. We do a daily text message check in every morning. We do all her shopping, she comes and checks on Mom and has tea with her on the days I have to go in to work instead of teleworking. On my east, we’ve been doing over the fence visits from the start, but they’ve been bringing us salad greens since their garden started producing.

  5. I’m thankful for still being employed and having friends that checked on me during this isolation.

  6. I am thankful for the time I got to spend with my husband while he was off from work due to the virus. I’m also thankful he went back to work. I’m thankful that we are getting our finances fixed again.

  7. I’m thankful for the return of my local farm share and the wonderful fresh veggies it provides! I’m also thankful for the glorious weather we’ve been having, although a look at the forecast suggests lots of rain is in our forecast. But I’ll even be thankful for that because of the veggies, which need it!

  8. I’m thankful for the return of warm weather – and the face that this summer, no matter what else happens, has already been less soggy than last year. I’m thankful for seeing the glorious sunset last night. And I’m thankful that as Allegheny County has progressed through the Green Phase, the daily count of new CV cases has stayed in the low single digits.

  9. I’m thankful for beautiful sunny days & being able to be outside. The garden is growing & flowers are blooming. I’m glad to be able to sit outside & read or visit ( socially distanced) with the neighbors. I love having the house open

  10. I am thankful it hasn’t gotten too hot here (yet). I would much rather have the windows open than the A/C on. Happy Thursday!

  11. I am thankful that my mom is doing better health wise and that we are able to watch old movies together!

  12. I am happy that the governor of my state, and area states, Connecticut being so small, are taking the Covid situation seriously and our state seems to be slowly, but gradually coming back on line. It looks like UConn is going to gradually and partially reopen this fall. I am looking foward to going back to work! In the meantime I am so happy I have so much good reading material to keep me happy.

  13. Thankful this month for the colorful flowers that have started to bloom in our flowerbeds. Thankful for our flourishing garden. This is the first year in several that we have been able to garden again and it’s doing fabulously. Watching it grow has been one good things about staying at home. Also very thankful that this is the month hubby gets to start drawing social security as well as me being able to draw off of him as well. The extra income will greatly help us in being able to enjoy our senior years. And last but surely not least, very thankful that we were able to finally make up to the state north of us to visit (albeit as short one) with hubby’s Mom. At 90 years old, she’s doing rather well, but we also realize that tomorrow isn’t promised. It did both Mom and us good to physically see one another.

    Thank you for the generosity of the Wicked and the opportunity you give us to win awesome prizes. For that we are all thankful!
    2clowns at arkansas dot net

  14. I am thankful that my family is okay and I have a new grandson! He is a pandemic baby and very sweet. I love my family and didn’t get to see one daughter and granddaughter for awhile but I am seeing everyone now!

    1. I forgot to say books and reading have been my saving grace during all this! Love working out in the yard as well.

  15. I’m thankful for my family and online friends during this difficult time. I’m recovering from surgery and my father in law passed away on Tuesday from the virus. I am unable to travel to be with my husband and his family in MA.

    Thank you so much for this chance. pgenest57(at)aol(dot)com

    1. I am so very sorry to hear of the loss of your loved one, especially as the circumstances make it so difficult to grieve in the ways people are accustomed to doing. I hope you will be healed from your own surgery very soon.

  16. I am thankful for my family, ebooks and books. During quarantine I was able to spend more time with family and share a work space with my husband.

  17. I am thankful to have a home in good repair with a screened in porch overlooking our backyard that is filled with plants and herbs. The four cats and I love to sit on the porch where they sunbath and chitter at animals and I read and take a nap. And I am super excited to finally be getting a bathtub put in (we have two walk-in showers). I’ve missed reading in the tub for about three years now.

  18. I’m thankful for all the good memories of my sweet old kitty, Dude. He lived to the ripe old age of 19. The last few years of his life he was deaf. I think it had been happening for awhile and I just did notice. One day I accidentally dropped a metal pie plate just behind him while he was eating. Never even twitched. About the only down side was he slept so soundly, touching him to make sure he was still breathing would startle him awake. It also ment he couldn’t hear me yell at him to shut up when he would start his lost souls howl at 5am for breakfast….I miss him alot.

  19. I’m thankful for my husband who is really supportive of me and loves me always, for my sweet furbabies and for the fact that at least so far we have managed to not contract the covid-19 virus.

  20. I am thankful for my wonderful sister who works so hard to make sure that I am healthy and well.

  21. I am thankful for interactions/support with/from Sheila Connolly’s writing community friends in these past months. It’s been 2 months already. This is another virtual gift of connection from our new world! My porch is full of flowers, a pleasant place to sit and read and talk to occasional passers by on this quiet side street.

  22. I’m thankful for a day off tomorrow! Taking a comp day to make up for a Saturday I worked. Hoping to catch up a little on my sleep and then just chill.

