I remember a book event last year when I was talking about my Garden Squad series. A woman in the audience noted that she liked that I sounded so excited about my book. Aren’t all authors excited about their books?

One thing that may tamp down the excitement is nerves about public speaking, or concern about book sales. I’m comfortable with public speaking, though that wasn’t always the case. I’ve also learned to separate the joys of writing from the joys of being published. For the writer part of me, publication day is the end of that journey. For the author part of me, it’s the end of the beginning. In any event, publication day is a day to celebrate.

I’m so glad that you’ll be visiting Goosebush again when you read Digging Up the Remains, book #3 in the series. This book takes place the week before Halloween, a beautiful time of year in New England. But all is not well in Goosebush. A reporter, Tyler Crane, has come to town to dig up secrets. He even tries to blackmail Lilly Jayne, telling her that unless she gives him an exclusive interview about Merilee Frank’s murder he’ll tell the world about the bodies she has buried in her garden. By now you all know Lilly, she doesn’t give in. But when Tyler is found dead under a pile of leaves, she wonders what other pots of secrets he’d been stirring, and how people felt about them.

You’ll meet Mary Mancini, the long lost daughter of Meg and Ray Mancini. You’ll also meet Nicole Shaw, Warwick’s new assistant coach and Tyler’s ex. The planning committee for the Goosebush 400th will include the Garden Squad Cole Bosworth and Fritz Stewart, two men dedicated to remembering only the stories they want to remember.

You’ll also meet Luna, but I won’t spoil that surprise.

Get ready for the Goosebush Fall Festival, and celebrate the release of Digging Up the Remains with me. I’m thrilled that it’s available in paperback, ebook, CD and audiobook versions.

Today at 1pm ET I’ll be live on my Facebook page celebrating. I’m also part of a Dog Days of Summer Blog Hop with seven other authors. Hop to each of our pages for different giveaways, like them all and enter a giveaway. Details are on my Facebook page, which is here.

Thank you all for your support of the Garden Squad Mystery series!

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  1. Congratulations of the release of DIGGING UP THE REMAINS!

    I won a copy a while back, and am so looking forward to reading it once it arrives.

    Hoping to be able to attend the party today.
    2clowns at arkansas dot net

  2. Members of the Garden Squad are some of the best book characters that I have ever read! Lilly is my hero and I hope she and the others continue to come alive in many more editions of the series. Happy Book Birthday Julie and as we used to sing in the old song, “And, many more!!!

  3. Seeing as I am an old, but not very good gardener, Lilly is my hero! So looking forward to reading this book. Happy book birthday, Julie.

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