New Moon on Monday

By Liz, who is technically in book jail AND copyedit jail – a new double sentence

For all you 80s junkies out there – yes, I stole the name of a Duran Duran song for this blog. But it was so fitting I couldn’t resist. Yesterday (Monday) was the new moon in Cancer, the second one of the year, which means a heavy focus on family and home. And new moons always mean a restart, so this is the perfect week to think about anything new you want to create in your life.

I’ve been learning a lot about astrology and moon cycles, both because it’s a personal interest and because Violet Mooney, the protagonist in my new Full Moon series, is very in tune with the moon. I think I first became obsessed with it because of Stevie Nicks, who was very moonchild-like.

In my quests for information, I’ve found some awesome resources, like Moonology, which also has a planner that shows all the different phases of the moon and gives you prompts to set intentions at both the new moon and full moon, as well as things to do each week and month based on the moon cycle. For example, this week is a week to focus heavily on yoga and meditation – for me, two things that have fallen by the wayside with all my deadlines. It’s a good reminder to try to fit them in no matter what.

I like the ritual aspect of the moon phases – focusing on what I want to manifest, what I need to let go of, what’s important to me – and putting those things on paper. There’s something powerful about that sort of ritual. Before quarantine, I had also found some amazing women who held moon circles and went to a few of those. Being around all that energy was so positive and empowering, and I learned all kinds of new things. One night we even called in a pretty big storm – which was very cool!

This week with the new moon in Cancer, it’s all about facing insecurities, focusing on giving family and loved ones the proper time and attention, and of course being clear about what it is we wish to create in our lives. Write them down, visualize them becoming reality, and then take the next right actions to start bringing them to life.

I, for one, am looking to create more peace in my day-to-day life and more space for additional creative projects.

Readers, what are you manifesting during this new moon? Leave a comment below!

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  1. What a timely post. Yesterday was my birthday – I had no idea it was also a new moon! Liz, you always inspire and stretch me in new ways – now I’m adding an intentions paragraph to my daily journal. Looking forward to the results of your double sentence in book/copyedit jail. I know great reads are in the making.

  2. I used to have a biodynamic calendar that showed when to plant what according to the phases of the moon. I was born at dawn with the sun in Scorpio and I’ve always liked that it meant my moon was directly across in Taurus. For today, I’m focusing on the insecurity of my COVID weight gain at my annual physical!

  3. I’m focusing on my vision board which is posted in my office. I can’t tell you what’s on it though, because–like telling a wish when you blow out the candles, if I tell, it won’t come true!

  4. Such great insight! I didn’t really believe the whole Cancerian homebody thing until my son, whose birthday is four days before mine, started showing the same trait. These days, even the Cancerians are tired of being at home, though we know it’s the safest place for us. Buckling down to work on my next project, because writing is always better than whining!

  5. I love the emphasis on home and family. I’m a homebody who never fully puts her weight down when away from home, as I am now. I’ll be back at my own desk and to sleep in my own bed tonight and surrounded by family tomorrow. For me, these are the conditions that most foster creativity. Thanks for reinforcing that I’m not stunted or lacking a sense of adventure. I’m just me, following my Cancer moon.

    As for calling up that big storm–pretty imressive indeed!

    1. Judy, I’m not a Cancer but I definitely feel more creative in my own space. And the storm thing was pretty cool indeed…

  6. I’m manifesting a new book and trying to fit family into the schedule somehow. Does that count? Hope so, it has to do for now.

  7. My birthday was yesterday, and I’ve been busy refurbishing the house inside and out. And, here I thought it was all this pent up Covid energy bubbling over. New Moon sounds and feels much better. πŸ™‚

  8. I’m getting ready to have a garage sale for the next three days. Need to let go of some things.☺️
    I love Duran Duran and Stevie Nicks too!
    I saw Stevie Nicks in concert about ten years ago. It was the best!!!!

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