  23. Lots to be thankful for. To start, we are so fortunate to be able to just stay home right now. Especially thankful this month for the warm, sunny days (except when going to be 98 or 99 like today). Another healthy month for the old grumpy lovable cat who has lymphoma but doing just fine right now. Thankful for technology so I could video visit with my sister and 2 nieces who are expecting soon. And thankful that after 6 months of medication and frequent labs my potassium level is finally normal and kidney function fine.

  24. I am thankful for fresh berries and produce, the sun and small visits with friends. It’s been a long few months!

  25. I love reading gratitude lists. It is so uplifting and inspiring. Thank you all for brightening my day. I’m grateful for a loving hubby who I really enjoy being home with all the time. I’m grateful for the lovely WX we’ve been having so I’ve been able to finally get my yard into the condition I enjoy. And I”m grateful for the physical ability to get out there and do things – something I’ve been limited by for some time.

    And I”m grateful for all the Wickeds and the absorbing books they write to keep me entertained for many, many pleasurable hours.

  26. Good afternoon ladies!
    I’m thankful for my sisters. We went to the cemetery this past Saturday to put flowers on our parents gravesites and other family. There is four of us sisters. We talked a lot! We laughed a lot! We even cried! I’m thankful and blessed to still have my sisters in my life!

  27. I’m grateful I haven’t managed to kill my pineapple plant yet. The peach trees are looking good and the garden isn’t too bad considering how late we got it in. I’m grateful for good books, a job, and a sweet kitty to cuddle with.

  28. I am grateful that my family are healthy and well, that my husband and I have jobs and a home for our family, and for our pastor & Sunday small group via Zoom. I’m grateful that scientists are working hard on a vaccine. I am SOOO grateful for my cozies right now and the smile they put on my face!!!

  29. I am thankful for my family, my husband of 47 yrs of marriage (with all of the ups and downs), 2 sons, and 4 grandchildren. I am glad that we are all safe. We are all in good health and plan to be safe and not worry. Just take one day at a time and be happy.

  30. I’m thankful that my friends and family are all healthy and safe. I’m also thankful for having two great cats to spend time with. I’m also really thankful that I was finally able to get a haircut today!

  31. I’m back to work so I suppose I should be thankful for that. I mean, I am in a way but I had 5 more weeks left on the unemployment getting that “extra” 600 bucks a week so I wouldn’t have minded that at all. But being back to work at least means that I can fool myself into thinking there’s a chance things are getting better here in Massachusetts.

    I’m glad to see that my local B&N bookstore reopened even if they’ve seemingly reduced the mystery section. And my friend’s record shop was able to open which means he’s back to making some money.

    I’m happy that those people regularly in my life seem to be doing okay.

    Nothing to fancy but it’s the little things, right?

  32. I am so very thankful for my daughter Lindsay and my boyfriend David. I have suffered a lot of loss in the past two years and now all this COVID stuff, I am just so happy to see them everyday (Lindsay almost every day). I am also thankful that I am going to see my dad after all these months even though he is in Florida and I am heading there, the new epicenter of the virus.

      1. Thank you. I love the trip but I am a little concerned about the virus. I do have a few books I have to read to get out reviews so I may just have a lot of free time to get it all done!

  33. I am thankful for my caregiver husband who is so loving. For fresh food from our CSA.

  34. Sympathy for your Westie. We had to crate our chihuahua/terrier for several weeks while her leg was injured and she was most unhappy at not being given her usual snuggle rights.

  35. I have been very thankful that everyone in the family has managed to stay safe and fairly healthy during this time. I’ve been the only one with issues, and those were kinda my own doing… Ended up in Urgent Care two times in one week while helping my dad with a building project. I’ve done this type of work for many years and have never had anything happen before, but somehow I ended up with sawdust in my eye one day, then sent a driver bit through my fingernail with an 18 volt drill the next week when the bit jumped out of the screw I was putting into a wall stud. I went in on that one to get a tetanus shot because it had been awhile since I had one, and because my fingernail come up out of my nail bed and needed a bit of help. Let me just say, I’ve been much more careful about how I hold the board and screw when I’m doing something now. I told my mom it didn’t matter if something else happened I was not going back in there because I’m sure they think I am a big klutz!!

  36. Hello ladies: I have many things to be thankful for with one being that our three grands aged 9, 13 and 16 finished online/at home school for 2019-2020. They rose way above to this challenge and found many ways to make up for no dance classes, no soccer, no field hockey and other sport and they flourished! I’m thankful for my daughter’s new job since our son in law is without one due to the times, and I’m very thankful that no one I know personally has been sick with the Corona virus. I’m glad for my hearing to compensate for vision loss and for audible books because of this. I’m grateful for getting through the past year since our terrible car accident and even more thankful that the ddriver lost his license! I’m thankful for life in general to sum up for lengthy rambling! Thank you!

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